Northern Quarter

Owner Fu11blood

Location Manchester
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 02/02/2019

Missions 6
Total distance 1.82km
EFF 6.22
Total time
By foot 51m 18s / 08m 33s Ø
By bicycle 47m 07s / 07m 51s Ø

Portals 39  /  6.5 Ø
Unique portals 25
Distance start / end portal: 180.3 m

Hacks 20
Waypoint 14
Passphrases 5

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

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Part 1 of 6. Take this tour around Manchester's bohemian district, the Northern Quarter. Street art leads the way, via great places to eat, drink and shop!


01-08-2019 16:05

an oddity, but easy, mission passphrases can easily be missed so please use nameisforgotten notes below


30-01-2019 22:11

Surprised this had so many waypoints when there are more than enough portals to have taken me around the whole quarter without needing waypoints. Quite annoying to be taken up and down the same road passing the queue for the night shelter 3 times. Maybe was created when there were fewer portals. Needs updating. Still nice and quick though


27-02-2017 0:09

This series of banners will guide you though northern quaters, do look around when doing the missions and u will find many beautiful street arts.

Also remember to have a look of the passphases given at the end of the first five missions.

Well, if u forgot, this is the secret note:
2 newton
3 hilton
4 oldham
5 edge
6 church
(no passphase needed for the first mission)