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1 Westerpark Ams ParcGress 9 Sequentially Vibrant atmosphere against a green backdrop
Curacao Beaches
   18-01-2018 18:17
Take a few days and se4 the Island while doing the banner. Having a car is absolutely a must!
A part of this banner is not accessible at night.
Tip: Use the mission plugin for IITC to se4 the route. It helps you plan your day properly and is good for navigation.

Curaçao beaches takes you from the most eastern portal to the most western portal along the southern coast and the rocky north.
It took me 10 hours in 5 days (including: destroys, caps, linking. excluding: all sorts of breaks, swimming, lunch, 2 flat tires, sunsets, dinner)
I would not recommend doing this banner in 1 day. Technically it’s probably possible if you start at 9.00 but it’s living on the edge and not relaxed ;-)
At Shete Boka Park, Hato caves & some beaches you might have to pay admission while others will be open and free and some spots close around 18.00-19.00 hrs. Every mission has (helpful) information and I also included additional info to certain portals.
Ping me if you want some extra useful (!) tips and tricks @Se4horse on TG (or comm)

If a portal is not reachable for some strange reason. Let me know asap. Sometimes Niantic approve corrections in 1 day. (weekdays)
I tested the banner in January 2018 and it was up and running.
Have fun!