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# Name Portals Action
1 Kispatak tanösvény (A levelibéka tanórája) 6 Sequentially A Kispatak-tanösvény tábláin a környék élővilágát mutatja be a gyerekekhez szóló kis történetekben a tanösvény kabalaállata, a kis levelibéka, aki ott csücsül mindegyik tábla alján.
2 Fractal Garden 6 Any A walk in the beautiful Kopaszi-gát Garden, by the Danube. You even might find a fern like this one. The pic is my own. Does not contains official logos, event names or claims.
Raven on the Skull
   30-03-2019 10:24
Opening hours of the graveyard varies between 7:30-17:00 (winter) and 7:00-20:00 (summer). Check here: http://fiumeiutisirkert.nori.gov.hu/

   17-08-2018 17:47
The last 4 missions are not really bikegress, but it can be done, and the view is wonderful!

I <3 Tihany
   15-08-2018 19:19
Well, it's fun if you have to sneak in somewhere, but three times? For the same portals? No, it's a bit exaggerating. There are some new portals left out from the banner, the route should be re-thinked.

Hitchhikers Guide to Budapest
   08-08-2018 11:12
Great picture of Marvin, the paranoid android, thanks! <3 It can be done at night as well, however most of the gates are closed to the Castle, so you'll have to walk around quite a lot. The sight of the deserted castleyard will compensate the effort :)