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# Name Portals Action
1 Flowers of Kaunas 14/18 6 Sequentially Explore Art Deco in center of Kaunas.
2 Flowers in Kaunas 01/18 6 Sequentially Explore Art Deco in center of Kaunas.
3 Flowers in Kaunas 02/18 6 Sequentially Explore Art Deco in center of Kaunas.
4 Flowers of Kaunas 10/18 6 Sequentially Explore Art Deco in center of Kaunas.
5 Flowers of Kaunas 09/18 6 Sequentially Explore Art Deco in center of Kaunas.
Viking History Bergen Norway
   12-09-2019 18:01
Very convenient banner. Takes about an hour to complete. Note that initial part (missions 1 - 7) is not accessible after 18.00

Dyreparken i Bergen
   12-09-2019 10:16
Quite an inconsistent banner of a kind 'hack portals in any order and be prepared to walk a lot'. Plenty of times when you have to turn back and return afterward.

Hurtigruta MS Kong Harald
   12-09-2019 10:12
Nice walk through center of Bergen. Missions are queued very conveniently, no necessary walking back and forth.

WAWEL - układanka
   22-08-2019 21:40
One of the 'go and hack anything in list and we don't say where'. The biggest plus of this banner is its effectiveness. And the only one.

Palangos tiltas
   24-07-2019 9:42
Cannot finish the mission with bicycle - first 2 missions lead through bicycle-free zone. Unless you do it before 11 in the morning, then noone cares :)

Flag of Norway
   12-06-2019 15:17
It's quite easy to miss a mission since the details of banner look quite similar and missions sometimes start quite far from end of previous one.

Unicycle Challenge
   10-06-2019 9:05
puikiai darosi su dviračiu, labai rekomdenduoju geru oru.

Lynvingen Batman in Bergen
   16-05-2019 23:22
The most inconsistent banner in Bergen. Always check on the map where the mission goes - these 'hack in any order' missions are tricky. The fortress for missions 1-5 is open from 6 till 23.

Girl under the umbrella
   15-05-2019 0:03
Perfect banner. Would give 10/10. The middle of it is quite similar to RedFox banner but otherwise it's cool. Would recommend for anyone.

   02-05-2019 9:55

Visai neblogai daromas dviračiu, bet centre geriau pradėti pėsti - ir dviračio nereikia tada temptis laiptais viršun. Yra pora taškų, kur tenka grįžinėt, bet bendrai paėmus labai dviratinis baneris, per kokias 3h padaromas.

Day and Night in Kaunas
   24-04-2019 23:40
Puikiai darosi su dviračiu. Jei tik hackini, o ne bandai sufieldint viską ir visur - užtrunka apie pusantros valandos.

   29-03-2019 20:00
11 ir 12 misijos netinkamos daryt iš mašinos, reikia pagrįžinėt atgal. Verta pasiplanuot iš anksto.

Prisikėlimo bažnyčia Kaunas
   02-11-2018 14:15
Pirmas septynias misijas geriausia daryt iš mašinos, po to pasiparkuoti prie Soboro ir pereit centrą pėstute. Sėsti mašinon nuo 26 misijos ir vėl pabaigti su mašina.