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Tour Bowie State
   06-12-2018 0:46
Took a little over an hour to complete. No issues. Remember to bring a couple of heat sinks because a few portals are repeated.

US National Arboretum
   23-11-2018 22:54
Took about 2.5 hours. Same as previous poster, drove to each section, them for our and walked.

Fells Point
   22-11-2018 0:00
Enjoyable banner. No issues. Took a few hours.

Pennsylvania Monument
   10-11-2018 1:49
All portals are accessible. Nice pathing. An enjoyable banner on a very rainy afternoon.

Havre de Grace Mural
   03-11-2018 15:06
Took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Mix of walking near promenade and driving the rest. Nice job to the mission creator.

Super Smithsonian
   29-10-2018 15:13
A few of the missions require you to enter the museums. Fortunately, Smithsonian has a public Wifi that will aid you in the tough to reach portals.

Pipestone MN
   30-04-2018 23:46
Was able to complete most of the banner by car. Had to jump out once near the Patton tank.