Passport to Pimlico

Owner lui202

Location London
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 25/12/2017

Missions 6
Total distance 2.27km
EFF 6.77
Total time
By foot 49m 30s / 08m 15s Ø
By bicycle 25m 30s / 04m 15s Ø

Portals 36  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 35
Distance start / end portal: 29 m

Hacks 35
Waypoint 1

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- POM London0.31 km
- Enl London0.9 km
- Royal Mint £2 Coin Miss...0.97 km


In homage to the 1949 Ealing Comedy film, explore the Pimlico area of London which in the film declared itself independent of Great Britain and part of the Duchy of Burgundy!


19-02-2019 0:20

A nice little lunchtime banner, covering a concise area of London. Mostly acessbile, a mostly sensible route (apart from one portal that requires some drift). Were I to nitpick, I'd suggest replacing the unavailable portals with OPR-fresh ones. Were I to actively complain, it'd be my usual MAKE YOUR BANNERS SEQUENTIAL FFS.


09-02-2019 4:55

Nice walk around the Pimlico tube station.


01-07-2018 22:01

Easy well thought out route which took us through some of the nearby parks. A nice quick banner and some new portals enroute for extra uniques.


30-04-2017 9:24

Nice little mission series. Banner looks good too


18-03-2017 23:18

Quick loop around Pimlico, starting and ending at Pimlico Station. Most of the portals are in a quiet residential area.