Owner Ovalimento

Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 23/01/2019

Missions 18
Total distance 28.22km
Effizienz 2.67
Total time
By foot 11St. 07m / 37m 05s Ø
By bicycle 4St. 53m / 16m 18s Ø

Portals 257  /  14.28 Ø
Unique portals 256
Distance start / end portal: 2.51 km

Hacks 256
Passphrases 1

By foot (0%)
By bicycle (100%)
Auto (0%)

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The Voorburg-Haaglanden banner is from RR L'dam-Voorburg to Laan van NOI. Enjoy the Historic Buildings and Greenery. Bikegress recommended.


10-01-2019 11:12

This is a very big banner! It is very smooth and pleasant to do. I did it on a cold evening in januari. And it was fun to do.. I looked at the route before I started.
Mission 1 goes bit far out, and is then followed bij mission 2 in a park, which is a total gift!! All the next mission are almost immediately starting with the next portal in range ! It is just a blast to do this banner!

This banner is just awesome!!

Get you bike and do this mission!!