Explore Yangon Myanmar

Owner ifreebie

Location Yangon
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 18/01/2018

Missions 18
Total distance 16.52km
Total time
By foot 5St. 30m / 18m 21s Ø
By bicycle 3St. 21m / 11m 10s Ø

Portals 110  /  6.11 Ø
Unique portals 110
Distance start / end portal: 2.84 km

Hacks 92
Passphrases 18

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (100%)
Auto (100%)

Nearby banners:
- Sule Pagoda0.5 km
- Kandawgyi Lake1.76 km
- Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon2.38 km


Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia region. It is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia with the size of 676,578 square kilometers (261,227 sq mi).

Owner comment
Mingalabar, welcome to Yangon, Myanmar! I created the mission from the perspective of walking / on foot agent. Correct answer and spelling for passphrases can be found from Wikipedia or each individual mission. Hope you will enjoy the mission and don't forget to enjoy the Yangon scenery and people.


18-01-2018 10:55

I am the creator of this mission. Below are list of mission number that you may not do 24/7:
- Part 2 of 18
- Part 9 of 18
- Part 15 of 18
- Part 16 of 18
- Part 17 of 18
- Part 18 of 18

One portal was removed from Part 11 and Part 15. But you should be able to complete the mission without problem.