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# Name Portals Action
1 Hoboken (Belgium) 19 Sequentially Mission of Hoboken. Recomending doing this banner with bicycle or by foot. Enjoy your mission.
2 Wilrijk De Bist 15 Sequentially Probably the first time people lived in this area was around 600 BC. In 1003 the first document appeared in which the name uuilrika was mentioned. Enjoy your mission.
3 Hof Ter Linden 6 Sequentially Small visit to Hof ten Linden. In summer you can enjoy a visit at the summer bar.
4 Zwaantjes - Kiel 22 Sequentially A mission from Zwaantjes through Kiel and back to starting point. Rather do this mission with a bicycle or walk it.
5 Graveyard Edegem 9 Sequentially Graveyard Mission of Edegem
6 Sint-Laurentiuschurch Hove 6 Sequentially A small mission that will take you around Sint Laurentius church national heritage building.
7 Gemeentenplein Mortsel 12 Sequentially Small mission around square Mortsel
8 Terhagen mission Badge 33 Sequentially Terhagen was vroeger een gehucht van Rumst, maar werd in 1874 een afzonderlijke gemeente. Ondek veel verstopte portels. Liefst te voet, of nog beter met fiets deze missie doen. Enjoy.
9 Graveyard Mortsel 6 Sequentially Small mission around Mortsel Graveyard. Please make sure you are going to there during opening hours.
10 Hobokense Polder 8 Sequentially De Hobokense Polder is een natuurreservaat gelegen te Hoboken. Het is 170 ha groot. Het is gelegen in het noorden van Hoboken. Sedert 1995 is het een natuurgebied.
11 Park Neerland Wilrijk 12 Sequentially Take a lovely walk trough Park Neerland Wilrijk.
12 Kasteel Sorghvliedt 10 Sequentially Het kasteel Sorghvliedt - ook beschermd als monument bij koninklijk besluit van 17 september 1968 - bevindt zich aan de zuidelijke rand van het centrum van Hoboken.
13 Park De Brilschans 8 Sequentially Take a short relaxing stroll in this forgotten green part of Berchem.
14 Borsbeek 21 Sequentially A lovely mission through Borsbeek.
Antwerp Panda 大熊猫 banner
   04-03-2017 19:00
Easy banner to do. Brings you back to the start. no complains. Thanks hydotherion for nice banner en cute banner photo.

   28-02-2017 13:53
What a banner wow,,,,i enjoyed it very much. So much to see,,,,so much culture and a very nice city to. I can absolutely recommend this banner to anyone. Believe me i'm not a big fan of walking but this banner was a piece of cake.Thank you very much Vuchel for your hard work making this banner,,,you gave me a fantastic memory.


Zuidrand Mission
   10-11-2016 14:55
Edit see post of Rygarviking

The tears of a fallen angel
   10-11-2016 14:44
Leuke banner.

Manneken pis
   01-10-2016 13:10
very nice banner photo,,,BUT

Only problem with this banner,,,would have been so much better if every mission had a supported number with it from 1/18 to 18/18. Plus the mission could have had much more upv, we found our self walking in allot of circles hacking the same portals that's a pity especially if you go to Brussels for upv. Could have easily had 96 upv or even 160 upv with so much portals in Brussels center.

Ceci n est pas une pipe
   01-10-2016 13:02
nice fast and easy banner to do. Thank you.

Antwerpen 1572s
   27-09-2016 13:15
Ok banner to do,,,,will recommend to anybody.

Antwerpen Centraal Mosaic
   27-09-2016 13:10
Very nice banner picture. I did the banner by bicycle and was no problem. The one and only negative thing i can say is the last part of the banner goes through "Seefhoek",,,,its not so nice place to be with allot of criminality and out of work people during the daytime,,and if you walk with a 700 euro phone in your hand and not concentrating around you,,and can be enough for someone stealing your phone. That's the only negative thing i can say about it. But if you do the banner in a group or with a friend it should be ok.

Discover Deurne banner
   31-07-2016 12:53
I Enjoyed the banner but Deurne South is not one of the most beautiful places to be. So if you want to a banner with nice views this one is not for you. Beware of places that can be closed were you cannot continue with your banner, so i strongly advise Author to update his Description to worn you. Beware Banner is actually all green portals most of the time that are heavily modded,,,so if you are a low level player forget to take over portals en if you are a high level player,,take allot of ultra strikes with you and take at least another agent with you for help.