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Vienna 4th District (Wieden)
   22-02-2019 14:32
Nice walk through the 4th district. The beginning is a bit tricky if you are not familier with the area around the train station. After the first mission you have to cross a big street. I opted to go back to the traffic lights. I needed a few heat sinks as I had to hack portals I already passed.

It took me around 3 hours with a bit of fielding, a few detours for uniques and a quick stop at a supermarket.

Central Cemetery
   10-02-2019 10:24
First of: Make sure to check opening hours and make sure you have at least 4 hours (fast walking pace, no big detours) if you want to finish the mosaik in one go.

If you are hunting uniques, you'll get almost all of the ones in the cemetery just by doing the mosaik. BUT you'll miss around 20 located behind the big church (Friedhofskirche zum Heiligen Karl Borromaus). I'd advise you to hack/capture the portals behind the church either while doing mission 9 or mission 18.

You might be walking on muddy ground so make sure to bring proper shoes.

The path of the mosaik is very intuitive and flows along rather nice.

vienna - 2nd district
   08-02-2019 23:34
A nice 4 hour walk through the 2nd disctrict. Especially the end is fast.

Munich Tramgress Mosaik
   05-02-2019 9:36
Nice Mosaik through Munich. Perfect for cold winter days or when you are to tired to walk ;)

Due to reconstructions at Sendlinger Tor, I had to alter the route a bit:

1. Tram 19 to Max Weber Platz
2. Tram 37 to Isartor
3. Walking to Sendlinger Tor
4. Tram 16 to Romanplatz
5. Tram 12 to Scheidplatz

I had no problem getting in all hacks without going back or missing anything. I wrote down the starting portals beforehand which made it much easier to find the starting portal and start the mission from there.

#IngressFS - A1 - Munich Feb2019
   02-02-2019 17:48
Nice and quick, was fun to do during the FS. Thanks!

Vienna - 1st District
   11-01-2019 10:09
Nice mosaik, sometimes the next mission starts up to 200m away although there are portals close, but that wasn't a big deal. The portal in front of the Parliament is rather hard to hack due to construction works and if the park in front of the Rathaus is used for events not all portals might be reachable.

   06-01-2019 17:55
Quick mosaik along the Danube and into the city center. I needed 2-3 Heat Sinks. Other than that, no complaints

   27-12-2018 17:01
Small nice mosaik. I don't really like the image itself but that's just taste. Given I lived in Schwabing for most of my life I had to do the missions anyway ;)

I had to use like 3 heat sinks, the path was pretty clear and well though of. No surprises, flat terrain through the city.

Vienna - 7th District
   13-12-2018 20:04
A nice mosaik walking you through the 7th district. Bring a few heat sinks as sometimes the order of hacking portals is a little mixed up. After mission 14 you have to go around the whole block to get to the starting point of mission 15 which is a bit annoying.

Mariahilf (Bezirksmosaik 1060)
   16-11-2018 9:38
Nice small mosaik around the 6th district. Take a few heat sinks as sometimes you need to hack a portal you just came across. Took me 3h with a bit of destroying, building and fielding.

Pumpkin Cat Vienna
   08-11-2018 23:20
Nice Mosaik with a cute picture. Maybe use less waypoints next time, especially if they are pretty much the same.

Leonardo da Vinci
   03-11-2018 9:41
Nice quick mosaik through Wels. Watch out that you keep the right order. I missed Mission 11 and almost missed 15 because 12 and 16 where closer after finished 10/14.

I believe it's not 24/7 due to the need to go through the Burggarten. It might be possible to go around if closed, not sure!

MD 2018 Brno
   01-11-2018 16:00
Nice Mission Day. Doing all 18 requires some time and planning. The pictures are ok.

Brno Artistic Skyline
   22-10-2018 7:20
Nice image, nice path through Brno. Just make sure to take some Heat Sinks as sometimes you need to hack a portal you just passed or only hack mission portals :)

Cassandra Mission Day Linz 2018
   27-08-2018 5:35
I liked the focus on specific POIs and the fact that Pöstlingberg was included. At some points the portals felt a bit random, going back and forth.

I'd enjoyed it more if the missions would have been a bit away from the play area of the anomaly.

It was nice to have some low effort missions to get the mission day badge for those in a hurry or not interested in doing long missions (like Pöstlingberg).

   25-08-2018 23:29
Great banner, quick and easy

AnomaLINZ - nerd edition
   25-08-2018 23:28
Nice, quick and easy

Whaleomaly Is Here
   25-08-2018 5:34
So nice!

Whaleomaly is Coming [Wels]
   24-08-2018 14:04
Netter kurzer Gang durch die Stadt

Whaleomaly is Coming [Berg am Laim]
   14-08-2018 8:21
Nettes, kurzes Mosaik für die kommende Anomalie. Leider ging es ab und zu zurück/im Kreis, da hätte es evtl. eine schönere Wegführung gegeben.

Whaleomaly is Coming [München]
   12-08-2018 21:01
Nettes kurzes Mosaik durch den Olympiapark, auch gut im Laufen machbar, wenn man nur hacken (und nicht alles capturen) möchte.

Vienna - 10th District
   10-08-2018 9:10
The parts around the Hbf are pretty bad due to GPS issues. Other than that it's a nice quick mosaik for anybody who wants to explore the 10th district.

Stefl (Stephansdom) Vienna
   08-08-2018 5:39
Nice, quick and easy.

Whaleomaly is Coming [Vienna]
   09-07-2018 20:11
Easy, short walk along the bus line 13A (2nd to last mission). Can be done in half an hour of quick walking. Questions are easy.

Vienna by Tram
   23-06-2018 13:50
Ich war etwas skeptisch ob es aus der Bim heraus gut funktioniert und ob man nicht viele Hacks verpasst. Aber es ging überraschend gut. Leider war manchmal aussteigen unumgänglich, oft aus eigener "Dummheit" (noch schnell einen Hack bei einem anderen Portal und dann geht sich das Mission-Portal nicht mehr aus), manchmal wegen dem GPS oder der App (Lag oder Absturz). Das Mosaik selber ist sehr gut gemacht, die Hacks weit genug auseinander.

Die Wegführung hätte ich etwas anders gemacht und z.B. die Tunnel vermieden, aber auch dort ging alles gut.

Ein Hinweis (in Addition zu Burli): Nach den Umbauten am Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz ändern sich die zu nutzenden Bims wiefolgt:
Statt im letzten Schritt die "2er bis Rathaus" zu nehmen nimmt man die 44er bis Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz und von dort die 2er bis Rathaus. Das Mosaik kann trotzdem unverändert gemacht werden.

English: The last step (Bim 2 to Rathaus) changed permanently after construction work. Instead take the 44 to Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz and from there take Bim 2 to Rathaus.

Leopard Vienna
   14-02-2018 9:12
It's my mosaic so take my comment with a grain of salt, but looking back I liked it. It's long and I'm not sure if it's doable in one take. I did split it up into 6 parts, which was very manageable. Around the first district missions are hard to find because there are so many around. It's good to look up the starting portals beforehand and get close to make it easier to find the mission.

The mosaic is 24/7 as even the portals in the Türkenschanzpark can be reached from the outside (and I think they don't close the park anymore).

Res Flag
   14-02-2018 9:06
Very nice mosaic with a nice picture. The questions are easy and the form in which they are given (Answers are given and you have to use A or B) makes it very straightforward.

1180 Währing
   18-09-2017 19:38
A nice mosaik which I enjoyed even though I knew most of the places already.

Some missions are rather long, given that some parts of the district have a low portal density. In some parts the way goes backwarks or requires hacking portals you already passed. I used a heat sink to hack again and not waste a few minutes.

Vienna - 8th District
   07-09-2017 13:49
Nice Mosaik overall. Going by bike/car is not recommended as many ways go through one-way streets. Sometimes, the back and forth is a bit irritating.

One portal was not reachable from the street and I had to enter a backyard, which is fine at daytime but might not be open at night. With a little GPS drift it could be doable from the outside, but I wasn't lucky.

Town Hall
   29-08-2017 21:58
Nice Mosaik which leads you through the first district of Vienna. Missions are sometimes a bit chaotic, requiring to hack portals you already passed. Try to only hack the next portal in line or you'll need more time or Heat Sink Mods.

Sometimes, Missions are very short (one Mission in particular required no walking at all). Good for collecting missions, bad if you want to move around and see things. I also disliked that in the fields of portals, which was already a lot, additional waypoints where added, making it hard to understand what to do next.

The mosaik took me about 2 1/2 hours by foot. Don't use a bike as you won't get far in the first district.

Ottakring Mosaik
   27-08-2017 23:36
Nice Mosaik. In the beginning missions are a little long. It took me a little over 4h to complete it. As always, biking would be not a good option as one-way streets are on the way and a few times big roads must be crossed.

   25-08-2017 0:54
Nice image and nice trail. Bike is not recommended (one-way streets and crossing huge streets).

Vienna - 9th District
   21-08-2017 21:38
Nice tour through the 9th district. Many parts are not bike-friendly (stairs, sidewalk only, one-way streets). Time seems about right.

Vienna - 17th District - HERNALS
   19-08-2017 0:24
Nette Runde quer durch Hernals :)