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Containerbrücken Bremerhaven
   11-11-2018 20:38
Nice mission banner. Advisable to do via car or bike, especially the first 2-3 missions. 2 times I had to get out of the car because not fast enough.
looks really neat in the profile.

Lost Place
   30-10-2018 0:22
The Mosaik is not Bad. But a few frustrating points: You need a couple of HS because same end/startportals. Also some detours are not really understandable. All in all we needed around 5.5hrs with Destroy/Fielding. At night its advisable to bring a Flashlight to Bürgerpark.

All in all not at all terrible and you see some really nice places in Bremerhaven, but room for improvement on the Routing :))

   16-09-2018 20:13
Barrierefreiheit durch Kopfsteinplfaster und Tram Gleise nicht 100%ig gegeben.

   14-05-2018 3:58
Hier und da könnte die Wegeführung etwas besser sein.....Its on the List für wenn mal wieder Zeit ;)

De Krantelezer
   11-03-2018 1:48
Nice to walk Banner. Here and there some little tiny hickups in routing but not really disturbing. Passphrases are easy. All in all a nice Banner and souvenir. Thx @nosmium for creating

Skyline Bremen
   18-02-2018 19:03
Schickes kleines schnelles Banner. Well done

Norderneyer Wege
   08-09-2017 11:18
Nice island walk. Did it in around 2h hack only. Easily doable during a day visit, stay in the city for a coffee and do the rest on way to ferry

   08-09-2017 11:15
Nice little walk with sometimes a bit back and forth. Passphrases are nice.

Aegis Nova Rotterdam
   30-05-2016 19:44
Nice Mosaik, but the Routing during the first two sets of missions is just awful. The last two sets are a bit better but still a few glitches in the routing. A lot of going back and forth. Its doable by bike, but it's designed for walking. So either you talke a detour or you pack your bike under your arms and take the stairs. Same applies for trolleys etc. But still I'd like the picture very much and would do it again.

Ingress in Bremerhaven
   30-05-2016 19:28
Nice Missions. But better take a flashlight with you during night time to walk/bike safely through the "Bürgerpark". In between a few missions with long path, but with bike it was perfect!