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Inca Gold Mask
   03-02-2018 0:12
Part 5 and 22 are NOT possible without a tourist ticket as one portal isn't reachable without it. The last portal of a mission is often the first portal of the next mission slowing down the whole mosaic.

Other than that it is a nice mosaic that takes you to some very nice and scenic places in Cusco.

Easy and straight forward mosaic.

Chile - Costanera
   29-10-2017 2:21
Great mosaic to see one of the most modern parts of Santiago. Great route setting with very little backtracking or repeating. Took me longer than expected as this is a great opportunity to build a lot of fields easily :)

Zug Roundtrip
   21-10-2017 2:56
Die grosse Runde in Zug. Interessantes Mosaik mit vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und einem schönen Aussichtspunkt über Zug. Sehr empfehlenswert, wenn man ein paar Stunden Zeit hat!

Palacio de La Moneda
   21-10-2017 2:48
The route setting for the first few tiles is great, but gets progressively worse. With the plaza on both sides of the modena blocked by police, you have to walk a lot more than those 5.7km to complete the mosaik because you get sent from one side of the building to the other and back repeatedly.

Zug Sunset
   25-06-2017 22:51
Startort ist ein bisschen umständlich zu erreichen, genau zwischen zwei S-Bahn Stationen. Ansonsten kurzes schönes Mosaik.