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Berliner Funkturm
   09-07-2019 13:38
Because of the first comment I decided to use a bike for this mosaic and splitted it up on five days (2 weekends and one holiday). However, the mosaic is neither intended for pedestrians nor bikers or car drivers. 87 km as the crow flies means at least 110 km distance to walk, drive etc.. Too long for me as a pedestrian although I know agents who did it by foot. There are some missions which require you to change over big streets since you need to hack just one portal on the other side of the street. It even sends you several times in the opposite direction of a one-way-road; once I do not even notice since I had to enter the road over the sidewalk.

In general, you have a lot of small detours, like entering an intersecting street for 10-20 m, hack a portal and then turn back. You find a lot cycles, passing the same portal at least twice although there would have been enough portals for a different way. At the end of the mosaic the distances between portals become really large, bad planning?

As a consequence I gave a dislike for nearly half of the missions and I think there is a lot of space for improvement.

Munich Tramgress Mosaik
   21-03-2019 18:04
In the visitor TG I was already told that Tram lines are changing within Munich. Thus my way was:

1. Tram 19 till Max-Weber-Platz (walk to the Tram 17 stop)
2. Tram 17 till Romanplatz (actually a little bit before, then walk to Romanplatz)
3. Tram 12 till Scheidplatz

Mission 1 I did by foot since at Pasing station I would have to wait 8 minutes until the Tram 19 starts. Till mission 7 everything went well, but then I missed the first portal (Schlafendes Eichhörnchen). I had to tram back, but I missed another portal by drifting too far away. So, I finished mission 7 by foot :( I lost my way at mission 11, left the tram and had to wait on the next one to continue. At mission 13 and 14 again I drifted away and missed two portals, so I repeated and did it partly by foot. The rest went more or less smoothly.

The largest problem is that the last portal of a mission and the first portal of the next mission are sometimes far away. And the Munich Tramgress missions often did not appear under "Mission" in the scanner (maybe the first portal of the next mission was too far away).

All together I needed a bit over 3 hours to complete the mosaic. Very nice mosaic with some hurdles ;)

   25-09-2018 14:42
Did it, because it might go offline end of Sep 2018. Fast and easy going.

Mighty Tiger of Riga
   29-08-2018 9:56
I have already planned some time ago to do this mosaic and the anomaly in Riga was perfect for that. First some general remarks: the mosaic is not 24/7, since two portals are inside shopping malls (missions 13 & 14). If the malls are closed then you can not access these portals. A local player warned me beforehand, because it happened to him (but he could continue next day...). For the missions 1-30 (till bridge over Daugava river) you must decide if you go by foot, by bike or by car. Each choice has it drawbacks: by foot - the missions 1-13 cover approxemately 60% of the total length, partly the distance between portals is larger than 1 km. By bike - partly the missions make detours from the general track which simply means that you have to carry your bike several times over staircases to access a single portal (and then back). By car - partly the missions have zig-zag pathes which would lead to a lot of circling around; additionally a larger number of portals is not accessible by car (sometimes if have not seen goord parking places). At August 2018 approximately 60 agents have done the mosaic.

I was bit worried about the fact that I need to capture/upgrade 88 portals and took 50 viruses with me, but I have used only one.

The first problems arose at missions one and two. The last portal of mission one is on a playground of a kindergarden(?) which was closed (because of sunday or even reconstruction?). Fortunately I found a place at the north were it could be accessed for hacking. But mission two had the first two portals inside a construction site and I found no way to access them. From other players I have known that they were successful asking the security to let them in, but in my case the security refused. The mosaic owner knows the problem, but claims the portals are accessible. I thought about stopping with the mosaic here, but then I did another mission to replace mission two.

What turned out to be difficult was that the next portal was sometimes too far away to be visible on the scanner. You should have the IITC or Intel guide you to the portals, unfortunately my smartphone is a bit to weak for either one which resulted in some unnecessary detours. Additional detours came from the fact that you have to cross big streets or railway lines just to hack a single portal.

Mission 13 and 14 are the largest examples of hacking/capturing the same portals twice; got the mosaic designer money for that from the shopping mall owners? The two portals in the shopping mall were a problem since my GPS did not work (well) within both shopping malls. After mission 13 I made a break to eat and drink something.

The rest went more or less smooth, just some annoying stuff like: E.g. at latvian national library, hack portal - goto to way point - hack same portal again or upgrade portal - do rest of mission - upgrade the same portal again (here the virus was necessary). After 5h I finished the mission 1, 3-31 by bike. The rest of the missions 32-54 (all in Riga center) can be done within two hours by foot. I did at the next day.

To be honest: I'am not happy with the mosaic and think it needs some serious rework. Because of the problems, it is for me the second worst mosaic I have done.

Supernova Bonn
   25-12-2017 14:07
Basically it is an easy going mosaic.We just had two problems: around the university main building and the station is a lot reconstruction going on, but all portals could be reached. The second problem was the time, we went by foot and 2:21 is definetly to enough, we needed around 3 hours.

TUUT 2017
   14-10-2017 16:17
Very easy going mosaic, we needed just three hours by foot.

   23-09-2017 19:46
Wir hatten uns diese schöne Bild ausgesucht. Wir hatten eine Kombination aus Auto und Laufen gewählt, da die Portale am Anfang und am Ende weit auseinander liegen, d.h. erst Auto, dann parken und Innenstadtmissionen machen, mit der Tram zurück und dem Auto den Rest machen. Leider sind einige Missionen sehr schlecht designt.

Das erste Problem: einige der Portale am Anfang sind mit dem Auto nicht zu erreichen und es gab auch keine legalen Parkmöglichkeiten. Die Streckenführung springt hin- und her, die Portale liegen teilweise etwas abseits. Mission 7: ein Portal liegt in einer Baustelle mit einem Hinweisschild auf Lebensgefahr, abbrechen? Augen zu und durch. Der nächste Schock in der Innenstadt: Im Norden der Altstadt läuft die Strasse "Am Strande" durch mit zwei Fahrspuren in jeder Richtung und einer kleinen Mauer, ca. 30 cm hoch, auf der nördlichen Seite. Diese belebte Strasse muss in verschiedenen Missionen überquert werden. Leider gibt es nur sehr wenige Übergänge und das ist lebensgefärlich, ein Radfahrer müsste sein Fahrrad auch noch schnell über die Mauer heben.

Wir haben insgesamt 8 Stunden gebraucht (mit Mittagessen und Eispause). Bis Mitte von Mission 8 mit dem Auto, dann gelaufen und ab Mission 24 wieder mit dem Auto.

Berliner Fernsehturm
   17-06-2017 13:23
Finally I made this great mosaic (my second one). It took several weekends and I had at the end an average speed of approx. 1 portal/minute. Basically I only hacked and set resonators/captured portals, only rarely destroying a portal since this takes too much time. I tried in the beginning to go with car, but just forget it; too much portals either are not reachable by car or you have to circle endlessly through small streets. Go by foot, as I did finally, or use a bike.

There several missions (25 or 26, 230, 310, 333) I had problems with reaching portals because my GPS went wild. I guess it was because of GPS signal disturbance either by reconstruction areas or reflection by high-rise buildings. On mission 310 even the security service from one building came out and asked me what I'am doing here :)
More severe was mission 329, before Hotel Adlon, because "important" politicians stay there and the police closed the area before the hotel. Thus I could not reach some portals and had to stop for two days (since I live in Berlin this was not a severe problem). The same may hold for the missions 330-343, because the portals are partly in Tiergarten, a large park. If there are any events between Brandenburger Tor-Siegessäule (Strasse des 17. Juni) it might happen that parts of Tiergarten are closed and therefore some portals are not reachable; so check beforehand what kinds of events are in Tiergarten.

I was told that I should not do the missions in Neukölln/Kreuzberg during the night, it could be dangerous (I do not know since I made my missions mainly in the morning starting at 6:00). I was warned that the missions in Tiergarten have large distances between the portals, but I felt the real large distances between portals were on the mission 25-31 (but maybe it was simply too warm at that day).

I think a few mission routes could have been designed better. There was at least one playground which I have passed three times and other places I have passed two times. In one mission I had to change from one side of the street to the other to hack the last portal; a street with two lanes in each direction plus two tram tracks in the middle (of course I could have walked to the next pedestrian traffic light, but you know...).

I'am happy that I finished it now. Time to do the second round with my wife...

PS (Jul 17): What I really missed were overview maps about several missions to take with me. Thus I made 35 screenshots of the map here for my wifes tour; if anyone is interested then you can download them https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3VO-gYrpBUFOEE4bEFiTkJadkk