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   10-01-2019 11:12
This is a very big banner! It is very smooth and pleasant to do. I did it on a cold evening in januari. And it was fun to do.. I looked at the route before I started.
Mission 1 goes bit far out, and is then followed bij mission 2 in a park, which is a total gift!! All the next mission are almost immediately starting with the next portal in range ! It is just a blast to do this banner!

This banner is just awesome!!

Get you bike and do this mission!!

   07-01-2019 22:50
The first three missions are passing red-light districts, if you feel uncomfortable with them, then start early of before 14:00 . Some portals which are not 24/7 hackable are left out of this missions, for example the Palace garden. If you are there and the garden is open, you could hack the portals!

If you notice any weird route, maybe because portals are replaced, please dropp a line, with missionnumber and portalnumber and it will be corrected!!


Snelle Jelle
   19-08-2018 13:58
Een lekkere, leuke, snelle banner, die erg fijn te doen is buiten de winkeltijden!

Je maakt een paar rondjes, of achtjes.. Dus hack er niet te veel naast!

A fast, fun, smooth banner, especially when the shops downtown are closed!
You will make a few rounds of 8-s . Do not hack too much on the side! Hef vun!

Vang de sterren
   10-05-2018 15:14
Deze is OFFLINE!

Springbok The Hague
   18-07-2017 11:19
Veel plezier, have fun.

Bike is recommended, in wintertime you could take the car. Sometime there is an extra turn needed, but you can stay in the .. If not, please let me know and I will updated it.

   14-07-2017 17:34
This is an awesome puzzle banner! Between each banner you could capture portals in the area!

Black Cat Green Eyes
   13-07-2017 19:13
Mission 11 and 12 are changed so mission 12 end before the beginning of mission 1.

Red Eyed Tree Frog
   13-07-2017 19:06
The first 15 missions are excellent! It is a very well plant mission and it is pleasent journey.

The second part is a bit rough, watch out with mission RETF Eyes 13/15. You might walk on the wrong side of the canal. You should go on the left side!

The mission with number RETF Frog 07/15 is a total pain in the ass. As there are some portal extremely hard to reach near Central Station. Best is to walk 200 meters further and then go back to central station. In this way you have the best oportunity to hack the portals.

Although you are recommended to go by foot... for at least EIGHT (8) hours I would recommend bike. It took me more then 5 hours on bike.

Some missions are in the shopping area. So you cannot walk normal here on friday and saturday. And bike is very unpleasant!

The Dragon Lady
   13-07-2017 18:56
The waypoint are not so much fun. It more fun to hack portals. Further this is a fun banner.

   13-07-2017 18:54
This banner is a part of ten different banners. You can choose to do one or few of those banners or all ten.

The colour of the letters is similar to the colours of the beers.

Beergress Pilsener is best to do Walking of Cycling
Blond is best to do Walking of Cycling
India Pale Ale is best to do Walking of Cycling
Imperial I.P.A. is best to do Walking of Cycling

Dubbel is best to do Cycling
Quadrupel is best to do Cycling
Black IPA is best to do Cycling
Porter is best to do Cycling
Stout is best to do Cycling

Russian Imperial Stout is best to do with the TRAIN!! and walking
(It is a train-banner from The Hague to Utrecht and back)

2 Den Haag de weduwe van Indië
   01-07-2017 12:26
Veel van de volgende missie's beginnen op een raar punt, op een niet logisch portal.. Bijvoorbeeld op het binnenhof.. Je denkt dan links af te moeten, maar dan toch weer omkeren. En dat is bij heel veel missies zo.. Zeker ook de laatste drie. Ook is het erg jammer dat er in een missie ineens een paar portals moeten worden gecapt of upgraden. Als het nou 1 portal in een missie, waarom ineens drie? En dan ook nog later in een blauwe buurt. Verder zitten er een paar rare doorstekers door. Ik zou zeggen tijd voor een review!! Misschien zelf een keer lopen?
Many portals of the following missions are at a strange point. For example, in the courtyard (Binnenhof). You then think of turning off left, but then you need to go the other way. And that happens many times within this mission. Certainly with the last three. It is also a pity that in a mission, a few (3) portals must be captured or upgraded. If it's 1 portal in a mission, why suddenly three? And then again in a blue neighborhood, sometime with axa's and stuff. NOT FUNNY!!. There are also a few strange crawlers and alleyway which you have to know... I would say time for a review !!