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   13-06-2019 21:11
I regretted starting this one before I knew about banners. Lots of looping back on myself which drove me crazy.

   12-06-2019 12:44
Lovely little banner round garden squares. Only downside is missing out a few extra portals that you otherwise walk past.

Resistance London
   09-06-2019 18:48
I split this banner into 5 sections of 12 missions to do after work, starting and finishing at tube stations.

The middle section along the Euston road was a bit dreadful with traffic and bad drift and it wasn’t ideal hitting the British Library portals at 8.20pm (but they were at the end of a section so easy enough to pick up in the following session).

That said, there were some absolute gems of back streets around Farringdon and Marylebone. And the final stretch around Paddington wasn’t half as onerous as anticipated - only really complicated by rush hour around the station.

All in all, a very pretty banner, plenty of new portals, some good memories from walking it and would definitely recommend.

Queen Of Gulls
   09-06-2019 18:37
Lovely banner to explore Brighton with as a daytripper. Well thought out to hit a lot of central portals and to deliver you back to the station at the end in a neat loop.

I did it during triple AP on a First Saturday so linking and fielding everything, which slowed me down. Could run round it single capping/tap hacking in 2 hours max.