Leighton Buzzard Tour

Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 14/02/2019

Missions 24
Total distance 17.5km
EFF 3.32
Total time
By foot 6St. 20m / 15m 50s Ø
By bicycle 2St. 45m / 06m 53s Ø

Portals 146  /  6.08 Ø
Unique portals 124
Distance start / end portal: 238.3 m

Hacks 146

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

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- Lap of the Lake11.4 km


24 mission series around Leighton Buzzard


19-08-2019 23:22

This banner is epic! It is certainly a tour of Leighton Buzzard.

You start in the town centre, then walk through meadows, visit Tiddenfoot Lake, through housing estates and parks, with the last few missions back in the town centre.

It rather conveniently passed Tesco and Morrisons which was handy for refreshments/toilets.

It took me 6 hours, but I have little legs and got distracted by fielding.

At times I wished I was on a bicycle as there was quite some distance between some portals - however please note if you take a bicycle some meadow areas would be quite awkward to pass through.

Good tip from DJDonegal on Mission 15. I was on alert when I got there so I didn’t get lost.

Great image.


02-08-2019 22:55

First thing to note: although IM says this banner will take 6h 20m by foot, I completed it in 4h 20m even though I glyphed, linked and fielded everything I could along the way.

So not as long as IM suggests!

On the whole the banner followed a good route although there were a few occasions when I had to turn back on myself as I had just started down a road. This was mostly in town but even so didn't lead to requiring any heatsinks - just turning back from whence you came.

The routes outside town were great and intiuitive, although there were some long gaps of up to 1km between portals. I don't think banners owe it to you to be easy or quick to complete but worth pointing out.

The one real tip I want to pass on - at some point in Mission 15, it could be very easy to get lost (I hope it's easy anyway, because I did) - there's a grassy path you're supposed to take on your left between some wild trees/bushes. *Basically* if you find yourself entering a thicket you've gone too far. Come out and the path you want will now be on your right. It was fairly overgrown but obvious once I spotted it.