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How To Be A Panda (Boston)
   29-07-2018 5:10
Drift here, drift there, drift everywhere. Drift so bad it's hard to judge how good the mission was or wasn't. There were definitely some minor issues with doubling back, especially near the beginning.

Rainbow Lobster
   28-07-2018 19:25
There's a bit of awkward zigzagging at the beginning, possibly due to some construction currently happening. Some paths are rough brick or cobblestone, so be aware of that.

#Magnus Reawakens Heartbeat - Boston
   28-07-2018 6:44
Despite what the description says, it is still live as of 2018-07-27.

Cassandra Prime Boston RES
   28-07-2018 6:33
The long straight part in Back Bay is not great on foot. Gets a couple points off on difficulty mostly for its exhausting length. Most of the time it was exceptionally easy to find the next mission, but there were a couple that were farther away.

Customs House Aegis Nova
   14-12-2017 17:50
This took about two hours, maybe a little more, including getting sidetracked a bit. Some missions weren't lined up very well, in particular #13 on O'Connell Street, and #8 & #9, so you may have to backtrack a little bit.

Magickal Dublin
   10-12-2017 13:45
I went in numerical order. I'd recommend not doing that. The first 3 are right next to each other, but then #4 & #5 are way over by Trinity, and #6 is all the way back on the other end of Temple Bar. The pictures aren't that great, but the trivia bits are interesting enough.

The Legend of Zelda
   09-12-2017 15:33
Oh boy, where to start with this one. First of all: you are going to be doing a lot of walking. It's a 24 mission banner, and it does say 9.2km up there, so that shouldn't come as a surprise, but be warned. The routing of the missions and the portal selection does nothing to help; sometimes it's just trying to make the best of a low-density area, but other times it seems actively designed to make you walk more. There are also a lot of reused portals, some of them several times, though usually they are spaced out far enough that you won't need heat sinks (this is the first time I've had to use a multi hack on a banner though). In particular #10 and #11 use almost all the same portals.
On the plus side, the picture is absolutely fantastic, all the listed passphrases are correct, and there's a convenient Metro stop at both the start and end. While the mission itself is accessible 24/7, it's worth noting that the Metro only runs until 23:30 (01:30 Fri/Sat), so if you're staying in the city you should make sure to do it earlier.

Tributo a Zelda
   09-12-2017 15:19
A perfectly fine short walk around a kind of boring suburb, conveniently close to a Metro stop. The mission itself is 24/7, but it's worth noting that the Metro only runs until 23:30 (01:30 Fri/Sat) so if you're staying in the city you should keep an eye on the clock.
There is another mission nearby (Evento: Don Bosco Valley) that has a matching picture which isn't listed as part of the banner but is perfect for completing the row.

St Peter s Square
   02-12-2017 2:19
Fantastic picture and a good tour of the highlights of Rome! No problems with 24/7 access. -1 star on routing for a few awkwardly placed portals, but nothing serious. People with limited mobility will have some trouble around missions #14-16 near the Spanish Steps. I think all the portals are accessible but they will involve some significant detours.

An easy walk from the Colosseum to the Piazza Venezia. I had no problems doing it after hours.

Ara Patriæ
   01-12-2017 20:13
Everything was going great for the first 6 missions. #7 starts quite a way from the end of #6, and has a large gap in it. #8 seemed to be backwards. #10 & #11 share a portal, so bring heat sinks. Everything is fine again for the last 6 missions.

   30-11-2017 17:28
I did it in about 2 hours, taking time to enjoy the sights. Despite using the same portals several times, I didn't use any heatsinks apart from accidentally doing St. Peter's Square #19 instead of RWBB #19 (so watch out for that I guess). Minus 1 star for routing because you have to go down a long alley to get the last portal of #12, then immediately come back to get the first portal of #13.

Dublin XF event 22 10 17
   07-11-2017 21:43
Missions are short and well-routed, we had no trouble finding the next one and no backtracking. 3 stars for disability as it takes you down some narrow streets that may be difficult to access via wheelchair.
Passphrases are the mission number.

MD Belfast
   05-11-2017 16:54
I'm lying no for 24/7, but all but City Hall and Botanic Gardens should be available 24/7. City Hall may be available 24/7 depending on drifting and/or stretching.
Clarendon docks is really far from the others and annoyingly long.
Also there's 24 missions not 12.

Bob anomaly
   05-11-2017 16:47
Bob is love, Bob is life

   02-11-2017 11:59
I spent half an hour googling for the passphrase ("Rheinauhafen") and came up empty. For a non-German speaker & someone not familiar with the area, there is nothing in the clue to go on. I tried every variation of Köln, Altstadt, Rhine, and so on that I could think of, the year it was built, etc. In the end I had to ask some friends who had done it before. In addition to the confusing passphrase, the routing is terrible. Mission 2 takes you back to the mainland and pretty far back up the shore, only for mission 3 to take you back down to the base of the peninsula. I'm giving this 2 stars overall because at least it's a nice picture.

Richter Fenster im Kölner Dom
   31-10-2017 22:48
A nice walk around the heat of the city. I completed it in a bit under 2 hours. There was some backtracking near the end, especially #14.

   31-10-2017 13:47
Very fun and nice route. I had to backtrack a little at the start of #2, but only because of some construction.

Welcome to Cologne
   31-10-2017 13:45
The route is very confusing. #3 is nowhere near the other 2. I strongly recommend doing #1 in reverse order. Other than that, it's a fun mission.

A good short walk starting and ending at the cathedral. I don't think there were any issues with mobility or 24/7 access, but neither of them applied to me so I can't say for sure. 4 stars for routing because of a little backtracking at the end of #3. The passphrase took a couple tries (2 words, no digits).

Basilique Sainte Clotilde
   29-10-2017 12:07
The passphrases were a bit confusing. The one at the start of the mission is the mission number, the one at the end is "OK" - which may have been obvious if you speak French but it took me a few tries. In either case, it seemed excessive and not very useful. The area is nice and the basilica is amazing. I had no trouble doing it late at night.

Paris Skyline
   28-10-2017 15:46
I had no trouble with the route or with 24/7 access. This is a simple but long walk from Bastille to Place de la Concorde, where you can see many of the most famous sights of Paris. It's mostly straight, but with a few zigs and zags to keep things interesting. You can take the #1 line straight back when you're done.

Paris - Le Louvre
   28-10-2017 15:41
It's a nice walk around the Louvre. It's a little long, so wear comfy shoes. I had trouble getting reception at some spots, particularly in Cour Carée and near the entrance to Le Carrousel, YMMV.

Most importantly, the banner is absolutely NOT 24/7. The courtyard is closed off at midnight.

London Skyline
   15-10-2017 15:16
Basic mission series around a nice part of the city. I couldn't complete mission 6 because some of the portals are only reachable from the southern Golden Jubilee Bridge, which was closed for construction at the time.

The Cake is a Lie
   01-10-2017 2:54
No one else is going to say it? Then I guess I have to: this was a triumph. I'm making a note here, huge success. I can hardly overstate my satisfaction. This was my first go at an in-sequence mission, and I like it a lot better (no getting to the end of a mission and realizing you missed one at the beginning!). Makes good use of the high portal density (#6 in particular I completed while standing still) and avoids backtracking.

Ministry of Funny Walks
   30-09-2017 22:25
I had to do some backtracking, especially near the beginning, but it was more the fault of the UI than the missions. Good views of Parliament and the Eye, especially at the end, when it deposits you back onto the river.

Resistance City
   18-09-2017 12:58
Although it is technically available 24/7, the last 2 missions take you into Trinity College, which is not accessible by the main (Dame Street) entrance at night, which is clearly the intended route. Instead, you'll have to use the Nassau Street entrance at the far end of campus, over half a kilometer away. I would highly recommend finishing this one during the day.

Galway Tribes
   10-09-2017 18:24
Mission #10 (Kirwin) passes through a park that closes at 10 PM. This banner cannot be completed 24/7.