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# Name Portals Action
1 Capture DO Stadtgarten 13 Sequentially Please the juggler by capturing the Stadtgarten Portals and some Mind Units.
2 Hack DO Twin Towns 9 Any Visit the places honoring Dortmund's twin towns. Any Order & Hack only.
Dortmunder Nordstadt Pommes
   24-03-2017 9:05
1.5 hours by bike, including the recommended break for fries. Accessible 24/7.

Dortmunder Sunrise
   13-03-2017 19:44
Nice banner, easily finished within 45 minutes by bike.

Dortmund XF Tour
   09-03-2017 13:35
Bikegress quickie: 15 minutes with fast hacking only and not during business hours.

This would not work by bike and take more time by foot during business hours (especially on Fridays and Saturdays), because the shopping streets in the city center are crowded then.

Altes Stadthaus
   08-03-2017 10:55
This mosaic is physically challenging. Besides the distance there is some altitude difference (City - Hörde) and distances with no portals in range to overcome.

On the plus side: It will take you from Dortmund’s city center to its old coal, iron and steel industry area. It offers insights to new housing and industry projects, and also a lot of Uniques. ;) I really liked the tour.

Right now, there is some construction work going on around the "Hörder Burg". This does not necessarily end in detours, but the route is not always obvious in that area.

I did it by bike in 3.5 hours, including a 20-minute coffee break at PHOENIX See during a rain shower. I think it’s doable in 3 hours by bike. There are several distances without any portal to hack because there a none. This would be a bit boring by foot, but I guess that’s a personal thing. I am looking forward to the report of the first successful pedestrian. :-P

U Hack Dortmund
   20-10-2016 20:51
1.5 hours by bike. Accessible 24/7. Should be doable without bike within 2.5 hours.

Ingress Logo
   30-09-2016 13:28
  • Really nice mosaic
  • Beautiful small town to visit.

  • Cons:
  • Poor portal selection: Many detours and going back and forth.
  • This is especially annoying as the missions are "any order".
  • Many portals are used twice or more, which is not the end of the world, of course. But here the same portals are used in immediately following missions a bunch of times. Annoyed me to wait for the next hack so often, So bring some extra time or CHS... ;)

  • I was done within two hours by bike.

    Merian - Recklinghausen
       27-09-2016 13:36
    Easy bikegressing with start and end at the station. Took me about 1.5 hours.

    Very nice mosaic!!! But i have to emphasize Hagbard's point: In many missions sequential waypoints would be very helpful - not only at Westpark & JHhalle. You either have to constantly switch between map and scanner or you take detours (as i did at Jahrhunderthalle) because the nearest portals are NOT the ones you should approach next.

    DUS UV(50)
       07-09-2016 11:02
    The third Mission requires crossing bridges several times back and forth. That's really annoying (even by bike). The fourth mission contains two portals within a shopping mall (poor location service & not 24/7).

    Visit Leuven
       01-09-2016 8:45
    Nice banner which will guide you to some really nice places. However, you have to go to that park (not 24/7) AND an inner yard of some university block, which was closed when I went their first...

    BROgress Essen
       17-07-2016 10:34
    Easily done in less than an hour. Not accessible for everybody because of stairs on the way, though possible with taking ways around.

    Hack The City 2
       16-07-2016 16:31
    OK and easy to complete, but sometimes the route doesn't make much sense.

    Historic City Wall Dortmund
       05-05-2016 22:58
    ~1.5hrs by bike

    Hack The City 1
       05-05-2016 20:01
    Nice and easy. ~30 minutes

    Ingress Logo Tour Dortmund
       05-05-2016 19:59
    Nice Banner! Routes sometimes weird.