Cube Mosaic

Owner Sugilith

Location Waldkirch
Type Banner
24 / 7
Status 0% Online
Last check 12/06/2019

Missions 6
Total distance 3.2km
EFF 4.67
Total time
By foot 1St. 09m / 11m 37s Ø
By bicycle 32m 20s / 05m 23s Ø

Portals 36  /  6 Ø
Unique portals 33
Distance start / end portal: 739.4 m

Hacks 36

By foot (100%)
By bicycle (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nearby banners:
- Green medal6.2 km
- Dog6.9 km
- Emmendingen8.54 km


This will take you around the town called Waldkirch


27-03-2018 11:31

Be aware:
  • just six missions!
  • any order - i really don't like it. I'd like to focus on discovering the city instead of looking up the next portal the whole time
  • !!! the last mission is inside the zoo. You have to pay 5€ to get inside for hacking 3 (!) portals - and there isn't one more.
  • end of banner far away from start, so you can discover the city when you walk back to your car...