Budapest Eye

Owner csixyke

Location Budapest
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 21/04/2019

Missions 36
Total distance 8.35km
EFF 9.65
Total time
By foot 3St. 06m / 05m 11s Ø
By bicycle 1St. 59m / 03m 19s Ø

Portals 216  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 161
Distance start / end portal: 507.7 m

Hacks 190
Waypoint 26

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- St Stephen s Basilica0.12 km
- Love - Budapest0.2 km
- Bigger Inside0.22 km


The spinning and sparkling gem of the city, opens at Erzsébet Square. It's 65 m high, has 41 cabins and can take 332 ppl at once. 15 ppl built Europe’s largest traveling Ferris wheel in 8 days.


14-10-2018 17:50

Great mission with a nice tour through Budapest.


09-09-2017 19:09

Very good layout.

Only negative point is the backing up in missions 21/22/23 to re-do a path (with a waypoint that is barely reachable) you have already been as the duplicate portals in missons 33/34. Its not that there are is a lack of portals near there...