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# Name Portals Action
1 Vosselaar - Tour Of The Centre 14 Any A small municipality squeezed between Turnhout and Beerse. And it has a few portals to visit ! - This mission is cargressable.
2 Leuven - Conquer Alma 2 6 Any Alma 2 is the largest student restaurant in Leuven. Its internal view and workings will transport you back to the 1960s.
3 Leuven - Groot Begijnhof 17 Any The Grand Béguinage is a well preserved and completely restored historical quarter containing a dozen of streets in the south of downtown Leuven and is one of the largest in the Low Countries
4 Beerse - Easy Tour Around The Square 12 Any No need to go portal hunting, just walk around the church and field it.
5 Abdij Vlierbeek 16 Any This former benedictine abbey is located in Kessel-Lo just outside of Leuven.
6 Leuven Station 9 Any The central transportation hub for the Leuven area with the 5th busiest train station in Belgium.
7 Middelkerke Cartoon Statues 17 Any Since 1987 the Middelkerke Cartoon Festival has added a long list of statues to the sea wall. Travel through Belgian cartoon history from Urbanus to Jerom passing Lucky Luke, Jommeke and Marsupilami.
8 Beerse - A Cargress Tour 20 Sequentially A drive-able route through Beerse. Only includes portals reachable on wheels. This missions starts at Beerse Gemeentehuis.
9 Scherpenheuvel - Kruisweg 11 Any Discover the religious statues in the park
10 Leuven Stadspark 8 Any Formed in 1866, the Sint-Donatuspark, is situated on top of the 12th century moat around the city with some remnants of the old city wall still visible inside the park.
11 Sint-Jozef-Olen Fielding Wall 10 Sequentially This wall of portals allows you to easily create over 15 fields. Can be used for fielding / link badge or quick AP boost. Be sure to hack at least 3 keys from each wall portal for full fielding.
12 Scherpenheuvel - Around The Basilica 13 Any The Basilica of Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel was consecrated in 1627 and raised to the status of a minor basilica in 1922. It is reputedly the most frequently visited shrine of pilgrimage in Belgium.
13 Leuven Vaartkom 9 Sequentially The old industrial heart of the city, dominated by the Stella Artois brewery, is being rebuild into a upper-class residential area.
14 Leuven Kruidtuin 15 Any The oldest botanical garden in Belgium was created in 1738 by the university and handed over to the city in 1835. In the gardens you will also find 450 square meters of greenhouse area.
15 Middelkerke - A Small Walk 10 Sequentially This walk will guide you from the municipal house to the casino
16 Abdij Van Tongerlo 9 Any Founded in 1128, this abbey is better known for the beer of the same name than a 1545 copy of Da Vinci's Last Supper - on display in its own museum.
Land van Zichem
   17-01-2019 21:31
While never frustrating the banner design / route and hacking order has some 'wtf' moments.
The first few missions are best done on foot with car / bike transport inbetween - the later missions can be done by car.

The answers to the passphrases are always found in the portal descriptions.

FYI : The cemetery technically closes at 1700, the gate was open at night when we did the banner.

La balade d Amiens
   24-07-2018 17:00
The banner will bring you through most if not all of downtown Amiens and some streets around it.

For some portals a bit of lucky drift was required but this will be different for each device.

Recommended if you have a few hours to spare in Amiens.

Utrecht Tour
   14-05-2018 21:46
A good banner that takes you through most if not all of downtown Utrecht.

Note that the first mission at the train-station is not that easy to do these days with the epic construction going on. Also for the first portal you technically need a rail-pass that a tourist might not have. Standing next to the Burger King outside of the station gave us the portal in range with a bit of drift.

However mission 16 should be re-made in this banner. Its a recycle from earlier on with just the picture changed and it goes from "in order" to "random order" and you can hope you do not forget a portal behind you.

Also note that mission 13 has a number of duplicates.. Start the one from TheOnmyoji

Père Lachaise
   07-05-2018 16:07
The only time that I had to do some effort to grab a portal was at the start of mission 33 where you need some drift or need to stand near a railing. For the last 2 portals of mission 36 you need a small 5 minute detour on foot as the entry / exit used is no longer available for visitors.

Overall path-design is good to very good. Only a few turn-arounds for 260 portals is impressive.

Banner done in +/- 4 hours over 3 days (starting in the morning when the cemetery opened) with destroy / capture / deploy 1 resonator.

Note that there are a lot of new portals not included in the banner so your total unique visits will end up in the 400+ range

   19-02-2018 10:05
Started this banner as a backup as the first one on the map was in a location without data access but very happy that this banner was done.

It takes you to some very nice spots that you never knew existed in/around Brussels / Elsene. There are some walkbacks left and right but those are forgiven.

Excellent banner, good road design, awesome profile picture.

Visite du Brabant Wallon
   19-02-2018 10:01
This banner is quite impossible to start.

3 different devices, 3 different providers (telenet / mobile vikings / proximus), 2G only setting, 3G only setting..

Absolutely NO data 3 portals in on the first mission with no way around it.

Tried for 1 hour, if lucky we got logged in to Ingress but hacks always gave a "scanner communication error"


Apostelkirche Mosaic
   30-12-2017 21:42
Good and easy banner to do. If an eternal comment from me needs come up, it's my preference for fixed order instead of random order. But checking the map before starting a mission helps on this banner.

Goes old market
   07-11-2017 13:32
Except passing by the same Rabobank branch office 3 times, there are no negative comments on this banner ;-)

Budapest Eye
   09-09-2017 19:09
Very good layout.

Only negative point is the backing up in missions 21/22/23 to re-do a path (with a waypoint that is barely reachable) you have already been as the duplicate portals in missons 33/34. Its not that there are is a lack of portals near there...

Jeanne d Arc
   25-07-2017 13:36
Each mission starts with a Jeanne D'Arc question.

While the questions get better and more logical during the banner, the first 5/6 can be extremely frustrating to get the correct answer typed in the way it is required. Prepare to enter all french accents and use the french spelling of some names (use the french wikipedia page on Jeanne D'Arc for -MOST- of the info)

Without these questions the banner would be very nice to do, now its kind of a "meh" and you better brush up on your french before starting it.

Visit 95% of all local portals

Flag of Norway
   13-07-2017 20:04
This banner will take you past most of the things you need to see in Oslo. Ideal to explore the city center in a few hours

De Marginale Driehoek
   10-07-2017 21:04
Test done successfully. Some areas might have bad phone reception (depends on your provider) and at time of writing some detours/roadworks are in place but all portals are reachable if you follow the detours.

this textbox intentionally left blank

Skyline Steenwijk
   07-03-2017 23:46
Halted after 2 missions. Not even the slightest logical order, constantly looking for the way to get to the next portal, driving around in circles..

Exploring Western Neuss
   04-03-2017 8:58
Excellent banner, logical layout and a lot of portals to explorer.

If I have to nag about one thing, the second trip up the graffiti wall takes forever ;)

Antwerp Panda 大熊猫 banner
   04-03-2017 8:47
good road layout, cute design and with full fielding it took us about 2hrs

The Guardian Angel
   23-02-2017 17:54
Good banner, good portal order, done at night - no access problems to portals.

Beguinage banner exit was closed but walk around the block gave access to an additional exit.
"Exit where supposed to enter" was open at midnight.

❁ a War of Roses ❀
   02-02-2017 10:50
Very nice banner with good road layout. brings you from the touristic areas to the quieter outskirts of Brugge.

❁ War of the Roses Bruges ❀
   02-02-2017 10:49
Very nice banner with good road layout. brings you from the touristic areas to the quieter outskirts of Brugge.

   25-01-2017 11:47
Missions 8 / 9 / 10 have a few irritating "randomly search the next portal" moments with u-turns and whatnot if you are not familiar to the area.

Otherwise a good cargress banner with a logical and good design in portal order.
(Hardcore cargressers will need to get out and walk at least 2 times - be warned :-D )

   08-01-2017 20:23
Only 6 missions for 127 portals is a shame.. It would be a lot better if there were more missions and a bigger mosaik/c.. Missed opportunity here.

For the banner, rent a bicycle. You can do it on foot/car but some portals are on bicycle/pedestrian zones only where you need to walk 2.5km to the portal and then back.

Parel der Kempen
   16-06-2016 0:28
Mission 8 takes forever driving through the forest seemingly going nowhere.

In the more inhabited areas the design is pretty OK, tho there are a few stupid "drive all the way to this portal and then turn back where you came from" situations

Explore Helsinki
   01-06-2016 17:01
Excellent small banner. 2 hours if you continue on quickly. 4 to 5 hours of you take your time and capture/link all inbetween portals.

Stars and galaxies exploring Helsinki
   01-06-2016 16:59
Excellent trip around Helsinki.. Took us 5 hours of 'creative' driving + some walks so bicycle / walking will be a lot more.

Note that for the last 2 missions you need access to a cemetery that closes at 22:00.

Downpoint is that portals are not in order and you often end up at the wrong side of the mission and have to walk / drive all the way back. In addition some portals really rely on luck with drift..

Visit Leuven
   24-05-2016 22:03
Very nice banner, nice trip around town. Take some good walking shoes for the 3rd part on the old streets in the beguinnage.

Only minor critique would be Portal 5 in Mission 22, where you need some drift to hack the portal - pending on your gps - and it took us a bit to get it into range.

Leuven Banner
   22-05-2016 15:10
Some of the questions need a few minutes of wikipedia searches.

Olen shield missions
   14-02-2016 23:47
nice and short !

Kortrijk Banner
   14-02-2016 23:35
Initially missions are very long in walking distance, at the end they become much shorter.

Loops perfectly back to the point of the departure.

Bruges Banner
   14-02-2016 23:33
For some strange reason mission 2 takes a detour to the train station - end and starting point could have been closer together, basically you have to walk all the way back.

Oostende Banner
   14-02-2016 23:31
Very long distance between the portals.

The last few missions are in a park which remains open but gets dark, so start early.

ENL players might find the mosaic offensive.