Harmony Unity

Location Düsseldorf
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Last check 20/05/2019

Missions 36
Total distance 8.44km
EFF 9.92
Total time
By foot 3St. 05m / 05m 08s Ø
By bicycle 1St. 57m / 03m 16s Ø

Portals 217  /  6.03 Ø
Unique portals 172
Distance start / end portal: 62.7 m

Hacks 197
Waypoint 20

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (20%)
Auto (0%)

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Genieße diese kleine Runde durch die Düsseldorfer Altstadt und freu dich auf ein tolles Mosaik für beide Fraktionen. Im Anschluss solltest Du die Missionsreihe "Unity" absolvieren. Viel Spaß !

Owner comment
Wenn man nicht gerade zur Rushhour am Wochenende durch die Altstadt will, ist das gesamte Mosaik zu Fuß in 80 Minuten zu bewältigen.


15-05-2019 16:27

This is an excellent tour of the main city centre of Dusseldorf.

The route itself does a good job of covering the area. Ignore some of the negative comments about the banner already made- by definition if you are going to complete a circuit of an area of the city, at times you will go close to where you have been before! The route follows a good sequence and by the time you have finished you will have had the opportunity to do all the uniques within the area of the mission.

3 hours is fine for this banner

I really like the banner graphic too (even though I don't understand why it has a mountain as a background for a very flat city on a flood plain!!)


06-03-2019 2:01

Sehr schönes Mosaik mit vielen Portalen auf dem Weg - die Wegführung ist an einigen Stellen allerdings nicht so gut gelungen, zu Mal man gerade gegen Ende der Missionsreihe gefühlt mehrfach an ein und derselben Stelle vorbeikommt. Auch der Startpunkt scheint ohne weiterführenden Sinn gewählt zu sein (liegt in irgendeiner Gasse in der Altstadt). Trotzdem in circa drei Stunden erledigt und als Belohnung das schöne Mosaik mitgenommen.


06-03-2018 22:29

Liked this banner, great way to explore the city.
Took us bit more time as esimated... but that's because our bad choice of day.
Doing this banner during a christmas market can be pretty annoying, but we liked it nevertheless.


10-09-2017 23:35

This is such a disappointment when it could've been so good. Far too much looping past the same portals and waypoints over and over, in amongst the bad GPS, bad mobile data, raucous bars and damnable cobblestones.


20-06-2017 9:53

Nice walk through city centre. At some moments it feels weird as you have to go somewhere and back.

Took me 3h.


26-09-2016 9:01

Nice Mosaik, but actually one Problem at Harmony 13. One Bridge is in construction, so you have to walk to the next bridge and then back.
Playing with Way Points seems to be crap on iOS. On Android i tap the spot, go back and continue. On iOS you switch the ap, have to close the browser or whatever Window opens and restart Ingress and hope it continous.


26-09-2016 8:30

Very nice way 2 visit The city, and Lovely picture


10-09-2016 9:08

Good banner. With one portal problem, but you can just walk around and enter the 'garden'. That solves the problem and let you reach the portal. (It's in one of the first 10 missions). Walked the banner without problems, nice neighborhood.


25-07-2016 11:39

Have attention to do it at night since you need to cross one park without light

Was a nice walk in the city center of Dusseldorf


27-06-2016 21:03

Sehr geschmeidiges Mosaik. Gute Wegführung. Lässt sich locker in ca 2 Stunden ablaufen.