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   30-07-2019 15:52
Nice to walk Banner with nice sightseeing
Have fun in Salisbury

Missions through Time and Space
   02-06-2019 18:26
to make it little easier, the answeres to that mission

2) Eccleston
3) Rose Tyler
4) Bad Wolf
5) John Smith
6) Daleks
7) Kissogram
8) Davros
9) I don't want to go.
10) Upgrade
11) Master
12) Christmas
13) Donna Noble
14) Jack Harkness
15) Ood
16) blink
17) Gallifrey
18) Yes

BRO - Amsterdam Noord
   15-05-2019 15:17
watch out for eventual events on that area!! (cost me lots of time, damn! gone home with just part1/6)

The Ripper
   15-05-2019 15:15
nice to walk banner
watch out/take care for bicyclists and other traffic!

Little Cat in Zuideramstel
   15-05-2019 15:12
*Catch the mouse!*

Nice Walk, easy to do banner, simple passphrases
take care on bicyclists

mLiaomaumau !

Tiger Vienna
   22-08-2018 3:22
nice to walk banner, easy questions
agents that glyph few keys will surely have fun with this one

have a nice walk throug Vienna, enjoy the sights/architektre & such ambiente

as usual, take comfy shoes and perhaps, snackbar

VieNNa VooDoo
   22-08-2018 3:12
(for starting this: opening times !! (season)) NOT for wheelchair users without helping hand !!
bring enough to drink, there is only one location at Gloriette to buy drinks, and a free drink water well

if you were not glyphing till yet, there is a GOOD place to learn this! you will need the keys

be prepaired tovisit our beloved Gloriette,to have a nice view to parts of our beloved Vienna
have enough equipment to solve that challenge, that is NOT so bad i had in other cities before
few many Resonators/Viruses recondemned! check Mission options and map BEFORE starting it !!
if you like to do stats/AP, you´ll LOVE this

at the end, do not fear dusty shoes .. at finishing mission i was wondering about them

thx to my recruit muRRAinniARRum !
... sweet mission you wrote!

have a nice walk throug Vienna, enjoy the sights/architektre & such ambiente

as usual, take comfy shoes and perhaps, snackbar
!! HAVE FUN (!!!) with this !!

   11-08-2018 23:47
very nice touristfriendly walk through our shopping mall to some location in our inner city, where you can start other banners too

have comfy boots & nice fun in or beloved architecture

ENL vs RES Praha
   18-07-2018 16:35
damn torture to come back to city, when yusing google maps(pedestrian)

Poslkádej si Glyphy
   17-07-2018 1:36
been 3times in Prague, so i did ALL that missions

each single mission hunts you crossover the cemetry, so HACK DICIPILINE !!
made full sentences of glyphs, took me an hour to do that (midst in Winter!!)
by doing 5lines of this, i had the luck to mod the portals(FIRST MH THEN HS!!)

anyway, by passing each full hour, you can hear the church bell, which gives a goosebmping melody - ENJOY IT

nice missions, that can cause nightmares

with smiling greets - keep on travelling

Vienna Green Flower
   03-07-2018 20:01
*sigh nothing for "flatlanracers" - nice tour , take a nice breathe in our city, back there too
by farming few keys and few roesos you might do one fields or nother too, where you can write some stats as well ...

beware of 29->30 or 36 ...

uff, mal nix für Flachlandlatscher, Leute ohne Ausdauer oder Lokalsitzern
sehr schöne Tour durch unser beliebtes Frischluftgebiet,und zurück zur Zivilisation

wer nebenbei Keys farmt und ausreihend Resos hat, kann hier auch einiges an Stats schreiben

Achtung auf die Reihenfolge !!(zB 29 auf 30 , oder bei 36 auf weitere)

Viel Spass dabei, Eure Sense ...

#OrbisLudens Vienna #B
   22-06-2018 11:02
easy to walk,fast to do

   20-06-2018 16:47
sehr schönes Mosaik mit AUSGEDEHNTER Streckenführung durch "any order"

manchmal verlatscht man sich dadurch (QUO VADIS ??)

nach ca 4Stunden waren wir durch damit

#OrbisLudens Vienna #H Compas
   22-05-2018 17:53
nice to walk, sometimes you have to find startpoints, not like on others end is start
sequence of all missions of OrbisLudens is nice mde, on "Resselpark" the start-portals of other missions, so thx to @Burli for that nice way he solved that
btw, TU(Technical University) has a was-throug, that is not opened 24/7, so one Portal may be a glitch to reach

#OrbisLudens Vienna #A Globe
   20-05-2018 16:49
nice to walk mission
sometime hard troubles about gps-position possible, drift-kings welcome - have strong nerve, anyway
had serious Problem at very first portal, then few times more - time solved my problem by drifting across the whole map

   20-05-2018 9:21
watch out for the numbering/order of that mission, it made me walk LONG distances

ReSiSTaNCe Wien
   13-04-2018 11:38
one of the eldest banners in Vienna
after 3times trying that f*ckin misson, it worked (TIME IT WAS !!!) finally

to correct one point to the answers: LATHINOIDE (took me another 5minutes with little help of "DrGoogle")

was a nice walk with my doggie, we had "fun" with this one
ps: thx for posting the answers, that one i had before didn´t work all in all(Google, Wikipedia ...)
it was NO FUN to see that while windy -10°C

pls, dear Geronniemo, correct the "dancing mission" also - the answers there took even @Burli LOTS of time - we interrupted to solve them (midst winter, NO FUN at all!!!)

Once upon a time
   31-01-2018 11:47
nice to walk "hack-only Mission"
across the 4th district, ends at a nice place near the subway U4

!! note !!
CAREFULLY start mission#10 (its on right side)
otherwise you will start #12 too early

take enough time, use comfy shoes

thx Wuschelzahn for this nice banner ;)

We Love
   30-01-2018 18:07
**fragmented Mission, everywhere across the city
let´´s take a walk on the jumpy side 8-p

snowy winterwonder vienna tour
   03-08-2017 4:31
easy to walk, nice to do - CAUTION at mission 37, few of our (LOCAL!!) players missed it !!!!!!!!
thx @nibiru, was nice to walk this one with you

Schwechat Mosaik
   03-08-2017 4:29
if you want to do this one, do yourself te favor and use a bycicle (DISTANCE!!)
easy to do mission

City Skyline
   03-08-2017 4:27
easy to walk, nice to do
thx @burli for that nice banner - was nice to do this with you

Violet Smileys
   03-08-2017 4:26
nice streak to walk, easy to do

Vienna - 13th District - HEATSINK
   03-08-2017 4:25
Mission has 2parts -> Heat+Sink
take ENOUGH TIME for this, use comfortable shoes
if finished HEAT, the show REALLY begins ...

Vienna - 17th District - HERNALS
   03-08-2017 4:22
1) Use comfortable shoes
2) take enough to drink
3) have ENOUGH time for this
4) LONG way to go, but it´s really worth it

Ocean Sunnset
   03-08-2017 4:20
nice mission to explore Schönbrunn, to create nice multilayer fields and AP
nice overview to Vienna

   03-08-2017 4:17
this mission is easy to do (under 4hours if fast), nice to walk (if using comfy shoes)

nice streak, easy to do

Tanzen rund um den Ring
   03-08-2017 4:12
i tried that mission -and didn´t finish it because of it´s passphrases - do no waste time on this one

   03-08-2017 4:08
1) use comfortable shoes !!!
2) take enough to drink - you will need it
3) take ENOUGH time and ENDURANCE
4) take one or more powerbanks
5) have fun on that GREAT mission, i did it on my own feet only(as pedestrian)
6) Burggarten/Volksgarten -> openening/closing time