St Chrischona Turm

Location Basel
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 27/01/2019

Missions 150
Total distance 55.55km
Total time
By foot 19St. 32m / 07m 49s Ø
By bicycle 10St. 17m / 04m 07s Ø

Portals 912  /  6.08 Ø
Unique portals 863
Distance start / end portal: 624.7 m

Hacks 899
Waypoint 12
Passphrases 1

By foot (80%)
By bicycle (20%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- FC Basel Mosaik0 km
- Mittlere Brücke0.04 km
- Kleinbasel0.04 km


Sendeturm St. Chrischona is a communications tower built in 1980-1984 near Basel, Switzerland. The tower is 250 metres tall.

Owner comment
Mission 19 ist abgeändert, führt nicht mehr zum Kinderspital und ist jetzt 24/7 machbar. Nr. 135 ebenfalls angepasst.
I changed mission 19, should be 24/7 now.
The issue with mission 135 is also fixed.


20-05-2018 15:09

Great mosaic could be done in 1 day with scootering.


03-01-2018 16:47

It was a really great Banner after the Anomaly ! =)


16-09-2017 22:35

Great mosaic, that needs quite some time to finish. Thanks for the great work. Thanks again for letting me walk at a high speed during almost 2 days.

Edit: The problem mentioned below is solved now, thanks to the owners!
The only portal I had problems with is in mission 135 portal 3 (Robo-firefighter). It is on company ground and I could not get closer than 50 m to it... The only regular chance would have been to go towards the site gate, but on Saturday that way was blocked. Finally I was lucky when I went down the parking exit, that was under a roof and then a temporary shift brought my scanner into range for a second. I think the portal should be removed from the mission.


27-08-2017 13:04

For me the mission isn't doable. The construction is at mission 19 and portal nr. 4 isn't reachable from the garden for me, 5-10 m are missing. This mission n has to be changed. For those who wanna try it the garden is opened from 9-21


25-08-2017 19:17

You can make Mission 18 when you go into the Hospital into the garden. But I think it's not 24/7