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# Name Portals Action
1 Chessington; a World of adventure 14 Any A Tour of Chessington world of adventures theme park
Believe in the Spraycan
   25-12-2017 21:12
Nice little banner, all nice and accessible with no issues that i could see

Soho Rainbow
   25-12-2017 21:09
Nice banner but oh god the waypoints!...

Fairly easy route, would be okay in wheel chair etc other than it being busy area most of the time

The Great A Tuin
   07-10-2017 20:56
Nice banner but as BardofEly commented Waypoint on Mission 11 is a bit of a pain to get, took me a good 5min to get onto it.

BROGRESS - Southwold
   27-08-2017 16:20
Not possible to complete this on O2 or EE

No data connection at start of part 1 on either network

Southbank Sombrero
   15-06-2017 8:34
Nice little banner though probably not a good idea to do it at weekend due to the amount of tourists all along the south bank

Only "issues" were GPS around BFI but it is easy to just meander around until you get on the portals.

Mission Chicken
   03-06-2017 18:23
Currently not possible, Part 1 has a portal that is in the middle of a construction zone

   11-03-2017 17:17
Nice little banner but some of it does double back on itself (though you do not get hit by cooldown timers) do not hack portals you miss just in case.

Part 12 goes back the way you came a bit though so bit annoying if wanting to finish it and grab train but its only a few minutes.

A Bridge Too Far
   02-10-2016 20:34
Pretty good mission series but warning tower bridge is very busy during peak tourist times so be careful with your phone in hand!.

As others have said not that suitable for wheelchairs/mobility scooters due to stairs and cobbles.

Roman Londinium
   02-10-2016 20:30
Good mission series but part 2 bit of a detour due to construction works closing off some of the shorter routes.

Resistance London
   02-10-2016 20:28
Nice mission series but like previous comment said sometimes go back on yourself or have to go on detours due to some of the cut throughs being closed after dark.

Enjoy the Tower Bridge at night
   01-10-2016 21:59
Good mission series but does have a few stairs on it so not wheelchair friendly unless you take longer routes around

Canary Wharf
   01-10-2016 21:42
Nice little mission series, has some bits with GPS drift due to wall buildings getting in the way

   04-09-2016 23:49
Nice little mission series containing quite a few nice wanders in and around the smaller parks, as a note some parks close at sunset so best to be done early afternoon to avoid the issue

Victoria Park Banner
   04-09-2016 23:47
As a Note Part 7 cannot be completed due to "Pirate Jymm" being inaccessible as of 3rd Sept 2016 due to building works and the towpath being closed.

Tried to do the banner but was unable to