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# Name Portals Action
1 Patcham Hack 9 Any A walk around the patcham portals
2 Lewes Priory Marathon 21 Sequentially A trip to cover all the portals in the Priory at Lewes
3 Lewes High Street 14 Any A mission to head along the High Street in Lewes
4 Lewes Marathon East to West 21 Sequentially Covers all the portals in Lewes Priory heading west
Amsterdam art
   19-04-2019 17:03
A great banner but it shows as ams art, not Amsterdam art in the mission list.

RainBRO Amsterdam
   19-04-2019 16:34
Quite straight forward but the pavements are full of bicycles everywhere which means you have to pick your way through.

Amsterdam Canals
   19-04-2019 16:29
Thr banner was quite straight forward and easy. Certainly no hills to worry about

Amsterdam Animals
   19-04-2019 16:28
A lovely banner, just a shame that it doesn’t have a picture to remind me of my time doing it.
The animals are cute though (which makes up for it).
I found my inner squirrel.

Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt Lastage
   19-04-2019 16:26
The portal order frustrates frequently with lots of double backs, hacking portals that you just passed and the occasional portal used twice in successive missions means either frequent heatsink use or missed portals as you don’t want to hack out of order.
It’s hard to get a flow going especially when glyphing as you really don’t know which direction the next portal will be.

Coventry Wander
   24-11-2018 18:59
Hmmm... not terribly enjoyable... walked past lots of portals to move 250m + at times.
Some backtracking and don’t descend the canal street bridge as you have to come back over it after just one portal.

#MissionProject HNY2018 UK-London
   29-12-2017 22:05
A great banner starting at Big Ben, heading up to and over Waterloo Bridge, down past the London Eye and over Westminster Bridge back to parliament square.

Brompton Cemetery
   31-10-2017 18:33
A pleasant walk throughthe cemetery although you do a fair bit of walking around the various paths to get to the next portal.
Be aware that the passphrases have hints that don't reflect the actual number of letters required. (Nearest Station W_ _ _ B_ _ _ _) being West Brompton.
Be aware that the cemetery is only open from 9am and closes at various times depending in time of year.

Great Yarmouth
   24-09-2017 12:27
A fantasic set of missions that gently walks you around Great Yarmouth.

Messe Basel
   25-08-2017 21:03
Reasonable banner but the inconsistent naming messes with your head part way through.
Also, is it really necessary to do a loop of portals?

Exmouth Explorer
   14-08-2017 21:09
I enjoyed parts of this banner but mission 7 is badly laid out making you go back and forth unnecessarily. It could be redesigned better.

White Cliffs of Dover
   22-07-2017 0:19
A great banner that takes you from Folkstone to Dover along the cliffs. We were lucky enough to see a fantastic array of butterflies as we walked along a ridge edge overlooking the channel.
the road made logical sense almost all of the time expect for the last bit around the dover drop redoubt area.
Well worth the lengthy walk.
Definitely not wheelchair accessible.

Dover Seafront Tour
   09-07-2017 14:50
A great short banner in Dover along the seafront. Only one heatsink required.
Well worth a visit.

mission Night Bognor Seafront
   04-07-2017 7:10
This banner uses capture/upgrade, mod, link and field.
The early parts go around a park a few times. As there were three of us we had to jarvis a couple of portals.
Note: There's a car park near the park where you can stay over 2 hours for £3.

Tribute to Spock
   01-07-2017 2:51
This was horrible. I've had to use heatsinks in the past but never have I had to use 13 to complete a banner before.
One portal was used 5 times in 11 missions, another had two pairs of double hits resulting in the use of 2 heatsinks by each person.
There are quite a few portals that are used in adjoining missions, some use two portals which is even more frustrating.
Some of the questions aren't obvious at first.
Make sure you've taken your valium before starting this banner or else you will end up frustrated.

   29-06-2017 7:43
This is by far the worst banner I've done so far. As the first three missions are separated from the others I decided to drive them before moving to Olympic park. That was a big mistake. They go back and forth I was forced to park up.
The mission into the Olympic park uses portals that has no clear path through. The use of temporary path closures also doesn't help. Be careful that you check the schedule of what's happening in the park. I happened to visit during the setup for the great London run and barriers were being put up causing various backtracking.
Some missions are far from the end of the previous one. 6 - 7 is a far walk but 7 - 8 really makes you wonder what the author was thinking as you go past the end of 7 near the end of 8. Mission 17 takes you out in one direction and then you need to backtrack the complete mission to get to 18.

:TLDR I didn't enjoy this at all. Avoid unless your meds are working fully.

Dragon Of The East
   28-06-2017 22:52
Generally a decent banner with only a few bits of backtracking involved.
Towards the end the missions get shorter until the last three where you go on another long walk. All the park portals can be got from the road.
A shame the end doesn't swing around back into town.

Unique Brighton
   27-06-2017 23:22
A long walk around Brighton. Verious portals are missed out but as it's any order you can spot those.
Be careful to check if there is a cricket game on as the cricket ground is closed on match days.
Some missions are much longer distance wise than others.
I started at 7am and finished at 4:30 pm with a half hour stop although I walk fairly quickly. Total distance I covered was 37km.
One heatsink used.

   25-06-2017 7:01
I drove the first mission which saved a lot of time. Other than that, the missions were ok.

Airborne - Eastbourne
   22-06-2017 15:20
A loveLy banner in Eastbourne. Nice that it's not following the same path as all the other banners in the town.
The piEr is used on a few missions and isn't open at night so check access.
The final Mission ends with a passphrase.
Blindingly Obvious is you know thE answer but the question could be worded better.
CoNtact me if you can't work it out.

The Last Rave Up
   20-06-2017 17:17
The first 15 missions are really great.
The last 3 are a bit way out there and could be shorter without ruining the overall banner. Being 650m from the end of mission 17 and the start of mission 18 means a long trudge.

Hastings trip
   15-06-2017 18:49
A pleasant wander throuh Hastings.

Check the map for each mission as it's not always obvious which portal to go to next.

Southbank Sombrero
   14-06-2017 20:07
A great little banner from london brisge to westminster bridge along the south bank.

Well worth the effort.

Richmond Ramble
   14-06-2017 9:09
Quite short compared to some nearby. The hill was a bit of a shock after the flatness of the surrounding area.

The Cobra
   14-06-2017 9:07
A very long walk around the area. Make sure you have a look at the miniature railway part way around.

Twickenham Tour
   14-06-2017 9:05
Some backtracking and it seemed quite long. Some portals seem to be missed.
Overall it was ok

   14-06-2017 8:58
The missions were ok but the pass phrases didn't tie up. Apparently the mission orders were changed.
Mission 3 asks for the answer from mission 1 when it's actually in mission two.
Check for the next answer on the final portal on your current mission.
Due to not having the answers we were delayed for an hour.

Littlehampton Riverside
   11-06-2017 12:54
A replica of the longer banner in littlehampton.

Discovering Littlehampton
   11-06-2017 11:28
Doesn't cover all the portals in littlehampton. Take a few heatsinks as some are used twice in consecutive missions.
Missions 10 and 11 need a car or bicycle if you don't want to waste a couple of hours

The Nebula Run
   29-05-2017 12:06
What a complete waste of a banner.
It starts badly on mission one by making you change direction after the second portal and goes downhill from there. At the other end the author decided to just reverse the missions back to the start using, and I kid you not, the *exact* same portals.
Yes, you start returning by having to havk thr same portals as the previous mission
So once again back down the high street using the same portals until you return to the start point.
Guess what happens then...
You then return back along the same path - for a third time!
Ong, this is an exercise in how to to a banner when you can't be bothered to do it properly.
I've never used five heatsinks to complete a mission before,

Bexhill Church
   27-05-2017 19:27
This has issues as most of the missions aren't available to do. Unfortunately IngressMosaic can't seem to deal with missions that go missing.

The Bridge From St Pauls
   27-05-2017 19:24
A pleasantly short stroll around St Paul's and down to the south end of Blackfriars.
No issues.

Barbican Banner
   27-05-2017 19:05
For the most part this is a pleasant banner but a couple of the missions make you feel like Link in Zelda as you have to go up and over to get certain portals. Various stairs need climbing and not sure it's easy to find ramps as required.
Some areas might be off limit late evening onwards.

God Save The Queen
   20-05-2017 17:52
Take some heatsinks for this. Mission 22 needed two.

    Enlightened Europe
       14-05-2017 18:59
    A lovely walk through the area. Well worth the effort.

       10-05-2017 19:24

       10-05-2017 17:49
    Nice wander around the docks and the Tower of London

    #NL1331 - ST KATHERINE S DOCK Banner
       10-05-2017 16:08
    Part 17 has a waypoint that took 20 minutes to hit out on the river.

    Oxford ENL vs RES
       13-04-2017 10:04
    Despite being hack any order the portals flowed by easily. Well designed and easy to do.
    Be aware that one or two portals might only be accessible when the colleges are open.

    RadCam - Oxford Architecture
       13-04-2017 10:02
    A great set of missions but...
    The final mission uses Cherub of Doom which was too far from the road. I had to use another players android to hit that portal.

    Dreaming Spires
       13-04-2017 9:58
    A great set of missions. Easy to accomplish and laid out logically.

    Bill Me Mr
       19-03-2017 22:56
    Generally ok but the times of the films is a bit out on mission 3.

    Brighton Gull
       11-03-2017 18:06
    Quite a good mosaic. Quick by car. 2hrs
    Pier open 10am

    Eastbourne Christmas Carol
       06-03-2017 10:18
    A nice banner to add with some others on a day trip to Eastbourne.
    Be aware that the pier is only open 9am to 9pm.

    Eastbourne Sunset
       06-03-2017 10:17
    Pier is open 9am to 9pm so not one to finish at night.
    A pleasant walk around Eastbourne and quite easy.

    Welcome to Eastbourne
       06-03-2017 10:09
    A long banner in Eastbourne.
    We did it in 9 hours just straight walking quite fast just hacking the portals.
    Total distance was 36km.
    The last mission was frustrating as it didn't flow.

    North Bank Wander
       06-03-2017 10:02
    Enjoyable banner to do to during the day. No access issues but the parks do close at night.
    Walk up the path where the buses stand. It allows access to most portals on both sides of the road.

    Breakfast at Tiffany s
       06-03-2017 10:00
    A good banner crossing south from Oxford Street. Enjoyable to do and no access issues.

    Soho Rainbow
       06-03-2017 9:59
    Very easy set of missions to end the day with.
    Only issue was the massive amount of way points. So many were on top of each other it was hard to distinguish which was which.

    Ministry of Funny Walks
       06-03-2017 9:55
    Three of us did these in reverse order.
    Be warned, you do need to adopt the pose before starting each mission which can cause people to stare at you.
    No access issues as the park portals can be got to from outside.

    A Police Box Too Far
       06-03-2017 9:53
    The first two missions should have been reversed.
    Other than that it was a pleasant walk through Hyde Park. Just watch closing times.

    Abaddon London Shards
       05-03-2017 8:59
    A great set of missions. Not too long and is doable in one day if you are just doing the missions.
    Well worth the effort.

    Milton Keynes
       26-02-2017 17:44
    Decided to do a banner in MK. This one seemed ok when we glanced at the first few missions.
    The first nine were great but then you head off into the wild blue yonder for the last three which sucked. Carrying on around the city centre would have made much more sense. Lots of portals with fences in the way means you walk much further on the last three missions than the distances suggest crossing busy main roads and not all of the roads have pavements.
    The portal choice on the final three missions seemed poor as well. They didn't flow at all and left us feeling very frustrated.
    Having to walk 45 minutes back to where we started just added insult.

    The Battle of Lewes
       02-09-2016 19:26
    Badly laid out, lots of backtracking and at least one portal needs five hacks or upgrades.

    Team Kraken London
       02-09-2016 8:50
    The first 29 went quite well. Only a couple of double backs. Most portals are in front of you.
    Mission 30 was any order, which for a non local is annoying. I had no idea which one was the next one to do so that took a lot longer than it needed to.
    In total it was about 20hours of walking. The last few were a bit frustrating as they are any order missions.
    Well worth the effort if you haven't visited most of the portals before.