Fort Vier Mortsel

Owner prunie

Location Mortsel
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 07/01/2019

Missions 6
Total distance 2.1km
EFF 6.29
Total time
By foot 45m 46s / 07m 37s Ø
By bicycle 23m 57s / 03m 59s Ø

Portals 36  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 25
Distance start / end portal: 83.4 m

Hacks 36

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (50%)
Auto (0%)

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Fort Vier Mortsel 1 of 6 Een wandeling die je langs en doorheen het hele fort 4 stuurt. Fort Vier is een van de zeven overblijvende Brialmontforten. Deze forten werden in 1860-1864 opgetrokken.


15-09-2018 22:04

Easy & Fun walk in the ''jungle'' of fort IV.
Go offroad and have Fun ...
The banner Will go back on his footsteps so you can link and field every portal!!!...


09-09-2018 16:32

Very nice looking banner photo. Firt 4,5 missions was very nice and logical but suddently the route change to unlogical and zig-zag,,but luckily the portals is not so far away from each other so it's not that big of a deal,,but some people will find it frustrating if you have to walk back but if you have already fielded everything there is nothing else to do but push your hack button,,a bit pointless. With a easy tweak of the last two missions (and i hope the owner will take this advise) this can be the perfect little banner to do in a very nice green park. After fixing last two missions this is a perfect 5 star banner.