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Modry kostolik
   16-08-2019 0:43
Nice city walk, I recommend to do it. Next to the bridge go under the bridge to catch the next mission. We were doing it at 11 pm so looks like it’s 24/7. Even if the mall is closed it’s not a problem to catch Mission portals.

Poetický Prostějov
   15-08-2019 15:16
Nice and short banner around the city center. Recommend it!

Katowicki Szlak Moderny
   13-08-2019 10:46
Nice walk around the city center. Enjoy the Modernist Architecture Trail and have fun while hacking portals. One portal is tricky (at Urząd Wojewódzki), but it's hackable.

Kocie Wędrówki
   25-02-2019 10:21
Great banner for UPC, but is not designed for cargress. Be patient to go back and forth, the route looks random at some points. If you want to get a nice and pleasurable baner, it's not the one you are looking for ;)

#MP Cancer Awareness PL-Czeladź
   26-12-2018 10:57
Fast and easy walk, I had no issues with this banner.

Natura Kraków
   26-12-2018 10:55
Long banner, but quite fast. Nice walk through the city centre. We did it in summer during the day so no issues with availability.

Bytový dům s průhledem
   26-12-2018 10:53
Nice walk to explore different, non-touristic Prague. Calm area at the weekend so you have time to play and look around.

   26-12-2018 10:50
Great banner for cargress with amazing views BUT be aware, that some missions are not 24/7 (thus we couldn’t finish mission 16 as the castle was open until 7 PM).

Ostravské Hradčany
   26-12-2018 10:43
AMAZING postindustrial object, if you like Fallout atmosphere it’s a must-see. The route is also OK. Cargress or public transport is recommended to get to the city centre.

   26-12-2018 10:40
Fast and pleasurable walk at the city centre.

   26-12-2018 10:38
Początek spoko, ale im dalej, tym gorzej. Końcówka dramat, polecam dokończyć rowerem czy autem.

At the beginning the route is OK, but the further, the worse. Last missions are perfect for cargress or bike.

Kalwaria Panewnicka
   26-12-2018 10:31
Catch them all - route will bring you through all the portals in the park. Not recommended to do after rain ;)

Ścieżka misji prowadzi przez wszystkie istniejące portale w parku. Nie polecam robienia po tym jak spadnie śnieg albo deszcz - można wpakować się w błotko :)

St Paul (Odessa)
   26-12-2018 10:19
The route is not great, you will pass by lots of portals that are not in the banner so it’s not obvious whether you can hack them or not. The route might be improved with the portals that are not included to the banner. At some point you go back and forth. The picture is great so if you brave enough and have enough time then go ahead.

Картинка отличная, трасса неоптимальная и сильно растянута, огромное количество порталов не задействовано. Сначала ходишь кругами, потом немного получше, под конец опять мучения и хак каждый третий портал. Ради красивой картинки можно сделать, но надо настроиться на неидеальную трассу.

Rynok square
   21-12-2018 16:05
There is no order so be careful while hacking the portals. Twice I had to check the map and get back to the next mission. Not a pleasurable walk when it’s -7.

Uherský Brod
   19-10-2018 13:34
Nice and fast. Less than 1 h by foot.

Lviv Opera House
   31-08-2018 22:23
Nice banner that will bring you out of the city centre. Pay attention that at first you have to enter a passphrase and then to hack a portal at the next mission. Just in case bring some heat sinks :) some portals will repeat so either you will have to wait or to use a heat sink.

Lviv City Hall
   31-08-2018 12:54
Great and easy route. Please be aware that mission 41 is not 24/7.

Space II
   24-08-2018 19:27
Nice walk with easy passphrases around the city center. This banner will take you to the park at the end.

Wakacje w Szczecinie (2018)
   13-08-2018 13:53
Fajny i przyjemny baner. Najlepiej robić w kilka osób - większe prawdopodobieństwo, że ktoś będzie znał odpowiedź :)

Przedwojenny Chorzów
   13-08-2018 13:51
Nice and short banner. Passphrases are easy so don't be afraid :)

   25-06-2018 8:29
Nice walk through the whole city. Missions 16-17 are good for cargress.

Młot na smerfa
   25-06-2018 8:25
Nice sightseeing and walk with some UPC/UPV. Faster, than 1 h 40 mins.

   21-06-2018 9:14
Nice and easy banner next to the train station. Doable in 30 mins by foot.