Khan Shatyr

Owner dekkka

Status Online

Location Astana
Country Kazakhstan

Order Sequentially
Time 31m 28s
Total distance 1.14 km

Portals 10
Unique portals 10
Distance start / end portal: 442.9 m

Hacks 2
Capture 4
Link 3
Field 1


Khan Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Center is a new symbol of the capital of Kazakhstan. Designed by famous British Architect, Lord Norman Foster, Khan Shatyr is the biggest tent in the world.

# Name Action
1 Kmg Capture or Upgrade Portal
2 Two Camels Create Link from Portal
3 Корова Create Link from Portal
4 Сайгак Create Field from Portal
5 Fountain KMG Capture or Upgrade Portal
6 Silver Mountain Hack this portal
7 Eagle Create Link from Portal
8 Бронзовая Пара Capture or Upgrade Portal
9 Khan Shatyr Hack this portal
10 Хан Шатыр Capture or Upgrade Portal