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# Name Portals Action
1 Capture Discovery Walk 20 Any Walk through the Discovery Walk pedestrian plaza and capture or upgrade all the portals. Area features engraved stone benches depicting discoveries in biology and medical science.
2 12b/12 Happy New Year 2018 - Rosicrucian Museum 6 Sequentially Explore the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area to build a New Year's greeting. *For best results select exactly one of missions 12, 12b, 12c - ideally the same variant for 7 and 12*
3 Capture Santa Clara Central Park 33 Sequentially Capture or upgrade every portal in the core of Santa Clara's sprawling Central Park. If you get tired take a break in the central pavilion or one of the shaded gazebos. Watch for aggressive geese!
4 Lick Observatory 6 Any The oldest mountaintop astronomical observatory in the US. Check their website for visitor center hours; they say it's particularly worth watching the sunset from here.
5 12c/12 Happy New Year 2018 - Rosicrucian Museum 6 Sequentially Explore the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area to build a New Year's greeting. *For best results select exactly one of missions 12, 12b, 12c - ideally the same variant for 7 and 12*
6 BWI-DEN Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from BWI (Baltimore, Maryland, US) to DEN (Denver, Colorado, US), do this mission as a souvenir of our trip. All portals inside security.
7 BOI-LAS Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from BOI (Boise, Idaho, US) to LAS (McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, US) to this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
8 Meeple Madness - DFW Terminal D 6 Any A souvenir of the meeple-bearing hordes that descend on DFW twice a year. Half of the portals are at the Hyatt Regency and half are outside baggage claim at Terminal D; no ticket required.
9 LHR-BLR Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from LHR (London, England, UK) to BLR (Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
10 Stop for Pea Soup 6 Any This Santa Nella, CA, restaurant, with its iconic Danish windmill, has been a famous spot for I-5 travellers to take a break to enjoy a bowl of pea soup since 1976.
11 Federal Plaza, Rockville, Maryland 6 Any This small local shopping center was once known as 1776 Plaza for its back entry at 1776 East Jefferson St.
12 SJC-LAS Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, California, US) to LAS (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
13 Capture Mission City Memorial Park 49 Any Unlike most cemeteries, Santa Clara's Mission City Memorial Park at 420 Winchester is in active use as a city park. Plan to spend at least an hour walking; be careful of potholes and dog leashes.
14 SJC-SEA Traveller 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, California, US) to SEA (Seattle, Washington, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security, three in each airport.
15 PDX-SJC Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from PDX (Portland, Oregon, US) to SJC (San Jose, California, US), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
16 Meeple Madness: DFW Terminal C 6 Any A souvenir of the meeple-bearing hordes that descend on DFW twice a year. Half of the portals are at the hotel and half are outside security at Terminal C; no ticket required.
17 SFO-LHR Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SFO (San Francisco, California, US) to LHR (London, England, UK), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
18 Braly Park 7 Any A small neighborhood park with the usual amenities.
19 Camp Storyteller: Share Your Ingress Tales 12 Any Get the pass phrase for this mission after sharing an Ingress tale at Camp Storyteller, at Navarro 2018, part of Osiris Epiphany Night. Visit all the camps and marvel at the amazing portal creations.
20 SJC-PDX Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, California, US) to PDX (Portland, Oregon, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
21 SJC-STL Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, CA, US) to STL (St. Louis, MO, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
22 BHR-LHR Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from BLR (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India) to LHR (London, England, UK), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
23 Capture the dream! 6 Any The [Redacted] portal, originally seen at Camp Navarro in 2017, travels around; capture it and its current neighbors at the SF Armory. Murals tucked away in alleys help make SF a more colorful place.
24 DFW-SJC Traveller 6 Any Flying from DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, US) to SJC (San Jose, California, US)? Do this mission to get a souvenir of your adventure. All portals inside security - Terminal A at DFW.
25 Almaden Quicksilver County Park 7 Any This park has trailheads for several nice hikes, but also a display of old mercury (quicksilver) mining equipment well worth the walk across a grassy (and sometimes squishy) field.
26 UB City, Bangalore 8 Any Explore the shops, gardens, courtyards, and statues of this upscale area.
27 Moffet Towers 2, Sunnyvale 6 Any Explore the statues and fountains in this technology office park.
28 Capture the Kern Avenue Sports Murals 7 Sequentially Capture or upgrade these 5 stylized monochrome murals of outdoor activities (and a few of their neighbors.)
29 Capture Mayfair Community Center 6 Any A hub community center with all kinds of community programs and some cool art.
30 AMS-MSP Traveller 6 Any If you are flying from AMS (Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands) to MSP (Minneapolis, Minnesota, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip.
31 SJC-BWI Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, California, US) to BWI (Baltimore, Maryland, US), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
32 LAS-SJC Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from LAS (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) to SJC (San Jose, California, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
33 STL-MSP Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from STL (St. Louis, MO, US) to MSP (Minneapolis, MN, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
34 Serenely Stroll Saratoga 44 Sequentially Explore the central part of Saratoga, including the main business district, Wildwood Park (check hours!), and Saratoga Village
35 PHX-PHL Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from PHX (Phoenix, Arizona, US) to PHL (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
36 SEA-AMS Traveller 6 Any If you are flying from SEA (Seattle, Washington, US) to AMS (Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security, three in each airport
37 DEN-SJC Traveler 6 Any If you are travelling from DEN (Denver, Colorado, US) to SCJ (San Jose, California, US), do this mission to get a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
38 6a/6 Logical Sunnyvale - Rock (Power) 7 Sequentially Walk around the Sunnyvale Community Center and learn to play a modern version of an ancient guessing game. This mission walks through the Sunnyvale War Memorial -- take a moment to honor it.
39 01b/18 Betty's Glasses (no-text alt) 6 Sequentially Betty’s Glasses 2012, by Stephen Dee Edwards, a 15x14 foot welded steel and glass outdoor sculpture. Part of the permanent collection of the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California.
40 Congressional Plaza, Rockville, Maryland 6 Any This shopping center has had many changes since it was built in the 1950s. Mission icon is similar to the plaza sign style from 1981.
41 07b/12 Happy New Year 2018 - Rosicrucian Museum 6 Sequentially Explore the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area to build a New Year's greeting. *For best results select exactly one of missions 07, 07b, 07c*
42 IAD-DEN Traveler 6 Any Flying from Washington Dulles (IAD) to Denver? This mission will give you a souvenir of your trip.
43 Live your Dreams 7 Any The [Redacted] portal is now a world traveller; catch it on its stay in San Francisco at the Armory. Artwork reflects the first appearance of this portal at Camp Navarro.
44 06b/18 Betty's Glasses (no-text alt) 6 Sequentially Betty’s Glasses 2012, by Stephen Dee Edwards, a 15x14 foot welded steel and glass outdoor sculpture. Part of the permanent collection of the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California.
45 07c/12 Happy New Year 2018 - Rosicrucian Museum 6 Sequentially Explore the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area to build a New Year's greeting. *For best results select exactly one of missions 07, 07b, 07c*
46 SJC-PHX Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SJC (San Jose, California, US) to PHX (Phoenix, Arizona, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
47 Fancy Fruit 9 Sequentially This mission will lead you past a few remnants of Sunnyvale's industrial past to one of the more visually distinctive reminders of that era. Parking at the end may be tight during business hours.
48 English Town, Almaden Quicksilver County Park 8 Any The hike takes some effort, but there are gorgeous views along the way, and at the top you see the remains of what was once a busy quicksilver mining outpost.
49 MSP-SJC Traveller 6 Any If you are flying from MSP (Minneapolis, Minnesota, US) to SJC (San Jose, California, US) this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
50 SJC-DFW Traveller 6 Any Flying from SJC to DFW? Do this mission to get a souvenir of your trip.
51 LAS-BOI Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from LAS (McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, US) to BOI (Boise, Idaho, US), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
52 1a/6 Logical Sunnyvale - Guess 6 Sequentially Walk around the Sunnyvale Community Center and learn to play a modern version of an ancient guessing game. This mission passes the indoors sports center where more physical games are played.
53 Congressional Plaza, Rockville, Md. 7 Any This small shopping center has had many styles over the years; currently shop signs are simple white text on blue or gray siding. Some of the old retail areas are now townhouses.
54 SEA-SJC Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from SEA (SEA-TAC, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, US) to SJC (San Jose, California, US), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
55 Get Wet! Park Sprinklers of Sunnyvale. 12 Any Not a quickie! Honoring the hard work that keeps Sunnyvale's 17 major parks green; each of these portals will take you out of your car and into the path of one park's sprinklers. Need more stories!
56 LHR-SFO Traveler 6 Any If you are flying from LHR (London, England, UK) to SFO (San Francisco, California, US), this mission will provide a souvenir of your trip. All portals inside security.
57 Slippery When Wet - Link Them Up 6 Sequentially Streams of Time, a 2003 art installation by artist Nancy Mooslin, known as "The Slipperies" because of the permanent presence of "Slippery When Wet" signs on these glass pieces set into the sidewalk.
   14-08-2019 6:37
Gorgeous location in a manicured Chinese cemetery; some nicely constructed areas. Great views of the lake.

There were two places where I had to get out and walk a few yards to portals, one in a no-parking areas. A few other places where I got out to take pictures (portal and scenery.)

Near the beginning there was a hilly windy bit where I missed a few portals but overall a nice pleasant easy drive.

Path winds through and hits all the portals except one tucked off away from the road. I ended up backtracking three times, once because the road on the map was actually a maint work area, once because the road towards the exit is one way, and once because I guessed the any-order path wrong.

A Walk Around the Block
   13-08-2019 17:43
Very fast. Probably not doable by car due to one portal in the center of the park. Mind the homeless.

There is one portal that didn't really fit so one of the missions is pathed awkwardly.

I omitted SVCC Fountain #2 because at least one agent has fallen into the pond trying to get in range; you have to know where to stand.

Path as designed has you walking across the grass in 2 places; one portal may not be reachable from a sidewalk.

#IngressFS Modesto
   05-08-2019 7:55
This took me 45 minutes but I was significantly distracted by portals that kept turning gray. (I did the banner during the FS event window.)

Passphrases are just the mission number.

It felt like the pathing had me cross the street one or two times more than strictly necessary (all crossings were at crosswalks.). Perhaps the GPS fairies were annoyed at me.

Glory of the Verdant Cow
   04-08-2019 16:59
This took me almost exactly the advertised time, and I'm slow. (This included color correction and a bit of linking and fielding.) This area gets hot in the summer, and on a weekend there are very few available water fountains or restrooms. It was 86F (30C) at 21:00.

I'm not normally a fan of any-order banners but this worked quite well here; there were a few cases where having options was useful and I never ended up backtracking.

Not really recommended for anyone with mobility issues. While I can't imagine that many portals on a US campus would not be wheelchair-accessible, the direct path took a lot of shortcuts across the grass, and there is a weird gap between 9 and 10 that sent me up a steep embankment, eroded by the many students who have done the same thing. A few parts might not be so easy on a bike, either.

When you go around the back of Demergasso-Bava Hall do take a moment to admire the Escheresque courtyard staircases.

Note that 12 and 13 line up so well that I thought there was some kind of error.

UC Berkeley Campus
   23-06-2019 6:18
A nice walking banner, be careful with routing near the stream as there are only specific places to cross.

Capital Walk
   12-06-2019 19:14
I did this nestled in with the 18 Mission Day missions and it came out beautiful. Took me a while to figure out a path that broke up the mission day ones without too much backtracking.

MD 2019 Chicago
   31-05-2019 1:24
I only did the temporary Enemy Mine and the 5 closest to the river, but other banners took me to the Adler Planetarium and the Lincoln Park Zoo, both of which were well worth a visit.

Chicago Frog Duck
   30-05-2019 1:46
I was shocked that even tired from Anomaly and Mission Day, we did this banner in under 3.5 hours.

Pathing seemed fine. Allow time to take transit to the observatory and admire the view before you start. A few early missions in the museum district were altered to be 24x7 so there are gaps of a few hundred meters backtracking but nothing too horrible.

Chicago is "The Drifty City", but for Chicago this wasn't bad. Reportedly drift is worst in the afternoon when mobile traffic is heaviest.

Probably all wheelchair accessible but faster to take shortcuts across grass.

Be More Awesome
   28-05-2019 12:24
I had some problems with the pathing on this which are being fixed. It was nice to visit the famous zoo.

All on sidewalks and paved paths but not all smooth and flood in the rain.

Millennium Park
   27-05-2019 7:08
I have not done this banner.

Someone I do not know very well reports that the last portal of mission 12 is behind a locked fence at night.

Thrown For a Loop
   26-05-2019 13:45
Nice walk under the El tracks.

If in a wheelchair be prepared for bits of broken sidewalk.

Mind the drift, but it never took me more than 5-10 minutes to chase down a portal. Mission 10 I had to go deep inside a building lobby, could not have done that at night.

MD Fresno 2019
   15-05-2019 1:36
We walked the 11 missions downtown, drove to Fresno State to walk the missions there, and then did the last two by car.

NDSM Cross faction Banner
   15-05-2019 1:26
I did this banner a few years ago and while my memory of the banner itself is a bit fuzzy, the area and its art are one of my best memories of my trip to the city. Highly recommended.

Beware that one of the missions starts on the same portal as a mission with the same number from a 54 mission banner.

   13-05-2019 16:15
Relatively easy; watch out for the two random upgrades and the link in Mission 16.

That needs a big flashing red light: there is a link in mission 16. (Given that the first time I was here the place was solidly fielded my color, and the second time it was during Mission Day churn, that might not always be easy.)

You'll be walking on gravel, down a sloping alley, over train tracks, etc. Suitable for athletic wheelchair users. Skip this banner if you're on a knee chair recovering from surgery.

The pass phrase took me almost half a second to figure out but I was having a slow day.

Welcome to Sacramento
   13-05-2019 9:20
I did the first 15 missions on foot and the last 9 by car. (I'd parked my car by the end portal and picked it up where the path looped.

Pretty sure it would be better to do the whole thing by car, though the loop around Cesar Chavez park has number 9 starting after you make the unexpected left turn and number 11 starting where you think the next mission ought to start. I suspect that's tripped up a lot of people.

Don't count of finding places to pull over if you need extra time to start missions. Just go around the block like I did.

The alley portals at the end are a nice touch but cross traffic doesn't expect people to go straight across from alley to alley instead of turning onto the main road.

Hacking Bad (Albuquerque NM)
   23-04-2019 19:42
I haven't done this, but several people I talked to did, and really did not enjoy it for how sparse it was and for how unintuitive the pathing was for the last few missions. (Let's just say their actual words were far less charitable than that.)

I stayed at a hotel near mission 7 and saw that even though the banner was more than 2 years old, mission 7 showed zero completions before the above group came through.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
   27-03-2019 17:18
As advertised, fast and easy, though the hook at the end was sparse by downtown Vegas standards. Took me about an hour even with color correction and a bit of linking along the way.

Transition between 14 and 15 looks a little jarring on my phone; insane purists might think twice about having such a slice artifact at the top of their profile.

Watch out for Rain in Paradise Park
   26-03-2019 17:07
Four laps around the portal-dense dirt/cinder walking path in the park, a few portals require walking across the grass. Path is clean and intuitive -- you can generally guess where the next mission starts.

Corn Creek Ladybug
   26-03-2019 16:54
I tried to do this but signal with AT&T kept coming and going. Fortunately I gave up on the first mission.

Fremont Urban Art Festival
   24-03-2019 21:26
Fast and clean except for having to reach across Fremont a few times at the beginning and a heat sink on mission 3.

And so pretty!

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
   24-03-2019 15:22
Fast and smooth. One small branch to visit an actual Fear and Loathing mural. This is an older banner, a few missions have lost their start portals.

If you do this immediately after another banner bring heat sinks, but in a vacuum it's just fine.

Fast and clean with one slight traverse. Watch for drift under the canopy when it's packed with people using their phones.

Banner was created before 6 of the missions were uploaded to IngressMosaik but it's all there.

   22-03-2019 23:47
I'm tempted to call this a troll banner.

It's not, but be aware that it starts out fast and easy but at the end is much less so. The pathing in sunset Park gets a bit erratic.

All of it should be wheelchair accessible except for parts of Sunset Park at the end.

I was advised not to go to Sunset Park alone at night.

MD Las Vegas
   08-03-2019 16:27
I did this a few years ago, or at least 6 of them. I remember hearing that some people did the 6 fastest missions on foot in half an hour; I'm not sure if I did the 6 fastest but it didn't take me more than an hour at most.

   01-03-2019 21:46
This was painful. Trying to navigate through an unfamiliar shopping district, and horrible signal problems. Took far longer than I expected.

RP - Resistance View of Minneapolis
   01-03-2019 21:39
Rating based on 3-month-old memory. It was a cold walk but a good banner.

I thought mission 6 was jarring so I substituted a Recursion symbol from a different banner and am very happy with how that turned out.

MD Albuquerque (2019)
   01-03-2019 21:28
This mission day set has something for everyone: a tight clump of 6 walking missions, at least 6 doable by car, and a drive out to the famous hot air balloon museum and launch site.

Darsana Albuquerque
   01-03-2019 21:23
A good tour of downtown. Mission 3 is completely disjoint from the path; I've heard that a portal moved several km after the banner was submitted and current status is a salvage.

Doable but not fun by car -- many turns , several where you need to catch a portal on the far side as you turn. I don't like having to pull over and guess where the next mission starts.

New Mexico Pride
   27-02-2019 0:46
Drive up and down the main road between stretches of tract housing, hacking the portals of art pieces set into the community walls. These are very old missions, so they only have 4 or 5 hacks each.

I did these while driving and wasn't careful, just pulling up the closest mission in the set led to a slightly less-pleasing arrangement.

Paradise Hills Ventana Ranch
   27-02-2019 0:00
I regret the time and gas it took me to do this banner. Yes, the map shows it sprawls, but the reality is even worse -- squiggling back and forth through mile after mile of sterile tract housing to hit every little playground portal and community park. It was common to be over a km from the next portal, and at least a few times over a mile -- and that's before taking all the closed-loop roads into account.

Even with using IngressMosaik, Google Maps, and IITC, it was painful navigating to the next portal in many places. And yet I had to be painstakingly careful, because any-order missions meant that it was too easy to miss a portal and need to double back.

Don't count on finding a restroom, convenience store, or gas station. Just mile after mile of tract housing up against brushland. (Granted, with occasional views of nice mountains.)

The last portal on the last mission is "Petroglyph National Monument" but it's not a place to go to see cool petroglyphs, it's just an undeveloped trailhead a long hike from anything interesting.

The last mission includes two portals that are far off behind gates closed at 5:30 pm or so, don't try to do this banner in the afternoon.

Oh, the layout is not bad, for what it is. Even when I missed portals (twice) and had to double back, it made sense in hindsight. I just don't enjoy spending hours driving around for 6 missions and 60 portals.

Almost all portals can be hit from a car, but a few require walking across the grass in a park, and for Boca Negra Dam you need to park in the gravel lot and walk 250m up to the jogging path to the portals. (I got one from the car, but not the other, and then it was a long way to get a U turn and come back...)

Mara Jade in ABQ
   26-02-2019 19:59
A nice walk around a thoughtful Veterans' memorial. Parking lot gates close at night but foot access appears to be 24x7.

There are more than 36 portals in the park; pay attention if you want to make sure you get them all.

Pity that the art is Yet Another Light Saber instead of something thematically linked, like the sword from a Marines dress uniform.

New Mexico USA
   23-02-2019 22:53
Better by foot then by car.

Mission 10 makes a u turn at the Hispanic cultural center -- it's any-order, so dont wait for the duplicated portal, go do the others and when you get back the 5 minutes will have elapsed, if you're walking.

Older banner -- at least one mission is missing the start portal.

   16-02-2019 1:26
Sadly, because some people used single letter missions to spell rude words, this lovely chili-pepper alphabet has had its art removed.

Each mission took you all over town to portals starting with the same letter to get that latter on your profile.

Hungry for a Cheeseburger
   03-02-2019 15:30
Took us about an hour 15 on foot, some distraction with portals that were gray or that we could make gray but no linking or fielding (it was during MD/IFS and nobody fields with swarms of both factions around.)

Wasn't paying attention for wheelchair accessible but can't imagine it wouldn't be fine.

MD Davis Davis Train Station
   03-02-2019 15:27
Nicely done Mission Day set. The dense 12 took us about an hour and a half on foot; the outlying 6 took us two hours of park and walk.

I don't recall anything that would have been a problem in a wheelchair but I wasn't watching for that.

#IngressFS Sunnyvale December 2018
   09-12-2018 23:26
The first person to do this banner reported 17 minutes completion time.

Pass phrases are all multiple choice, enter 1, 2, or 3.

Pathing is a little quirky because it starts and ends at the FS event portals and does not cross the busiest streets, but nothing too onerous.

Hallow Los Altos
   09-11-2018 4:08
I walked the first 18 and drove the last 6.

I was the second person to do this banner and assume some of the things I didn't like at the end will get fixed.

Uptown Say Anything
   25-10-2018 18:27
Most of this banner is driving along what is probably a farm route -- easy to follow if you know it, but frustrating when a mission ends at a major intersection and there's no way to pull over and figure which direction to turn for the next mission, or when the path requires a left turn onto a major road at an uncontrolled intersection. A few long gaps between missions required me to pull up the map to find the next one. Loops were used to pick up portals on one way streets; there were a few places where the "obvious" turn goes the wrong way on a one way street and I needed to figure out an alternate path.

2018 construction has blocked off (and possibly permanently removed) the roads some of the portals are on. There was one portal where I needed to walk into a bulldozed area backing up to occupied houses; most of the parking near there is residential permit only.

I was VERY unhappy doing the urban driving parts of this mission.

At mission 33 there is a lovely interlude driving through a gorgeous parklike cemetery surrounding a small lake or two; I got in just before 5 pm, someone else reported no access at 9:30 pm. I spent nearly 40 minutes driving the cemetery, it could have been faster but all the portals were the wrong color....

Mission 40 (still in the cemetery) has Enl and Res alts with either 0-48 or 48-0; apparently that was an anomaly shard score.

The last few missions lead you to the Peace Park and Rose Garden; you need to pay for parking and walk around on a wooded path and on a lawn. Definitely NOT handicapped-accessible. (I paid a dollar to park for one hour and was done in half that time. Beautiful park, the city is welcome to my money. Cannot use the parking app, the machine takes cash and credit cards.) Be very careful to do the missions in the right order, you need to walk 120m down the path and not start the mission you are right next to.

If you are pressed for time you could do 150 easier missions elsewhere in the Twin Cities area in the time it takes to do this one banner.

Minneapolis Rex
   25-10-2018 18:02
Sculpture garden is open until midnight. Walk two loops to get this lovely skyline.

Older banner, so some of the mission start portals are gone.

#IngressFS January Twin Cities
   24-10-2018 10:24
I did 2-6 and it took me 50 minutes with the drift. GPS is better on higher floors but some portals at the beginning require walking through the center.

Fast and easy. There is another coffee set in the same area if you want to mix and match the artwork.

Explore Vacaville
   09-10-2018 22:39
Fast and smooth, with some speed elements (upgrades to take advantage of dense clumps of portals and waypoints.)

Walking back and forth along a small area of streets and into the park. Not recommended for those with difficulty walking. Paths might let a wheelchair user get to all of the portals.

In a few places the next mission is not the closest, I double checked my progress repeatedly.

I did one of the coffee sets before this and could probably have done the other coffee set after without burning them out.

Salem Capitol Mall Banner
   07-10-2018 19:46
Nice easy banner. All but one of the pass phrases are easy; the one about the granite took me at least a dozen tries to get the exact wording right. (On floating ice or by floating ice).

The second-to-last mission at the university ends 20 m from a mission on the other side of the street; be careful that you're doing them in the right order. (For a few of the later missions the next mission isn't the closest but that's the trickiest one.

2018 construction made the Arizona Flag portal tough to reach but I kept walking around the perimeter of the fences and found a spot that worked.

Salem South Parks
   07-10-2018 17:06
Perfect example of how to spread a banner across multiple locations. Every mission starts close to the last portal of the previous one, and helpful custom descriptions tell you where to go next.

You'll be driving through quiet residential areas and walking into small neighborhood parks, mostly but not always on sidewalks.

No true driving portals were used -- it's always drive to the next park and get out of the car to hack. (A few of the portals could be hacked while parked but that's not the general rule.) Because of the flow of the local roads this banner takes more driving than you might expect. Make sure you have access to a good map app to find your way to the next portal.

Some of the parks are posted closed at sunset.

   04-10-2018 21:32
I did this on foot a few years ago when banners were rare and special. I don't think I'd recommend it now to a visitor with limited time in the city.

But it was an experience I keep talking about. The path twists and turns, zigzags and spirals and backtracks... a huge dose of local flavor -- "we are following the path of a bunch of partying drunks." (I later learned that the banner accurately follows the path of the Mardi Gras Krewe, which in turn follows the route of old funeral processions designed to confuse and shake off any evil spirits that might try to follow the deceased to the grave.)

I also very much enjoyed the portals and waypoints that taught me more about the backstory of Homer J. Plessey. (Plaintiff who lost a case that is at or near the top of every list I've ever seen of the worst U.S. Supreme Court decisions of all time.)

Hack along Portal
   04-10-2018 19:53
6 single missions in different parts of Cupertino. General recommended method: drive to the start portal of each mission, get out and walk. (Don't park at the shopping center between Memorial Park and DeAnza college to do those two missions, they ticket aggressively. Park at the Senior Center after 5, or use the half hour free parking at DeAnza and hack quickly, or use the commuter parking on Mary. Parking at DeAnza is free after 10 pm.)

At night Apple security will ignore people in cars and challenge pedestrians.

Edgar Allan Poe
   02-10-2018 0:52
A lovely speed set which will have you pacing back and forth about 20 feet in each direction.

Bring lots of small resos.

National Harbor
   09-09-2018 18:22
Took me about an hour and a half:

Half an hour looking for parking (I finally paid to park across from the Gaylord, 500m from the portals).
Half an hour to figure out how to get to the first few portals of Mission 1.
Half an hour to finish the rest of the set.

I walked up and down quite a few steps at the beginning; there is probably wheelchair access but I don't know where.

I did this as a filler set during the Alexandria Mission Day and I realized after the fact that I'd have probably saved a lot of time and stress taking the water taxi back and forth.

Alexandria Waterfront
   09-09-2018 18:17
This was easy and fun. I drove the part from the King Street Metro Station down to the waterfront (would have been tough in traffic), then parked at the Torpedo Factory. Only quibble with pathing is that Mission 12 starts adjacent to the end of mission 10, right at the point where mixed-mode people park and walk. After 10, walk north along the waterfront to the start of mission 11.

Requires quite a bit of walking but I think it was all on paved paths.

   04-09-2018 4:22
Park closing time varies with sunset; check before you go. Drive a ways through the park, when the road ends park and walk another hundred yards or so down the gravel path to a grassy area. If the drift is kind to you you can do the whole set sitting on a bench overlooking the James River.

View is spectacular but close to dusk you'll be sharing it with mosquitoes.

42 is a lot for a speed set. Be very careful upgrading. Took me 53 minutes but I repeatedly checked that I hadn't missed a mission and restarted Ingress a few times.

Hearts for Agents - Alexandria VA
   04-09-2018 4:11
Fast and easy but it feels like missions 4 and 5 swapped their portals. (Oh the horrors I had to back track a block.)

Might be fully wheelchair accessible but I was moving fast and not paying attention.

Took me almost an hour but I was distracted by portals that were the wrong color.

Montgomery Anbu
   31-08-2018 15:06
Six missions at the Rio Washingtonian, nine missions near the train station, three missions at Summit Farm Park (which are best done during the day, and may not be possible late at night.)

So three places to drive to, park, and walk around. There may be a way to do the last 3 missions on paths but cutting across the grass is much faster.

Parking at the Rio may be tough at peak hours.

The Waters of Solomons
   31-08-2018 14:37
Driving banner, but be prepared to walk some bits, either because you are tired of making U turns or because they are not accessible without parking.

The first 12 missions were pretty easy, with a few bobbles as the missions are all any-order. You'll need to get sand in your shoes at the very cool Tiki bar, and walk up the boardwalk (you might be able to get all the portals from the parking lot but it is one way the wrong way.)

13 starts at a portal I was unable to figure out how to get to without driving back across the bridge.

16 includes two portals reached by driving a mile down a gravel road to an area marked no access after dark. (Cool view, but...)

The last few portals of 18 are in the parking lot of Calvert cliffs state park which is sometimes gated at night.

Not a banner I'd recommend to an out of Towner with limited time.

Center City Skyline
   27-08-2018 12:16
I did this set on foot, start point is about 500m from the end of Olde City.

Straight shot up Walnut Street, easy obvious layout.

Watch for drift starting around Broad Street.

9 is super quick, it's easy to start 10 instead.

Start portal for 13 is missing, it's easy to start 14 instead.

Oldest Photograph
   23-08-2018 16:50
Easy for a speed set as the upgrades are spread across 2 portal. Be careful because mission 26 needs a mod, dont use up mod slots too fast.

Depending on drift you may be able to sit around the corner v

Fast and easy on foot at night. Maintenance barrriers at City Hall no problem (August 2018)

Dance your way around Old Town
   01-08-2018 3:50
This was fast and clean, though walking up the hill to the Mormon memorial site was not welcome at the end.

A few portals ignored off to the side here and there, and one mission that would have really benefitted from being sequential, but all in all a fast route to get the uniques in this portal-dense area.

   17-07-2018 16:36
Two missions in a straight line down the main commercial street, then a bunch of walking around the library and other Civic buildings.

I walked most of the straight stretch, turned around near the end of mission 2 to go back to my car via the uniques on a parallel street, and then walked the library area.

Really, a cute and pleasant little mission set. Just note that if you try to do it in a downpour there is very little cover and the library parking lot floods easily. Would have been a lovely walk on a sunny day or clear evening.

Cheyenne Double Bonus Banner
   16-07-2018 20:10
Drive around Cheyenne hacking portals in sparser areas not covered by Mission Day or other popular banners. Requires walking several of the parks, and includes a hard-to-find narrow path through tall grass with a dangerously eroded bit by the streamside (Mission 11). One early mission required driving down a dirt road next to a fitness trail. Definitely not for the mobility-impaired.

Missions are any-order and we took a bunch of U-turns trying to figure out which way to go when a different order would have been easier. Took an out-of-town driver way longer than expected (I was a passenger and was obviously less frustrated and stressed by the experience.)

For mission 11, drive to this portal on Cleveland Ave.: https://www.ingress.com/intel?ll=41.156507,-104.757624&z=17 (Gazebo along Dry Creek), park your car at the playground, then walk the trail to do the mission; watch out for the eroded bit of trail next to the creek. (If the trail is washed out, there's a trailhead for the other side between two houses on Rio Verde St.)

Wyoming Capital Tour
   14-07-2018 15:03
It feels like the banner was submitted backwards and a minimal fix was done; the missions are any-order and often counterintuitive. It's long for a foot banner and has some odd jumps and gaps.

Goose on the Loose
   10-05-2018 17:35
Took me longer than an hour but I was taking photos of cute goslings. Quite a nice walk through paths on two adjoining parks. Watch out for goose droppings.

World s Largest Potato
   10-05-2018 11:46
Did this on foot, very fast, very cute, much local flavor.

Needed 4 to fill a row so I have no recommendations for fillers (locals gave some advice I ended up not needing.)

Classic Gamer
   07-05-2018 16:49
12 laps around the parking lot. Much easier if you pick a time without kids running around so you can drive it safely. 4 hacks and 8 upgrades per portal;

Otto s MD Missions
   06-05-2018 7:52
Easy car missions but I took a wrong turn in the red mission and ended up on a one way road out of the park, had to loop around several blocks

Ugly Idaho Road Sign
   06-05-2018 6:44
A bit over an hour walking at a fast clip. Covers most of the dense areas with very few (new?) Portals skipped. One mission reuses one portal.

Ugly sign. Beautiful banner.

Boise Depot
   05-05-2018 14:56
Walk around the parking lot at the Depot. Some portals on the sloping hill underneath, possibly all reachable from the path (irregular flagstones with grass between.) Populated by shady characters in the evening, but gorgeous view of night city.

Space Potatoes
   05-05-2018 2:45
I have to admit I truncated the banner on the third loop, at 90 missions between the fireworks over the potato and the French Fries. (There is a clean split where no graphic elements get truncated.) Still, a 90 mission potato isn't something you see every day.

Well laid out for the most part though some of the any order missions it's easy to need to backtrack, and one mission reuses portals from the previous one each time around the loop. Some portals across the street you may need to stretch out into the road.

If I lived anywhere near Boise I'd have finished this but I wanted time to do other banners also.

How to be a Panda - Santa Barbara
   30-04-2018 21:08
The park technically closes at 10 pm but I was there after midnight and was not at all alone.

Ultra fast ultra cute series walking around two adjoining city block sized parks. Paved and gravel paths everywhere but I'm not sure about wheelchair accessible; direct routes between the two parks have a few stairs. One mission requires visiting the church across the street.

I took shortcuts between portals and twisted my ankle stepping in a hole in the ground. Be careful!

Namaste Supreme Trash Panda
   23-04-2018 21:51
Gets really spread out at the end. Recommend a car after you leave the park.

Oak Hill Farming Loop
   18-04-2018 10:17
I have done most of these missions, one per visit, but they are mostly themed singles that cover a lot of ground, and not originally intended to be done as a set.

I'll also note that I have not been back to Oak Hill, myself, since the day the security guards asked the Ingress players sitting on a hillside to leave; if you visit this cemetery please be discreet and respectful.

Oak Hill is *huge* and not all portals are accessible from your car.

Monkeying around in Agara cluster
   15-04-2018 17:34
Bring lots of heat sinks. And multihacks. Don't put two heat sinks on the portals re-used in missions 1-4, you'll regret it later (I had to virus a portal that was used at least 7 times.) Suggest finish mission 1 and then spend 5 minutes taking photos of the monkey statue at the temple.

Lots of back-and-forth between all the temples in this area.

Lal-Bhagh Bangalore Mission
   14-04-2018 12:50
This has been heavily updated since the initial version.

The first 16 missions cross-cross inside the sprawling park, a pleasant place to walk around. The 16th mission leads you out of the park and suggests it's time to return to using your vehicle. The 17th mission starts 600m away, at a different exit gate from the park. After walking around in all the green I did not appreciate the long walk down the street dodging traffic, piles of junk, and cows eating garbage. The last 2 missions lead you around the outside of the park walls.

It's much more compact now but is so close to being such a good experience...

Artwork is gorgeous.

Pear Republic
   26-03-2018 21:35
A whole banner on one block. Plan carefully to be able to do 18 upgrades on the Olympus portal. If you get stuck the whole area changes hands many times a day.

Washington Park Fruit
   12-02-2018 16:41
Reportedly has been edited to take out the 2 further portals.

Should be doable by wheelchair, as there are sidewalks through most of the park.

Park technically closes late at night but you will run into people walking their dogs 24/7.

Took me 18 minutes walking even with color correcting the area and capturing a few side portals.

Unfortunately there is construction at the Macy's parking lot, so (1) you can't drive to the start portal, and (2) parking will be tight in the whole area.

Walton Lighthouse
   04-02-2018 18:58
This was a lovely walk and a well-laid out banner but it took our group far longer than expected because of signal issues in various places with various carriers. (Nobody was immune.)

A Pug s Life
   29-01-2018 17:28
Sprawling and zig-zaggy; uses some far-flung portals multiple times while skipping some portals in denser areas. Only feasible by car (a few portals required getting out and walking) and even then you'll be looking things up on a map frequently to figure out how to get to isolated portals in a thicket of cul-de-sacs.

Banner has been edited, no more passphrases.

Starts and ends at the same portal in a shopping mall just off the highway.

EXO5F Finish the Fight
   05-12-2017 8:25
Clean and simple. The little loop at the end took me through some areas I'd never hacked before. Drift on Market street got very frustrating at times.

Boulder Ninja Kitties
   09-11-2017 19:51
I am so happy to have this cute art on my profile. I could have probably done a bigger banner in the time it took me to drive around to all these places and find parking. I don't care. I've got ninja kitties!!!

Darksaber Louisville
   07-11-2017 18:24
I mostly did this by car, though the parks at the beginning and end have foot-only portals, and there was one portal in the middle I walked to (probably gettable from parking lot if I'd planned). Probably a bit far for most people to want to walk.

So happy to have a darksaber to go with the ubiquitous lightsabers.

ENL Hayward
   30-10-2017 14:10
Usually done with the 7-mission https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/18254 (which is *not* 24/7)

I did the first mission, and 5 of the 6 portals of the second one, but when I made a long U-turn to park on the other side of the street to get the portal I had missed, I decided that a driving banner where I needed to find places to park so I could walk hundreds of meters back to take out heavily-AXAed portals was just not something I was enjoying. The first mission isn't that close of a match for the next four, anyway.

Given that I was doing this as a standalone 5-mission set to fill out a row it wasn't so bad to just do the first one as a single.

Missions of Provo
   24-10-2017 16:32
It was odd that the first 6 missions were at BYU and the last 12 were downtown, but I figured driving up to BYU would at least get me 36 uniques. Nope, these are old-school missions, which re-use portals, ask for links from the portal you just hacked, etc.

Still nice to have this pretty art on my scanner.

Orem Provo MegaHack
   23-10-2017 18:04
This is the first banner I have ever abandoned partway through. (I'm over 3300 missions, mostly banners.)

I did not enjoy zigzagging back and forth across a major 6-lane road or criss-crossing the interstate highway to hack a portal here and there. It was especially frustrating doing any-order missions where it wasn't always clear what the best order was to wander through access roads to get at the various portals.

At one point there were a bunch of portals at a large park complex, that should have been easy, but I couldn't figure out how to get around the various fenced areas, ended up driving around the back of the park and parking up the road to get the rest. (Nearly drove down something that wasn't a road to get to 2 of them.)

I kept waiting for things to get better and for the banner to get into an easier denser area but it never did. Maybe I just gave up too soon but after 5 hours spent on the first 12 missions (with a few breaks for a grocery store and a portal-dense area just off the mission path) I'd had enough.

Lightsaber Mission
   23-10-2017 16:03
Do not try this without a car! (Or bike, I guess.) Do not expect to stay in your car!

Mission 4 is at a shopping center 5 miles north of downtown, walking around the pedestrian zone.

Mission 5 is a nice walk at Ream park, which opens at 7 am. Don't be fooled into driving to the street closest to the portals, that's a private housing tract fenced off from the park.

Mission 6 required driving up into the hills to the Y Mountain trailhead, which has lovely views of Provo, especially if you take the time to climb a few hundred feet up the trail. The last portal, the amphitheater, is not on the main trail but up a little rutted track you access through a gap in the fence. (Area is signed as no bikes, there is probably a rack in the parking lot.)

On your profile there is no way to tell this wasn't just hacking 36 portals in a line down Center Street, but you will know you went to some cool places for this.

Wrong Name Glyphs
   23-10-2017 15:46
Cute and fast. Only uses half of the park. There is probably a "correct" order to do these in that doesn't need any heat sinks but I used one or two.

If the glyphs aren't obvious from the art the passphrase questions make it easy. Biased towards "resistance is the best faction".

There is a 7th mission over at the library a few blocks away.

A wheelchair user comfortable rolling around on the grass would have no problems.

Spiral Jetty
   23-10-2017 9:02
Under 2 hours on foot even while distracted by all the uniques off to the sides. Left me with quite a hike back to my car though.

Might have been better to do the first few missions by car and then park to do the rest.

Letters to the Town
   23-10-2017 8:59
Quick fast L shape along two portal-dense streets. Crosses one major intersection.

When there s a Wil there s a Wheaton
   27-09-2017 15:30
I needed to do this with a mix of driving and walking. Too spread out across major roads to be an easy walk, and driving was difficult with hacks in heavy traffic. (There was also a pair of portals the wrong way down a one-way street I didn't see how to get to the other side of.) I parked once on each side of Viers Mill and that worked well.

Cherry Blossoms Washington
   24-09-2017 8:14
A nice walk around a beautiful area. Crowded with Pokemon players at night.

Unity Through Enlightenment
   17-09-2017 11:21
Super-fast 8 block loop with a ton of waypoints. Very clean and smooth. Every mission starts right where the previous one ends.

Pilsen 6
   29-08-2017 19:01
If doing this by foot at night some people may be uncomfortable, as the area is a bit sketchy (a mile of murals on the side of a railroad embankment).

I anagrammed the letters to spell SPLINE, which added quite a few KM of walking; I did most of the loopbacks a few blocks to the side where there were more portals and people. (There are other popular anagrams; that's the reason single-letter mission icons aren't allowed any more.)

Should be quick and easy by car.

Solar Eclipse 2017
   29-08-2017 18:52
A nice walk around the park.

MD Portland
   29-08-2017 18:50
I only did the minimum 6 of these, because they are really spread out. I'm told the more distant ones are very scenic trips, though.

City Of Roses
   29-08-2017 18:49

The homeless people in parts of the banner didn't seem particularly threatening; YMMV. (I did it walking alone in the dark.)

There are a ton of banners criss-crossing through the core downtown area; burnout is a real possibility.

Every time I strayed from the path because nearby portals were the wrong color I ended up hacking them a few minutes later.

Tons of waypoints; make sure you know how to clean up your device.

Hawthorne Bridge Mural
   29-08-2017 18:43
I really enjoyed the scenic parts of this.

13MAGNUS PNW Enlightened Reawakens
   29-08-2017 18:42
I did this with a few people including a toddler in a stroller, no access issues.

I later re-did missions 1-3 to pull things into alignment; my original plan was to do 1-6 as a separator row between other mosiacs.

Tour PSU
   29-08-2017 18:39

Any-order missions make it easy to miss one and have to backtrack. Uses some outlying portals. Path is non-intuitive.

If you want uniques there are much smoother banners that use these same portals.

Foster City
   16-08-2017 19:06
I'm not a big fan of wandering through a big apartment complex doing an any-order mission.

Missions were all doable at night, though it took some looping around locked gates.

You must park and walk this -- and the missions are not quickies. Lots of parking lots in the area. There's a grocery store if you need food or drink.

Fremont East
   13-06-2017 19:13
Took me about an hour and got me a few uniques not on other banners in the area.

Giant Enlightened Mural
   13-06-2017 18:00
Oh this was dreadful.

I had the clever idea to do 11 of the poker chips to finish out Vegas. I even made a list of the aesthetically pleasing ones. Between drift, being unable to get to portals inside closed buildings, and getting trapped in driveways not meant for pedestrians, I barely managed to get 5 done after running over time.

I'm glad I got to see (part of) the Strip but I'd have had a much better time just uniquing and not trying to do missions.

   13-06-2017 17:53
A bit over an hour of walking and upgrading.

Red Rock Scenic Tour
   13-06-2017 17:52
Banner is a picture of lovely Red Rock Canyon, but is actually the Vegas standard "4 loops around a portal-dense park". Most challenging part was finding the right missions among all the other banners.

Bounty Hunter
   13-06-2017 17:35
4 loops around the dense part of Mission Hills, 4 loops around the sports fields at Mission Hills, then 4 (?) loops around O'Callahan Park. Took me under 3 hours with smashing and some fielding. (Exact time unavailable because I stopped to talk to a Pokemon player.)

There is some walking on gently sloping grass.

Strongly recommended: Drive to Mission Hills, then drive to O'Callahan. (There is a small clump of portals in between that I regret not stopping to Explore; the route back to Vegas did not pass by them again.)

Did this on foot in 2.5 hours or so, with a tiny bit of smashing and upgrading everything along the way. A tiny bit of annoyance in the beginning recrossing the street to get things on both sides and then smooth sailing. Nice neighborhood, distracting aromas from the ice cream shops. Segued smoothly into the Marina BRO set (450m gap.) Took BART to Civic Center then MUNI to Church.

Didn't see much in the way of public or public-enough restrooms but the Catholic church let us use theirs.

One bit would have been tough on a wheelchair -- steep downhill, but relatively flat for SF.

Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt Lastage
   28-05-2017 16:21
I did this in under 2 hours while taking lots of pictures. A nice walk before breakfast if staying near the Red Light District.

Tram 9
   28-05-2017 16:18
I had to get off the tram only three times:

(1) Three hacks very close together on mission 2.
(2) In mission 3 I was burned out on two portals from the previous missions, had to smash and add heat sinks.
(3) Missed the waypoint at the end.

All in all very smoothly done; the gaps between missions were timed with tram stops.

Discover Haarlem
   19-05-2017 10:10
First mission contains portals most easily reached inside the train station.

Willow Glen Charm
   31-03-2017 1:43
Smooth and clean. A bit over 2 hours on foot with a bit of smashing and 2 drink stops.

   23-03-2017 22:40
Parking can be tough to find in the area; I used retail parking (2 hours free during construction) and had to move my car twice. Recommend driving the last 2 missions but most of the rest is not car-accessible.

Rainbows are awesome
   23-03-2017 22:38
I had no problem doing this late at night; it was easy to find free parking on the plaza, too. Fast and smooth. Some passageways are locked at night but it was always possible to walk around.

   23-03-2017 22:35
Missions are mostly compact with significant driving between them. Use visitor parking lot at police station for Xeriscape Garden. Get the pass phrase from a local; not guessable.

Welcome to Albuquerque
   23-03-2017 22:29
Mostly very well designed. Last mission is inside Balloon Fiesta Park; check website for hours. Mosaic takes many miles of driving; during city transit construction (2017) you may find it difficult to pull over to start the next mission or double back for a missed portal. I missed a portal at a major intersection due to speed lock, too. Sparser parts will require a good map app to navigate between portals.

The Heart of New Mexico
   21-03-2017 18:26
I made the mistake of getting back into my car when the missions started to get sparser but that did not work well at all. Just walk the whole thing. Parking can be tough to find.

Reportedly designed by someone not familiar with the city.

FS ABQ June 2016
   21-03-2017 18:19
Took me 4.5 hours on foot. One portal is tough to get at while the museum is closed and it is used in missions 16,17, and 18. Several portals re-used quickly and require waiting or heat sinks. Many of the missions are sequential in the reverse of the sensible order. Well worth doing in spite of low ratings for some missions.

When sculpture garden is closed portals are accessible from neighboring parking lot.

Much of the parking in the area requires $5 payment exact change only (no human attendant.)

Hack The Plaza
   21-03-2017 18:11
Very fast and smooth on foot.

Palo Alto Resist
   09-01-2017 18:30
Optimized for driving but a few portals require you to walk a tiny bit; the longest one was about a block after I doubled back and found a legal place to park.

Via Noir Chicago
   06-12-2016 1:11
I hear that these missions have been edited several times; I was the second or third person to do most of them and they were dreadful, 15, 17, even 18 portal missions in horrible drift. But it seems like they were fixed later.

Sunnyvale Downtown
   06-12-2016 1:03
Quick banner in a dense area.

Hack Ocean Animals
   06-12-2016 1:02
6 missions in a tiny park. Bring heat sinks.

Santa Clara University
   06-12-2016 0:57
The toughest part is finding parking.

Hitachi Tree
   06-12-2016 0:56
Multiple laps around the perimeter of an office complex parking lot. Needs hack mods. About as boring as it gets.

Glory To The Toad
   06-12-2016 0:52
Very easy until the last few sparse missions.

Whooo Goes There
   06-12-2016 0:49
I had a miserable time doing this banner; many backtracks along the main road which is too wide to hack portals on the other side.

   06-12-2016 0:42
These need to be done in reverse order. Easy banner two laps around a small downtown.

San Francisco s Pyramid
   05-12-2016 22:39
Designed to be done with filler missions so the mosaic is 2x6