Southbank Sombrero

Location London
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 16/09/2017

Missions 18
Total distance 4.01km
EFF 11.09
Total time
By foot 1St. 30m / 05m 0s Ø
By bicycle 57m 09s / 03m 10s Ø

Portals 108  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 101
Distance start / end portal: 2.21 km

Hacks 101
Waypoint 7

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
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- Enlightened Europe0.2 km


The first of eighteen missions to create the Sombrero Galaxy banner

Owner comment
A set of eighteen missions to create the Sombrero Galaxy banner


04-11-2018 10:18

Beautiful banner picture. Straightforward, a few stairs but very quick.


17-02-2018 15:27

I can't really add to what others have said, other than to highlight the sheer murderous rage that the signal and the tourists around the Southbank invoke.
Probably best done when it isn't quite so busy.


20-11-2017 19:31

A nice, straightforward banner, with no real complaints by me. Good route, linear missions, all good by me.

If I were going to nitpick: the route is a bit too straight to do much fielding on route; phone signal on o2 is diabolical; there's lot of stairs that may cause problems for players with mobility issues.


17-08-2017 18:12

Nice, quick and blue on the scanner. Perfect!


06-08-2017 18:04

Quick and easy route to follow thoughtfully put together in a vibrant tourist friendly area of London


06-07-2017 19:17

Pretty banner, easy enough on foot any time of day.

With multiple stairs, steps and curbs it's tricky or involves big detours if you're on a bike or wheelchair.


28-06-2017 21:37

Very nice looking banner. Beware as there can be lots of tourist along the way. I had bad signal reception towards the latter half of the banner, but hopefully it was just due to the cloudy weather.


15-06-2017 8:34

Nice little banner though probably not a good idea to do it at weekend due to the amount of tourists all along the south bank

Only "issues" were GPS around BFI but it is easy to just meander around until you get on the portals.


14-06-2017 20:07

A great little banner from london brisge to westminster bridge along the south bank.

Well worth the effort.