Towers of London

Location London
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 27/05/2019

Missions 504
Total distance 199.82km
EFF 6.73
Total time
By foot 2t 21St. / 08m 14s Ø
By bicycle 1t 11St. / 04m 12s Ø

Portals 3025  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 3022
Distance start / end portal: 32.8 m

Hacks 3025

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (33%)
Auto (0%)

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Do you have stamina and determination to take on the whole of London in 504 missions?

Owner comment
Changes to missions 024-035 have been submitted. Until completely approved, presume a risk to continuity of the route.

Artwork by QueenOfLions and Maestro179.

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09-10-2018 0:27

So I liked how there were no non-linear missions...

I kid, I kid. It's a bit foolish trying to review this myself, because a.) how do you review a banner that's bigger than some minor countries? b.) I orchestrated its creation, so I'm not exactly in a position to be neutral.

So instead, I'd like to do a creation retrospective, and analyse how well I did with the goals for the banner. Because while it did start off as just a drunken smurf pipe-dream about an insta-Onyx-SpecOps banner in London, it did grow a bit in the telling.

F***-off big banner: It is the fourth biggest banner in the world at this point - third if you go by unique portals. It's so big, that it's not possible to finish it without getting gold Explorer and silver Trekker. You can complete it in ~50 hours, but I'd earmark 100 hours of play time for it, unless you're planning to one-tap it on rocket skates.

Cover as much of London as possible: Well, when you need to get over 3000 unique portals in, you have to cover a lot of ground. And as a result, it sends you to just about everywhere in London - places some players had never thought to visit. And it's fascinating to see how London changes from borough to borough, and sometimes from street to street.

24/7: We're most of the way there. A few sections weren't 24/7 on launch, but they're all patched out now, and as far as I know, the only section that's not open all hours is in Kennington Park - but that's next on the list.

Easy to stop/start: Well, cribbing the loop format from the Berliner Fernsehturm banner means that if you can manage a loop a day, you'll always have an Underground stop in central London. But in practise, nobody manages a loop a day. Fortunately, London has a very robust set of trains and buses, and there is a station about halfway through each loop too. I'd get very familiar with TfL's website if you do this one.

Lots of parks: This is, I feel, the only failing of the banner - since most of London's parks are not 24/7, you don't get to visit any of London's green spaces. You get to walk past a lot, and look wistfully in at all the unique portals you're walking past...

So any advice from the creator? We've got a TG group in the author notes - please, please join that, as you'll find advice from creators, locals, and veterans of the long banner rather helpful. And don't try and complete it while renovating a house...


02-08-2018 23:25

Finally finished it. The description is not a lie: you need stamina, determination and bloody-mindedness to finish this banner. Two weeks ago, I thought I had finished this only to find out I had missed one mission (part 445), so I had to redo the last 59 missions again.

I've played a lot of missions in London, but this took me to places in London I hadn't been, and down back streets and alleys I hadn't thought to explore. Given the sheer size of the banner, you'll also need to plan around the availability of public transport. Get an app like Citymapper. Most of the areas you go to will be served reasonably well by some combination of the Tube, the Overground, the Night Tube/Overground on Fridays and Saturdays, and night bus services. In south-east London (Peckham, New Cross etc.) you may need to plan around taking Thameslink/Southeastern services back to central train terminals.

There are some bits that are fiddly that have been fixed: Archbishop's Park in Lambeth used to be part of the route but now isn't, and the Leake Street tunnel (the graffiti tunnel under Waterloo station) have been changed, along with some of the route around West Hampstead. I did a number of large chunks of the banner at night and the bits I did were all accessible, although sometimes there were one or two bits where a shorter path between the portals was not available during the night. The only real one I had trouble with is the section of Thames Path that closes during the night near missions 111/112.

If you are planning on doing this mission, I'd recommend getting a good pair of shoes, getting into the Telegram group (and give any feedback you have), and getting organised. Don't do it in the middle of summer. It is just long enough that you'll find your plans to do the mission might be disrupted by any number of planned street closures (while I did it, areas of central London have been disrupted with everything from the RideLondon cycling event, the Pride parade and the anti-Trump protests). If you are up to the challenge, it is well worth it though.


09-05-2018 0:52

This banner is a true test of stamina. To complete this mission I went out to do it in blocks where by i could leave it at a convenient points where i could pick it up again with out any dead walking. So i endes up spliting in to seven legs. The first leg was 1 - 53 (6hrs) where i was forced to stop due to a locked park. On the second day i completed 54 - 125 (8.5hrs). Day 3 i finished 126-227 (8.5hrs). Day four i did 228-287 (6hrs). On day five I went 288-365 (10.5hrs). I had a short run on day six 366-403 (3hrs) and finally i completed 404-504 (9hrs). That is a total of 51.5 hours

As the first person to do the banner i was able to give feed back to the creators which means that you won't come across the locked gates that i did.

A great banner for UPVs and if you have the busters UPCs. I managed to pick up my Platinum explorer and Pioneer on the way as it brought me to places that i would not normally think to play in.

I would recommend you have a solid pair of shoes as there is as you can guess a fair bit of walking i also would recommend using a bike for parts.