Pražský hrad

Owner mufl0n

Location Prague
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 11/07/2019

Missions 30
Total distance 6.81km
EFF 10.92
Total time
By foot 2St. 29m / 04m 59s Ø
By bicycle 1St. 33m / 03m 06s Ø

Portals 181  /  6.03 Ø
Unique portals 165
Distance start / end portal: 241.9 m

Hacks 178
Waypoint 3

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

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1. ze 30 misí, po projití všech částí získáte mozaiku do svého profilu, start i začátek na Karlově mostě, procházka kolem hradu a Starým městem, vždy jen a pouze hackování, mise na sebe navazují.


25-04-2019 10:16

If you do not have the time to play the Codex Gigas banner, I can recommend this.

2:30 walking time and 8 km distance.

You will see a lot of landmarks, the routing is perfect.

Keep in mind the opening hours of the castle.


29-05-2018 12:18

Great banner. No waiting at the security check. Greatly recommended when you're in Prague.


20-12-2017 22:03

Thanks for the author for this nice banner. Special thanks for its 12-month availability - everybody can do it even in December, when some nice Prague areas are closed till spring.


21-11-2017 13:42

Very nice banner, did it on a Monday afternoon and didn't have to wait at all at the security check.


14-11-2017 13:52

A very nice mosaic that takes you to some touristic highlights of Prague. There are stairs. It goes up and down the hill of the castle, so not suitable for wheelchairs. The view from the castle over the city is magnificient.
Be aware that the castle itself is not open 24/7 so check the opening hours. Also be aware that there are security checks at the entrance. It took us about 20 minutes to get through on Monday 30. October, so probably no peak season even though the city is always full of tourists.


17-06-2017 11:58

Super prochazka..diky!


17-04-2017 18:10

Nice banner to walk.
Time to complete depends on waiting line to go through security at the castle.


09-04-2017 15:42

Diky mufl0ne.


15-01-2017 18:23

Very nice mosaic with consequtive missions. Took me 2h 10 min with 30 min coffee break in the middle.
Not suitable for people on wheelchair as requires going up/down the stairs in the Prague castle part. Part of the mosaic goes through Prague castle, so you should check if it's not closed (main road/yard) during the night. No problem during the daytime.


11-12-2016 14:20

Leider nicht vollständig barrierefrei, da die Wegführung zur Burg Stufen beinhaltet, auch an ein paar anderen Stellen gibt es Stufen.
Ansonsten lohnt es sich, seinen Blick von der Burg über Prag schweifen zu lassen. =)
Öffnungszeiten der Burg sind zu beachten - Hauptsaison 5-24 Uhr und Nebensaison 6-22 Uhr. Eintritt muss man keinen begleichen.


01-11-2016 19:10

Pěkná mosaika, krátké a hezké, pěkná prohlídka města děkuji (1hours 30minute)


14-03-2016 8:30

Cool mosaik, took me about 2h 15m, but I was also hacking and capturing nearby portals :)


12-03-2016 20:48

Good and easy mosaik in nice place. Recomended.