st. oda vibe


Location Venray
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 03/05/2019

Missions 36
Total distance 20.34km
EFF 3.97
Total time
By foot 7St. 27m / 12m 26s Ø
By bicycle 3St. 33m / 05m 56s Ø

Portals 254  /  7.06 Ø
Unique portals 159
Distance start / end portal: 527.4 m

Hacks 249
Waypoint 5

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (66.67%)
Auto (16%)

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This mission leads through Odapark. A public accessible place with statues and art all over the parc with a horror vibe. Both during night and day this parc is a wonderful place to walk around. The pa


17-10-2018 14:37

Beautiful motive, it's worth the effort.
The park is not barrier-free and I would not recommend to do the mosaic in the dark. Even during the day, there is a risk of stumbling in the park, because we walked off the main paths.


28-09-2017 22:57

Dit was 2 jaar geleden mijn tweede banner. Inspannend eerste deel met de fiets aan de hand. Samen gedaan met een groep Dordtse (blauwe) Ingressers. Het was een mooie dag met zon en een prima sfeer. Ook een mooie route om te volgen. Dank.


12-09-2017 11:08

Some portals will have you walk out and back into the park again, this probably is because the portals got moved.
Also there are a lot of new portals.


28-07-2017 22:33

Missions 1 to 20 need te done by foot, 21 to 36 can be done walking but a bike is much faster! Make sure in the town are no biking sections and you know where they are or get a fine by ''Handhaving''.


16-03-2017 15:45

Mission 1 till 20 need to be done by foot.
Mission 21 only the last portal you need to drive for.
Mission 22 till 36 beste can be done by bike, that the most quick and felxibel way.
It took me 3,5 hours to do all


08-12-2016 19:28

Nice Banner. Park is a bit chaotic.