The Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace

Owner lui202

Location London
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 02/04/2019

Missions 18
Total distance 5.67km
EFF 7.38
Total time
By foot 1St. 57m / 06m 33s Ø
By bicycle 1St. 12m / 04m 0s Ø

Portals 108  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 80
Distance start / end portal: 1.13 km

Hacks 80
Waypoint 28

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (50%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- God Save The Queen0 km
- BROGRESS London0.08 km
- WhistleJacket0.11 km


Remember Christopher Robin and Alice and complete these missions around Buckingham Palace.


07-01-2018 9:18

This banner contains a bit of backtracking, especially in missions 3 and 4. This is fine, except on occasions when the gate to Horse Guards Parade is closed—you then need to go around via Admiralty Arch or via King Charles Street.

The mission is "hack in any order". There are other banners that take a similar route (i.e. Buckingham Palace, The Mall, St James Park and Birdcage Walk) which you may prefer if you aren't keen on backtracking/hack in any order missions.


28-04-2017 21:55

Nice banner taking you around the beautiful surroundings of buckingham palace. Great to explore some historical sites of London. Only disadvantage is the random order of the missions so had to adjust my course several times. Can recommend using the map of every mission to avoid this.
Can highly recommend this banner.


30-03-2017 13:03

The backtracking during missions 3-4 is a bit of a pain in the backside, but the rest is relatively simple. I would recommend a bike for missions 13-18, as there's a decent chunk of walking between portals along the outside of St James Park.

Not particularly suitable for wheelchairs, as you go up and down a few sets of stairs off The Mall around St James's Palace.


06-03-2017 20:27

Some backtracking involved between missions.

Several portals are inside the St. James's Park, which is open 5am to midnight all year round.