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   01-09-2019 19:53
This is a well planned banner route through a lovely part of London. Only one duplicate portal for which you’ll want a HS; parks and squares and churchyards all open well into the evening when we did it (finished circa 10pm). Yes one portal needed drift after hours but it wasn’t difficult to get.

Primrose Hill
   08-08-2019 12:03
I walked this banner route with Astrodude418 on a lovely summer’s evening to get my onyx spec ops badger. What a lovely way to do so: mostly off road along the Regents’ Canal towpath; stopping for food in Camden market on the way through; peaking by climbing Primrose Hill as the sun set across the London skyline, bouncing shards of gold between the buildings in the distance. It’s worth timing this one right.

The missions felt well planned and followed a logical linear route. This did make for some long gaps between portals at times (600M at most) but that gave us space to enjoy looking around rather than continuously at the phones (and to keep an eye out for cyclists). It really is a beautiful walk and would be a shame to not absorb the surroundings. The only niggles we had were at the start of mission 6, where we went the wrong way trying to get back on the canal for the second portal, and on the return walk where there was a small reverse loop through Camden Market which felt unnecessary.

The passphrases used to start each new mission are either the mission number or the portal name; nothing too onerous and good for keeping exhausted agents alert. Fully deploying, modding, glyphing and fielding as we went it took 3 and a half hours to complete (discounting a food stop).

   16-07-2019 11:29
This was the worst banner route I have walked so far. This was obvious from the map but by the time I had lopped the same road and the same portals for the third time I was getting fed up. Nonetheless it got me round the city centre; the Verulamium park section was a nice bit of linear route; and the start and finish were close together and near the car park. Reasonably attractive banner was it's saving grace and of course being St Albans there is always some nice AP to have from smashing.

Magna Carta 800 - The Barons
   01-07-2019 18:05
I loved this banner even though it’s a PITA in places. Who couldn’t want all the Magna Carta Barons shields in their scanner; that was incentive enough!

It took me about 16 hours all in, broken up into sections. There are parts where a bike would be useful (along the canals and in parts of Aylesbury where it was a pain to park and walk before going back to the car to loop the far side of a housing estate.

Bit bonkers but if you’re in the area with the time, one you should really do.

   13-06-2019 21:11
I regretted starting this one before I knew about banners. Lots of looping back on myself which drove me crazy.

   12-06-2019 12:44
Lovely little banner round garden squares. Only downside is missing out a few extra portals that you otherwise walk past.

Resistance London
   09-06-2019 18:48
I split this banner into 5 sections of 12 missions to do after work, starting and finishing at tube stations.

The middle section along the Euston road was a bit dreadful with traffic and bad drift and it wasn’t ideal hitting the British Library portals at 8.20pm (but they were at the end of a section so easy enough to pick up in the following session).

That said, there were some absolute gems of back streets around Farringdon and Marylebone. And the final stretch around Paddington wasn’t half as onerous as anticipated - only really complicated by rush hour around the station.

All in all, a very pretty banner, plenty of new portals, some good memories from walking it and would definitely recommend.

Queen Of Gulls
   09-06-2019 18:37
Lovely banner to explore Brighton with as a daytripper. Well thought out to hit a lot of central portals and to deliver you back to the station at the end in a neat loop.

I did it during triple AP on a First Saturday so linking and fielding everything, which slowed me down. Could run round it single capping/tap hacking in 2 hours max.