De Gelaarsde Kat Van Alphen

Owner fdl5

Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 24/07/2019

Missions 42
Total distance 38.39km
EFF 3.42
Total time
By foot 13St. 31m / 19m 19s Ø
By bicycle 6St. 03m / 08m 38s Ø

Portals 344  /  8.19 Ø
Unique portals 344
Distance start / end portal: 78.3 m

Hacks 343
Passphrases 1

By foot (0%)
By bicycle (100%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- AadR0 km
- Groene Hart III (Alphen ...0.09 km
- ACT (Alphen City Tour)0.48 km


De gelaarsde Kat banner brengt je in totaal langs 344 Unique portals in de plaats alphen aan den Rijn. De banner word aangeraden om hem op de fiets te doen. De banner begint en eindigt bij het station

Owner comment
These missions will take you on a tour through the city of Alphen Aan Den Rijn. Doing the missions in the correct order will reward you with a 4x6 banner.


05-05-2019 22:18

Did this mission already quite a while ago. Actually I did this banner 2 times. The first time I did this banner it was not totally completed yet. It was a very nice ride on the bike through Alphen. I did the banner in 2 evenings during some nice summer evenings. I really enjoyed the ride.
Very good banner!


21-06-2018 17:27

A long but worthwhile banner. Alphen a/d Rijn is pretty nice.
As with most missions, it's best to follow the route; you might feel you are missing out on some portals, only to find you'll get those later.
Although I am Resistance, defacing... euhm modification of fdl5's banner seemes like a good excuse to gain some more unique captures.

Ps. I met quite a number of friendly Enlightened players along the way (not kidding).


21-03-2017 14:29

For Enlightened agents. You can make a ENL version of this banner.

Instead of mission "De Gelaarsde Kat Van Alphen 9/18" you can do the "Puss ENL Boots 9/18" mission.
Mission details

This will replace the normal medallion by ENL medallion


17-09-2016 22:29

Did the banner today (17/9/2016). Cycled/walked about 40km in total. There was a street market and one of the streets was closed to cyclists. In some missions the portal sequence seemed a bit off to me, but that could be down to the bike path you take. Other than that, a nice banner to cycle in an afternoon.


16-09-2016 8:47