Bayern Flagge

Location Munich
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 02/06/2019

Missions 24
Total distance 6.61km
EFF 6.83
Total time
By foot 3St. 36m / 09m 01s Ø
By bicycle 3St. 14m / 08m 06s Ø

Portals 157  /  6.54 Ø
Unique portals 124
Distance start / end portal: 0 m

Hacks 124
Waypoint 9
Passphrases 24

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

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Erkunde die bayerische Hauptstadt, beantworte Fragen zu Bayern und erhalte als Belohnung die bayerische Flagge mit Wappen. Diese Mission startet am Marienplatz.


12-06-2019 23:31

I am a tourist from America, and I did this banner in 150 minutes, at a fast walking pace. I only completed the missions; I did not stop to link or destroy. Starting and ending in the Marienplatz, this banner takes you to the Parliament building as well. Only complaint is that mission 15’s waypoint is a bit dangerous. Otherwise, lovely banner!


03-06-2019 0:46

Did this mission on a very hot afternoon in June. We did it on foot and although I didn’t time it exactly I think we must have taken the whole 3,5 hours to do it, with only a little destroying/capturing. It’s quite a long walk. Doing it by bike would be a good idea.
Why these missions are ‘any order’ is a mystery because this banner just leads you straight ahead through Munich. There are quite a few unused portals you pass along the way, lots of extra unique hacks!
It passes many lovely buildings (churches, museums, swimming pool, Maximilianeum and even the MJ monument!) which I would have otherwise not seen.
Would not recommend doing this on a saturday as the first missions lead through the shopping area.


06-05-2018 21:56

Warum nicht mal den Scanner mit einer Bayern Flagge zieren?

Start und Ende ist der Marienplatz, von dort geht es durch die Innenstadt, hoch zum Landtag und über den Gasteig wieder zurück.

Die Tour ist any order, was immer wieder zu Problemen führt, wenn Portale nicht in Range sind und man am Ende einer Mission zurücklaufen darf.
Waypoints finde ich in München überflüssig und der am Maximilianeum ist schwierig zu erreichen (Achtung: Tram und Straße!).

Die Fragen sind multiple choice und gut zu beantworten.
Iphone-User kennen das Problem, dass nicht immer alle Antworten angezeigt werden-also raten.

Das Routing ist gut und in gut 2 Stunden und nach 6 Kilometern ist man auch schon durch.

Unterwegs bietet sich am Wiener Platz ein Biergartenstopp an.

Why not decorate the scanner with a Bavarian flag?

Start and end is the Marienplatz, from there it goes through the city centre, up to the state parliament and back again via the Gasteig.

The tour is any order, which always leads to problems when portals are not in range and you are allowed to run back at the end of a mission.
I find Waypoints superfluous in Munich and the one at the Maximilianeum is difficult to reach (Attention: tram and road!).

The questions are multiple choice and easy to answer.
Iphone users know the problem that not all answers are displayed - so guess.

The routing is good and in about 2 hours and after 6 kilometers you are already through.

On the way you can stop at the Wiener Platz for a beer garden stop.