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Fort Liezele
   14-08-2019 22:15
Thank you to the creator who invited us and our experience to walk this banner -> see comment 4NG3LDU5T
very nice is the variety: villages with pubs and resto's but also rural area where you walk in the fields.

Night Cats Mülheim
   13-08-2019 14:38
HomerGAdams knows his town, that's for sure!
After walking a lot of missions you immediately notice the good ones and this was a GOOD one
Route is fluid and takes you to the inner city as Well as cosy neighboorhoods around it
HIGHLY RECOMMAND THIS ONE if your visiting the RUHR area

   12-08-2019 17:27
Cemetery not open 24/7, 7h30 am to 9pm
Questions are on topic regarding cemetery and funerals, job Well done. And also multiple choice so no google needed :)
Enjoy your walk in this beautiful place

Der Weg zum Mandala
   12-08-2019 16:04
The cemetery is open from 7.30 am till 9 pm so not 24/7
I must say, creating a fluid route on a cemetery is not easy, but the creator of this banner has succeeded !
I enjoyed the walk very much and I recommand to fellow players to do this banner when in the neighbourhood.

Enlightened Wall
   11-08-2019 20:41
What a delight to walk this banner, i would recommand it to fellow players
Wrong colour for a RES agent this picture :), but the unique visits make up for it.
Enjoy your walk, enjoy Essen

Historisches Gelsenkirchen
   11-08-2019 12:17
August 2019 and the 'baustelle' is still there, bit we had no problems hacking the portals in the banner
Fast and easy tour through Gelsenkirchen

GE Skyline
   10-08-2019 23:03
Fast and easy, up until the 3 last portals. Due to very bad internet service gps blocked ....
Like everywhere in a large station its hopeless
Otherwise, enjoy your walk

RE Rathaus Mission
   10-08-2019 19:11
Lovely way to get to Knox Recklinghausen, a town which I wouldn't visit without Ingress
As already said, in the last missions you walk the same tour 3x...
It's not a recent banner, so maybe time for an update?

   10-08-2019 19:06
Fast and easy tour around that impressie 'wissenschaftsgebaude'

X-Faction Merksem BE
   02-08-2019 12:41
The questions are very easy
I'm a local and took me about +/- 6,5 hours by bike!
with sometimes very dangerous situations because of u-turns in Busy Streets
Route goes back and forward. By mission 27 used 5 heat sinks

Rondje Princenhage
   17-07-2019 16:36
Nice introduction to this part of Breda. For us RES agents partytime because of all the green
Didn't stick to the route because of this :-)

SID 6581
   14-07-2019 16:42
Very Nice guide through Hasselt!
It's not a recent banner so you'll pass more uniques then in the description. Enjoy the walk and big thank you to the creator

I Love Liège
   14-07-2019 9:47
Fast and easy route through Liège
Ben careful: first 5 missions are in any order, but mission 6 isn't!

Dark Fox
   12-07-2019 15:52
A very Nice way to discover Liège

Schiedams Cultuur
   06-07-2019 17:34
Snelle, vlotte kennismaking met Schiedam.
Zoals al eerder gemeld opletten in het parkje want er is een route heen en eentje terug

Dragon Dongen
   03-07-2019 1:18
A very nice introduction to Dongen!
I like it that the creator also takes you around town, not only the center center is visited
Up to mission 16 the route is very logical, but then be careful if you're an enthousiastic hacker... The order of the portals now gets a bit chaotic

Enter upon own risk - Schoten
   29-06-2019 22:36
Heel erg leuke route door Schoten
Aanrader deze banner !

Land Tirol
   20-06-2019 22:18
It's a constant check with the portal order to check which portals can be hacked ... If not Bring LOTS heat sinks
I would advise the creator to check the portal order: not that easy for tourists unfortunately, could be better

Not only the inner city is visited, so more uniques

Walked about 9 hours without pauses (Cap, destroy,... The whole gamma)

Seefeld in Tirol
   19-06-2019 7:43
The questions are easy: when you look at portals or their names you'll find it and otherwise there's Google to help you
I would advise to hack the first portal of mission 1 by car, the rest you can do on foot and enjoy the beautiful mountains on your walk
Nice job @UNiXGuru for showing us around Seefeld

Nordkette Innsbruck
   16-06-2019 19:32
What an achievement, 4NG3LDU5T and myself were the first ones to walk it. Loving banners is not enough for this one, you need good to excellent physique to finish it. Steap hills, walks through rough and small - sometimes even dangerous - woods...
But the views on the way are WAUW!!
Take your picknick, enough to drink and enjoy it
Tip: offcourse portals are not close to one another, in between them, put your phone away. For one to keep An eye on the road, and second you'll miss lots of amazing things

Hohe Munde
   14-06-2019 16:03
You walk in the most beautiful surroundings!
In the beginning it envolves some climbing (steap Streets) and portals are further from each other, but once you enter the center of Telfs it gets easier.
Good job, enjoyed it!

The Enlightened Fairy
   06-06-2019 13:25
A very Nice banner which takes you through beautiful nature. At the end you'll also pass the city center
Bonus: start & finish at the same portal which is easy to park the car
We did it on foot, a good advise is to take a pic-nic with you

We are the Resistance
   11-05-2019 7:20
A must do RES agents if you visit Amsterdam

Banksy - Pulp Fiction
   20-04-2019 20:02
Snelle route door Diest
In het begijnhof kan de route beter om heen-en-weer te vermijden

Roeselare city tour
   17-04-2019 16:17
Mission 11 & 12 take you through a graveyard which is open from 8am-sunset
I enjoyed my visit very much, the creator does not only take you to the center, but also to the portals a little further away. Great job!

Ypres Banner
   16-04-2019 19:20
5 stars for this one: logical route, lovely little town
Well done @kevbbs!
Feel free to adjust your route, lots of new portals since the banner was first launched so with a little bit of effort more uniques than 68

   12-04-2019 19:29
An 18km walk through the forest and recreation park 'puyenbroeck', but it was wurth it!
Check opening hours and events on their website before planning the banner, to avoid portals that can't be reached
On rainy days good footwear is recommanded
And take something to drink, the first pub is in mission 14

Historisch Wouw
   27-03-2019 18:41
Where do I start?
Mission 1 to 7 are best done by bike or car because of the distance between the portals
Also by car you háve to get out, most of the portals cannot ben reached from the car
Mission 7 ends on a mainroad, not that easy to start a new mission when in a car. My advise: let mission 7 and one portal earlier, it's much safer
M8 (from portal 3) to M16 (until portal 3) van be done on foot, but the car or bike are again a better option
But M17 brings you to the center for the 4th time. So be careful hacking!
But the end... What was the creator thinking...it's in the middle of nowhere: you'll see a cluster of 4 portals. You have to pass the 1st one (don't hack!), Hack the 2nd, go báck to the first en go báck to 2nd
I already walked a lot a banners but this one drove my CRAZY. Would not advise it at all

Comics in Brussel
   24-03-2019 23:27
Parks you have to cross are open until 9pm (10pm in summertime). Enjoy the European quartier and surroundings

Parc du Cinquantenaire
   24-03-2019 16:15
Leuke banner doorheen Europese wijk van Brussel eindigt in het mooie Jubelpark

Banksy Rsd
   20-03-2019 17:56
Snel rondje door Roosendaal. Ideaal om het stadje te leren kennen

Run Devil Run
   18-03-2019 12:48
A very pleasant way to discover Rotterdam, it brings you to lovely places, also away from the obvious hotspots
Although it's a long banner none of the missions needed a heatsick at the startportal

   28-02-2019 7:58
Een banner die zich leent tot het genieten van de prachtige omgeving waar je loopt
Een klein gezellig dorpje aan het water, genieten!

   28-02-2019 7:55
A great banner to Explore Gorinchem
Route is logical and takes you first around town, then in town
I would recommand it to other agents

Discovering Piraeus
   25-02-2019 15:36
Another area to visit, 20 minutes from the city center. Ideal if the weather is good

Athens RES Darsana Prime
   25-02-2019 15:30
Overall a good way to explore Athens, but for my personal liking too many waypoints

Fractal Roosendaal
   20-01-2019 14:29
Leuke kennismaking met Roosendaal
Vlotte en snelle route. Aanrader!

Oudenaarde Banner
   08-11-2018 15:27
Fast & easy walk in and around Oudenaarde

Old Town Frankfurt
   21-10-2018 19:19
Fast and easy banner to discover the inner city of Frankfurt

   21-10-2018 19:16
A banner through the big skyscrapers of the financial part of Frankfurt. Sometimes a little criss-cross but goes to other areas then most of the other banners. Good for upv

Euro in Frankfurt am Main
   18-10-2018 21:40
Good route when doing it on foot
Gives you a good impression of the city Frankfurt

Welcome to Wenduine
   26-09-2018 23:28
A walk through one of the most beautiful towns of our Belgian coast. Enjoy your visit and off course the walk.

Rondje Brielle
   17-09-2018 19:10
Beautiful little town, Brielle; very cosy and relaxed to walk around. End here ends the positive feedback
Crazy routing, portals will get burned if you hack 2 early, so ben careful and check the order
It seems like the creator selected his portals randomly instead of creating a logical route
My advise: walk your own banner, make notes while doing it and improve! Only then I would recommand it to other agents.

Lone Wolf
   03-09-2018 7:20
Lucky me, because the creater walked along
The first part m1-8 takes you on a tour through Bornem, the route is very logical and takes you through the center with lots of posibilities for a break ánd through a forest area where I enjoyed the peace and quiet. On a rainy day I would therefore recommand good footwear!
M9 Starts at the beginning Point of the banner where you have the choice to walk 3km to the next village (Puurs) or take your car to continue the walk there. M13 ends at 'Coolhem', a forest with lots of portals to visit. Again, take your car for the last portal of this mission, to start 14 at the location. At the end you'll find a bar/restaurant for refreshments
My advise is to do this banner on foot or by bike, NOT possible by car. On the way you'll pass more portals, because of OPR they are not (yet) in the missions. Reward is a beautiful wolf on your scanner

Kortrijk Banner
   02-09-2018 13:49
A very beautiful route through Kortrijk! Enjoy

Wasbeer in Barendrecht
   09-08-2018 9:35
Feisty banner this one, but we were warned by other agents: long distance between portals ,especially towards the end
But despite this I enjoyed the walk inthis beautiful surroundings
Practical note: take something to drink/eat with you. When you exit the town center it will take a long time before you'll pass a supermarkt or café

Dead Frog
   08-08-2018 1:15
Enjoyed this tour around Westerlo. Fast and easy

Pop-art Lier
   04-08-2018 23:30
very logical way to explore Lier
Lots of history to discover and a lot of bars and restaurants to taste it as well :)
Good job Voeghtje !

Eeklo Resist
   04-08-2018 8:10
Banners are the ideal place to discover new places, if you don't know Eeklo this one is ideal
Go and Explore

   04-08-2018 8:08
Quick, easy, excellent way to discover Middelkerke

   03-08-2018 23:17
Súper cool banner to discover Blankenberge. Great route so go hack and enjoy!

MD Antwerp 2018 Banner - 27 01 2018
   23-07-2018 5:10
Pittig, maar ideaal speelterrein voor het behalen van de Cassandra batch (juli 2018)

CityView Gent
   09-07-2018 10:53
A great way to discover the historic city center of Ghent
Walks fast and easy

I Like Klagenfurt
   26-06-2018 22:03
Straight forward exploration of Klagenfurt
Great job!

Klagenfurt the Capital of Carinthia
   26-06-2018 22:02
Great way to discover Klagenfurt, found the city very charming!
I would change missions 23-24, don't get the logic of it

   19-06-2018 22:15
Beautiful city Villach
Pity that the route goes Criss-Cross, espacially if the creator is a local agent.
So note to him/her: with minor adjustments it would be fantastic banner

Day of the Dead viva la Mexico
   19-06-2018 10:13
A very Nice way to visit Ljubljana while in the neighbourhood
The main Points of interest are captured in this route
Enjoy the walk

Make Roosendaal Great Again
   27-05-2018 18:35
Een ontdekking Roosendaal, erg gezellig om rond te wandelen!
Omstreeks missie 12 passeer je een park wat niet toegankelijk is tussen 24u-6u
De banner zelf volgt een mooie route, met hier en daar een kleine overlapping die niet storend is

Visit Mechelen
   18-05-2018 7:02
This banner brought me to unique spots in a city that once was my hometown. For that I want to thank the creator.
The route itself could have been more logical, cross check the portals of the mission very well or you Will need heatsinks (

Discover Vlissingen
   14-05-2018 19:29
Very Nice picture from a very nice tour around Vlissingen.
Note to the creator: missions 14-17 are a bit unlogical but easy to fix

   24-04-2018 9:50
Beautiful walk through places of Bonn that other banner don't visit. A perfect closure of our MD weekend in Bonn
The picture nog so much my favorite

Tour Zierikzee
   19-04-2018 15:44
Yes, I read the comments of other agents who walked this banner and they don't lie!
If you hack every portal on your way be carefull: chance are you'll get burned

Leiden by night
   10-04-2018 21:07
Easy walk through beautiful Leiden

Leiden Banner
   10-04-2018 21:05
A Nice walk through Leiden

Fresque Montmartre
   26-03-2018 11:03
Be careful: if you hack every portal on your route you will need a lot of heatsinks OR the portals Will be burned. The route is not very logical.
A lot of stairs have to be climbed, but that's what the area is all about. So not suitable for wheelchairs of buggy's this one
Cemetery at the end closes at 17h30, you need almost 1 hour there..keep that in mind

Champs Elysées et Arc de Triomphe
   24-03-2018 23:55
This is Paris!
You walk through one of the most famous Streets in Europe
Be carefull: for big events this area has limited Acces
Enjoy the walk and the Paris joie de vivre

Paris Jardin des Plantes
   24-03-2018 23:50
Start the banner before Lunchtime if possible.
You need around 4 hours to finish IN the parc which closes around 19h30
I liked the surroundings : a quiet haven in a busy city with a lovely picture on your scanner

The Eiffel Tower Banner
   24-03-2018 9:51
Starts at Eiffel Tower where there are safety checks, at Busy Moments you can lose a lot of time here.
We hoped to see a lot of Paris highlights but were disappointed because besides the Eiffel Tower and Place de la Bastille no known spots are visited

Green Tardis
   20-03-2018 8:54
A long walk through Merksem
My advise: park your car at the supermarket near the beginning Point

Fox Angel - Station Hengelo
   11-03-2018 16:02
A very Nice way to discover Hengelo, van really recommand it
But I agree with 4NG3LDU5T: capture or upgrade not that easy when you pass several portals more than once on your route of for lowel level agents

Antwerp South
   24-02-2018 17:17
A hipster part of Antwerp now to be discovered through this banner
Enjoyed the walk, the route and killing all the green in this area.
By myself it took me 3 hours (shooting, Building, linking,...)

Around Knokke
   23-02-2018 8:43
I enjoyed this banner!
Logical route, very Nice walk, start and finish at practically the same place
Can strongly recommand this one and i'm sure you Will enjoy your walk by the sea

Ostende the city by the sea
   23-02-2018 8:40
A very Nice walk through Ostend
Besides the seaside it avoides the most Busy spots (if you would do this high season)
Only thing I would strongly advise the creator is said here already: change the route in mission 10: almost 3km for 1 portal is not realistic. I would strongly advise to change this and then it could be a favourite for a lot of agents

Kontichse Wandeling
   18-02-2018 11:08
Thank you agent Prunie
Lovely walk through Kontich !

Antwerp Skyline
   13-02-2018 17:44
At the art academy you need a little drift
A very nice way to discover Antwerp

Goes old market
   04-02-2018 18:56
Very cosy town Goes, i like it

Spinola Tour Etten-Leur
   29-01-2018 18:54
A beautiful banner!
You don't only visit the center, the creator also takes you a little bit further in missions 1-12 but in such a logical way that i enjoyed every step of it,
Missions 13-18 take you through the center, you can finish with something to eat or drink
Thank you franky008

Happy Breda
   21-01-2018 18:46
Very Nice and colourful way of exploring the city center of Breda. You notice that the creator knows the city because portals which are not reachable 24/7 are left out. Enjoyed it

   06-01-2018 23:12
Nice way to explore Tienen
Thanks to the creator to adjust the banner, no problems to finish the banner

Feline Fantasy
   04-12-2017 22:17
What a great way to explore Bruges
Well done!

Winter in Bruges
   04-12-2017 11:33
A ideal way to discover Bruges. Look around and enjoy the historic sites

Tranquility in Bruges
   04-12-2017 11:31
This banner does what the name promises: a walk through the most quiet places Bruges has to offer
Good job @fvanstra!

BRUGES exo5 in color
   04-12-2017 11:29
Fast and very easy and for me a perfect closure of mission day Bruges

   04-12-2017 11:27
Although I already did a lot of banners in Bruges, I discovered new areas in the city, so thank you to the maker for the tour he created

   18-11-2017 19:21
Quick and easy

Diep in de Zee
   18-11-2017 19:19
A very Nice way to discover Scheveningen

Noordwijk banner
   17-11-2017 23:11
The creator's name is warhoofd, i think he was a warhoofd when he created this banner:
Very unlogical route, 2 missions end with the same portal as the endportal of the previous one ☹️
Mission 2 has a portal (bowlingpin) which van only ben hacked while on the parking of the bowling alley, but the alley is closed for several time, luckely for is the gate was open, but in fact we were trespassing (!)
Would not recommand it for the route, but for the town itself

Can you Handle Middelburg
   06-11-2017 20:01
As a banner addict I really wanted to do this, did it all on foot

Arenberg Castle
   01-11-2017 21:10
Very beautiful part of Leuven, this banner goes to other Parts of the city then other banners there
The creator has made a logical route and makes sure all portals in the banner are reachable 24/7

Het Oude Raadhuis
   24-10-2017 11:09
Very charming village
Concerning the banner: be careful while hacking: portals which you pass 3 times!

Tour Middelharnis
   20-10-2017 9:11
Ben carefull hacking: you pass some portals several times; especially when you want to do the other banner too

D n diek
   20-10-2017 9:08
2 banners in Middelharnis with practically the same portals ☹️

Vesting Banner
   26-09-2017 10:41
Didn't know Hellevoetsluis, I was surprised by its beauty
this banner followes a logical route and gives you in between the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of this Coastal town
Go, walk but most of all enjoy!

Maassluis City
   25-09-2017 18:28
Leuke banner om en in Maassluis. Het begin is vooral om, maar het panorama maakt dat helemaal goed. Op het einde kom je meer in het centrum en volgen de missies elkaar sneller op
Ik zou hem aanraden bij bevriende (en onbekende

BoZ Banner
   28-08-2017 12:07
At the end of mission 18 I needed to hack 2 portals at Markiezenhof , a beautiful little garden and a place to pauze, which I was doing around 17h30 (Sunday) when a lady Came to close the gate. Ik could convince her to wait 5 more minutes

Zierikzee banner
   19-08-2017 8:23
Lovely little town, but the banner itself: very unlogical

010 Euromast Banner
   08-08-2017 18:56
Because of the comment of other agents we skipped mission 1-30 and started with 31
Right arrow the beginning we enjoyed it very much, but the part at Hendrik(a)kade is unlogical
Day 1 we ended at mission 124 because we were a líttle bit fed up with the route and even wondered of the makers had test run their banner
Quickly after starting day 2 we were sure that wasn't there case, OH my what did they think

Blue Moon
   01-08-2017 20:20
What a great way to discover a less known part of Rotterdam! Lots of variety in landscape
I can recommand this one to Every banner addict

   27-07-2017 11:38
For Every banner I walk, I do a bit of research.
If you're not from the neighbourhood: the best thing to do is mission 1,2,3 in Moordrecht on foot; also portal 1,2,3 of mission 4 is in this lovely quiet Dutch town
Then take your car to the next portal (it's only 4km, but you also have to walk back

Het stadhuis van Gouda
   27-07-2017 11:28
What a lovely way to Explore the historic centre of Gouda. You'll walk through small alleyways, historic buildings, parcs
The route is very logically so it's not only Fun, but alsof quick

Breda de Veste
   25-07-2017 15:03
I love the design (like old post cards very much)!
From mission 23 to the start of mission 24 you have to walk +/- 1km which is a bit far so far along in the banner...
All in all Nice walk not only in the city center

Leuven Beer Tour
   21-07-2017 18:40
A very nice way to explore Leuven, it takes you to parts where other banners don't come. The route is logical. When you pass portals that are not included: a lot of universaty buildings are closed in July/August so not within reachable distance, credit to the maker to take this in consideration

Michonne Day Merksem
   14-07-2017 22:47
Very nice walk through Merksem. We live in the neighbourhood, still discovered new areas, so very happy with the unique visits

Reinaert de Vos
   03-07-2017 16:13
Very nice walk through the city, ends at Sint-baafs catherdral so lots of possibilities for a drink

Killesbergturm bei Nacht
   13-06-2017 22:20
What a lovely walk through killesbergpark! This park has so many different themes that you can wander around for quit some time
And call atmosphere because not in the busy city center. During the day time also food&drinks available

Crow Episode
   09-06-2017 11:45
This banner takes you to a couple villages just south of Antwerp. Wear Good shoes because you gonna walk some kilometers

Banksy - Keep your coins
   07-06-2017 9:12
You have to pass the beguinage, the side gates are closed 22h-7h, but the main entrance is open

Banksy - Achieve greatness
   02-06-2017 0:33
A route that has a lot in common with Scaldis banner and Jarvis/Ada

Quick and easy walk

Play your cards right
   21-05-2017 17:09
Nice banner through Turnhout
Logical route, beware of closing time of the beguinage and cemetary!

Visit Leuven
   12-05-2017 12:11
Een mooie banner doorheen Leuven, een studentenstad met levendige atmosfeer
Hou er rekening mee dat er een paar straten zijn die serieus klimmen zijn
Hoogtepunt is het groot begijnhof, prachtig! Maar goede schoenen dragen want hobbelig qua bestrating
De route is logisch ontworpen
Een aanrader!

40th Squadron Heli BAF
   09-05-2017 10:26
We did mission 1->4 (except last portal) on foot, this goes through the city center of De Panne and the beach boulevard, not so easy by car
Last portal mission 4 -> mission 9 by car: portals are rather far from each other (sometimes more than 1km). Mission 10-11-12 are easy on foot next to the water in Nieuwpoort
Note: try to do this low season: in sumlertimecwith all the tourists visiting the Belgian coast traffic Will be too busy for cargressing

   05-05-2017 21:25
Nice banner through the historical city of Malines. Sometimes a bit criss cross but overall Good route
Be careful: every 6 missions the name of the banner charges (name is the same, but other language!)

Ostend-Bruges Connection
   15-04-2017 7:57
In my opinion the most beautiful banner in Belgium and fantastically made!
Only remark is on the route: the renbaan should have been the turning point near the sea; after 38km an extra km for only 2 portals...

BXL Comic strip walls
   04-04-2017 10:38
I recommand to do this banner in the day time! Took us about 7 hours to complete, but this includeseverything: walking, destroying, fielding, linking....
Be sure to wear good footwear, cobbly roads and steap roads, also stairs become your part

Little Red Riding Hood
   04-04-2017 10:30
a Quick way to discover Brussels from Koningsplein to Kunstberg and Grand place. Inclusief destroying, deploying, linking, fielding,... took us about 2hours
The mission(s) on Kunstberg are a little unlogical. Overall a must to when in Brusssels!

Scaldis Mission
   31-03-2017 13:38
there are already a lot of banners in Antwerp, this one concentrates in the neighbourhood of the MAS museum to the city center and back. Keep in mind that - at the moment - road works can make the route a little more complicated, but these will finish off course.

A banner with questions is always thricky, but this one certainly is. First of all: congratulations to the maker who obviously has put in a lot of effort in making the questions BUT I for one do not need a history lesson while walking a banner (I'm Very interested in history, btw) The difficulty level of the questions are that high that without Google and Wikipedia it's impossible to solve them and because of this it's very time consuming.

Jarvis banner Antwerp
   21-03-2017 9:55
See comment I wrote on ADA banner

ADA banner Antwerp
   21-03-2017 9:53
A very Nice and logical route from the MAS museum to the inner city
At the moment there are road workshop going on near the museum so it's possible that you have to walk other streets, but these are temporary of course :)
what's especially fun: you can either walk JARVIS first and then ADA or the other way around!

   16-03-2017 19:02
Leuke banner door bekende en minder bekende plekjes in Leuven

Quartier St Job
   11-03-2017 21:05
A lovely banner through a part of Ukkel
Mission 1 and 2 are a bit weird: you have to walk almost 1km to Some portals at the and of mission 1, but mission 2 starts back where mission 1 started. In my modest opinion those missions switched and the route is logical. From 3-6 it's perfect and via quiet routes where there's not to much traffic

Echternach Panorama
   06-03-2017 9:56
A Quick and easy banner through Echternach. The only thing that could have been better: there's a little parc next to the parking where the banner starts/ends and these portals are not included in the banner.

IRL - Ingress Resistance Luxembourg
   04-03-2017 19:57
A very beautiful banner which leads you to the whole of Luxembourg. Special congratulations to the designer who used the different hight levels of the city in a fluent way!
Notice that you have to do a lot of stairs and climbs onto steap cobbled roads and that a certain level of fitness and good shoes are necessary.

   04-03-2017 6:47
Very Nice banner that gives you an impression of Luxembourg City. We started it at 20h30 and finished around 23h30; the shops were closed so no disrupsions there

Trier Porta Nigra
   04-03-2017 6:44
Although other agents who walked this banner found the route horrible it's not thát bad. I have to admit that sometimes you have questionmarkes, but all in all a very nice one to walk in the beautiful city Trier

Discover Deurne banner
   18-02-2017 21:20
In combination with Antwerp Deurne North banner a very intensive walk. If you don't mind riding a bike in a city centre with lots of traffic I would even recommand doing it by bike. At the end of the day I walked 35km in total without taking wrong routes

Where do lonely hearts go
   16-02-2017 19:58
Niet alleen een kleurrijke liefdevolle prent op je scanner, maar ook een hele leuke banner die je bij de belangrijkste portals van Ekeren brengt. Toegegeven missie 9/10/11 zijn langere wandelafstanden maar bannerfanaten zullen begrijpen dat het de moeite loont om deze unieke portals toch op te nemen. De banner is overigens perfect per fiets te doen mocht je niet graag wandelen
Missie 7 en 8 zijn in park De Bist- 24/7 toegankelijk, maar onverlicht dus een lampje meenemen indien je ' avonds op pad gaat
Proficiat aan de maker en veel hack-, link-, field-,... plezier

❁ War of the Roses Bruges ❀
   13-02-2017 13:40
Zie comment a war os Roses ☺

❁ a War of Roses ❀
   13-02-2017 13:39
Heel mooie banner, vervolg op The War of Roses. De route verloopt heel logisch en brengt je voorbij de highlights van Brugge maar ook minder bekende plekjes worden bezocht. Aanrader!

Beautiful Antwerp
   03-02-2017 19:25
Nice way to explore Antwerp

The Guardian Angel
   29-01-2017 22:20
Lier is a beautiful city near Antwerp and this banner takes you to the highlights.
Keep in mind that the exit where you're supposed to enter the beguinage is closed between 10pm and 7am, however the main entrance should be open 24/7.

Antwerp Panda 大熊猫 banner
   29-01-2017 22:09
A very nice banner through a part of the Antwerp city Center with a logical order.

The rose
   26-01-2017 17:30
This is one of the nicest banners I did! True: you pass Some portals twice, but this gives you the opportunity to link and/or field.
Keep in mind that the park at the end is NOT open 24/7
Sint-Niklaas is also a city with lots of eat/ drink possibilties

Dendermonde Ros Beiaardstad
   23-01-2017 9:22
Leuke banner om Dendermonde te ontdekken. Soms wel kriskras, op het einde opletten met hacken omdat je terug moet

Wall-e in Brussels
   10-01-2017 0:22
Een logisch opgebouwde route doorheen Schaarbeek. Wel rekening mee houden dat botanique niet 24/7 open is (laatste missie)

   05-01-2017 7:25
Persoonlijk doe ik liever banners te voet, ipv cargress MAAR deze banner omvat een logisch ontworpen route (proficiat Runner81!) doorheen het mooie landschap van de Kempen.
De portals kunnen wel veilig gehackt worden, omdat overal gelegenheid is om even in de berm te staan of even te parkeren.
Let op als je banner doet in de winter: op kleine landweggetjes wordt niet gestrooid

The key to perception
   29-11-2016 17:29
A banner that takes you through a quiet area of The Hague, not through the city Center
What in my opinion coups have been done better:
* information about mission 23-23: adjust this to the main information of the banner!!!!
* as a female agent I think it's important that once in a while you can go to the toilet, but no facilities on route untill mission 10

General info: take food/drinks with you, you're away from the city Center (supermarket on route) and be careful for the trams!!!

To boldly go
   29-11-2016 17:20
Very Nice banner theough the city Center of The Hague. You can hack a lot more portals than the ones from the banner!

Churches of Mechelen
   08-11-2016 13:04
Je ontdekt mooie plekjes waaronder het begijnhof. Goeie, logische route

Amy Winehouse - Legend
   30-10-2016 20:19
A very nice banner to combine with the Camden one, but be careful hacking portals in that case to avoid burned out situations
Keep in mind (for tourists) that Camden is a popular attraction so it can be (very) busy especially in Camden Market. Not sure if this Market space closes in the evening

Camden Banner
   30-10-2016 20:13
Quick way to discover Camden area with it's many shops.

Enl London
   30-10-2016 1:59
What a lovely banner, enjoyed every single one off the 66 missions
You walk on the river banks, where you don't have to keep an eye on traffic (lights) :)
Although I visited London 15+ times, I Discovered new area's, thank you for that

Amazing Frog
   30-10-2016 1:54
What started off as a lovely banner from mission 1-12 changed into complete frustration from mission 13 towards the end: during some of the missions clues 'guide' you to the next portal. For tourist these clues can be difficult; also general knowledge is necessary!
Part 3 of the banner: third frog is hopeless!!! Mission 5/12 is -again - with clues: we wandered around for an hour (!!) and through the help of and Google and iitc we found the location of Mr Buchanan's portal...
Keep in mind that although you find places to eat/drink or toilets easy in London not so in part 3 of this banner
Total walking time is definitely not 6,5 hours, we needed nearly 11 hours to complete

Chinatown Run
   30-10-2016 1:39
What a lovely way to explore Chinatown and Soho
A busy Saturday evening maybe not the best moment to do it: paying attention to waypoints and portals following each other closy, passphrases ánd crowdy pavements

Enjoy the Tower Bridge at night
   28-10-2016 15:44
Be careful and patient with hacking the portals: you have go accross that often that portals get burned out!
The beginning (missions 1-4): not in a logica order, coups have been done better!!!
Nice way to discover tower bridge area

   28-10-2016 9:12
What a lovely banner to explore from Tower Bridge up to Blackfriars taking a stroll on the river banks.
Indeed you need to give a passphrase from mission 2, but if you pay a little attention they're very easy!

NEC Banner Missie
   23-10-2016 22:08
De charme van het mooie Nijmegen kan je aan de hand van deze banner ontdekken, MAAR enkele werkpunten/aandachtspunten voor de maker:
1. Volgorde: wat is het nut van een poort hacken, terug te moeten voor 2 poorten die je gepasseerd bent en dit zo binnen enkele van de 36 missies?? Continue heen en weer.
2. Volgorde: je passeert 2x het eindpunt. Waarom de banner niet laten eindigen terug dichter bij het centrum? Zeker agents van buiten de stad zullen het apprecieren dat ze terug dichter bij hun geparkeerde wagen zijn ipv 3,5 km ver!
3. Eerste poort missie 8 en laatste poort missie 7 zijn dezelfde
4. Eerste poort missie 23 en laatste poort missie 22 zijn hetzelfde
=> er zijn voldoende poorten in de buurt om dit te vermijden
5. Begin van de banner: poort keizer Karel staat in het midden van een rotonde waar 3 rijen auto's rijden en geen oversteekplaatsen zijn naar het midden; dit is LEVENSGEVAARLIJK!!!
6. Goffertpark vanaf missie 30 prima 's avonds toegankelijk maar géén verlichting en kleine paadjes... niet voor angsthazen

Indien deze opmerkingen kunnen verholpen worden heb is de banner een aanrader!

Nijmegen City
   22-10-2016 14:48
De nummering van missie 1, 11 en 21 is raar zichtbaar. We hebben goed naar de print moeten kijken om geen foute volgorde aan te houden, dit kan best aangepast worden.
Heel mooie wandeling doorheen Nijmegen, de Waalkaai is prachtig

The tears of a fallen angel
   17-10-2016 17:19
Een supermooi gemaakte banner door een agent die aan alles heeft gedacht: unieke portals, afwisselende route doorheen historisch Antwerpen, parken... ook aan de innerlijke mens is gedacht ☺️
Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat zelfs inwoners van Antwerpen nog nieuwe plekjes zullen ontdekken. Een aanrader!

My Precious Gorinchem
   17-10-2016 17:07
Zo jammer dat de mogelijkheden van Gorinchem niet benut worden. Tot en met missie 13 doe je een mooie route, daarna 5x hetzelfde rondje. Dit kan véél beter en mooier opgelost worden, totaal gebrek aan variatie....Al een geluk dat de prachtige omgeving het enigszins goedmaakt ...