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Tour Savannah s Cemeteries
   22-07-2019 18:40
I did a majority of the portals by car, which can be tricky in some of the older cemeteries. Make sure you have a small car.

Work the exception of the main cemetery in the middle of town, I only had to get out of my car 3 times.

Love the picture.

Savannah Historical Squares
   22-07-2019 18:33
Took me a couple of hours to complete. I did the entire banner by car with the exception of one portal. Great pathing.

Got some stranger looks as I would circle the squares multiple times.

Explore Asheville
   14-07-2019 3:40
I chose to do this during a busy Saturday. Not advisable.

The three passphrases are fairly easy - Yellow, Orange, and New York are the answers.

Everything is reachable by car. Routing is good. Had fun with this banner.

Sparkle City Mission
   12-07-2019 3:35
All portals accessible. Enjoyable tour of downtown.

Welcome to S O B
   03-07-2019 22:29
Took about 35 minutes - all by car.

The All-American City
   29-06-2019 3:44
Everything accessible. Did entirely by car.

The Model City
   29-06-2019 0:45
Nice banner. Only the museum portals are inaccessible after hours.

Clemson Life
   24-06-2019 2:19
A thoroughly enjoyable banner. Took many hours and I had to reposition my car a few times. Definitely try to do this banner when school is not in session and also on a Sunday.

Glory Glory To Ole Georgia
   10-06-2019 1:37
Due to a rather intense rain storm, I split this banner into two parts. The first 11 missions at the botanical gardens took about an hour.

I completed the remaining missions on a Sunday morning during the summer semester. Very few people on campus and minimal parking concerns. The previous poster had different obstacles, which I could imagine when the students are in campus.

I ended up parking at a few of the decks which worked for me. The remaining 19 missions took about 4-5 hours.

Overall, a very enjoyable banner. The Creator tells you that you will be spending a lot of time completing this, so there is no surprise.

SBGoG Flower
   08-06-2019 3:07
Awesome location. Took me about an hour to complete. Fun time.

Columbia Ingress Series
   02-06-2019 22:09
Don't attempt this banner unless:

1) you own a plane and park it here
2) you ride with a plane owner and they park here
3) you sneak past the airport personnel and sneak into the runway

If none of the above apply to you, don't try this banner. Unfortunately the owner is no longer active, which stinks.

USC Columbia
   28-05-2019 3:05
Fun banner. Good parking. All portals are reachable. Took me about 3-4 hours to complete. The only portal that was tricky was the band portal on the final mission.

UTC Grand Tour
   26-05-2019 5:20
Took about an hour to complete. There is a lot of construction happening so some of the portals are challenging to hack.

We love Khaos
   21-05-2019 21:24
Took about 1.5 hours to complete. Will do some walking on the Riverwalk and then back and forth on Front Street and some of the other parallel streets.

Nice pathing and very few duplicates.

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery
   20-05-2019 5:04
Great flow. Very few repeated portals. Took me about an hour or two.

Greatest Of All Time
   18-05-2019 0:48
Fun banner taking you to there different locations around town. 1-2 hours to complete.

Fort Gordon Signal Corps
   10-05-2019 1:15
There's not one portal on this base that you won't touch. Flows well but will take you some time.

Be careful about some of the halls. They are going through renovation and the area around them is a construction zone.

Update (June 2019) - The base is in the process of removing certain halls in order to modernize the campus for the future. Do your homework before starting.

Visit Aiken
   05-05-2019 1:47
Very nice pathing and flow. I especially enjoyed the Gardens.

Welcome to the CSRA
   04-05-2019 13:18
Was an enjoyable banner that took me all over the Augusta area. Missions flowed well between portals.

Be prepared to spend a good amount of time working on this.

Plenty to see in Greensboro
   01-05-2019 5:02
I accidentally completed a mission, and because of my OCD, I had to complete the entire banner. 5 hours later, I finished it.

A miserable experience with bad pathing. Back and forth from the downtown to the outskirts. You better be in a vehicle doing.

Also, this banner should not be attempted at night. Certain locations close. At least the passphrases were accurate and fun.

Exploring Downtown Greensboro
   01-05-2019 4:58
Good pathing. Was able to complete the entire banner via car since I was in a hurry. Good pathing. Definitely recommend.

EC Strong
   31-03-2019 0:18
Took about 45 minutes. You start at the top of main Street, walk to the bottom, and double back.

Fort McHenry Ramparts
   30-03-2019 19:26
Enjoyable walk that visits all the portals.

South of the Anacostia
   24-03-2019 22:58
The mission was well laid out and pathing was good, until mission 14. The entire set of missions has you all over Anacostia, until mission 14 sends you to Catholic University for no purpose. If you're walking, you're going to be pissed. I recommend the owner fixes this banner.

Update - Appears the Poetry museum moved from Anacostia to Brookland, so be prepared to do some travelling.

The Peninsula
   18-02-2019 3:05
This banner took me a few hours spread out over many days.

Be mindful of the hours because there are a few parks and the BMI. Also, these missions can be problematic during rush hour traffic.

Pathing is good and had you going the correct way down one way streets.

All in all, a very nice banner with an iconic picture of the Domino's sign.

Sunken Road
   04-02-2019 2:12
Starts at the visitor center and takes you down the sunken road. Easy banner - too about 20 minutes.

Chambersburg Icefest
   03-02-2019 1:42
I did this banner on foot during Icefest, so the crowds were a bit challenging. Little bit of back tracking was involved, but not an issue if on foot.

Chambersburg IFS
   02-02-2019 18:16
Completed on foot. Took me about 30 minutes.

Honderful Balamer
   26-01-2019 19:03
Took me about 10 minutes at night once the bars started to close. Accessible by car.

A Tour of Georgetown
   13-01-2019 23:18
Took about 4 hours split over a few days. Some construction interferes with 3.3, other than that, all other portals are accessible.

Western Maryland Rail Depot
   05-01-2019 1:28
Entire banner is accessible by car and the author stated that was the intent. No issues with routing or pathing and it flowed very well. All the portals were accessible.

Cousler Park Wizardry
   01-01-2019 3:23
No issues with this banner. Well laid out with no back tracking.

American Chestnut Land Trust
   27-12-2018 23:22
Unpaved trails. Make sure you hike the trail on a dry day. Other than that, no issues with routing.

Gallaudet University
   14-12-2018 22:44
Pathing was well implemented. No issues entering the campus; just received a wave from security.

Took about an hour to complete.

Tour Bowie State
   06-12-2018 0:46
Took a little over an hour to complete. No issues. Remember to bring a couple of heat sinks because a few portals are repeated.

US National Arboretum
   23-11-2018 22:54
Took about 2.5 hours. Same as previous poster, drove to each section, them jumped out and walked.

Fells Point
   22-11-2018 0:00
Enjoyable banner. No issues. Took a few hours.

Pennsylvania Monument
   10-11-2018 1:49
All portals are accessible. Nice pathing. An enjoyable banner on a very rainy afternoon.

Havre de Grace Mural
   03-11-2018 15:06
Took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Mix of walking near promenade and driving the rest. Nice job to the mission creator.

Super Smithsonian
   29-10-2018 15:13
A few of the missions require you to enter the museums. Fortunately, Smithsonian has a public Wifi that will aid you in the tough to reach portals.

Pipestone MN
   30-04-2018 23:46
Was able to complete most of the banner by car. Had to jump out once near the Patton tank.