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The Three Towers
   22-05-2018 0:21
Lots of hills to climb. And some parts have long walks between portals.

Aalborg tour
   22-05-2018 0:13
It wasn't a great mosaic for a tourist to do.

The banner was gone when I was in the city.

Berlin Hoff Museum
   04-05-2018 21:43
Very fast banner. Nice walk. Heard that it might go offline soon so walk it while you can :)

Vasa Viktoriagatan
   04-05-2018 21:41
Nice and fast. There was no construction going on in May 2018 :)

   27-08-2017 18:57
It was ok. The route could have been easier and shorter.

Stadtpark Regensburg
   27-08-2017 18:50
Nice and fast mosaik. Really liked it :)

Berliner Fernsehturm
   04-07-2017 15:09
Nice mosaic. It's a though one but you see a lot of the city and you'll be happy when it is done :D

Flag of Norway
   04-07-2017 14:56
Nice tourist mosaic.

Chalmers avancez
   04-07-2017 14:42
Nice, fast mosaic. Took me around 15-20 minutes to complete.

   04-07-2017 14:40
We were a couple of friends that walked this mosaic together and drank beer on every stop. Had a nice time and the mosaic went pass some of the best craft beer places in town.