Bike Team 32/36

Owner padres

Status Online

Location Chorzów
Country Poland

Order Sequentially
Time 13m 57s
Total distance 0.59 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 544.7 m

Hacks 6


Bike Team Banner Mission Set. Preferred bike, but walk will do. During the mission you will visit almost all freely available portals in WPKiW - one of the largest city parks in Europe. Start at 01.

# Name Action
1 Mila 1200 Hack this portal
2 Zakatek Zakochanych Hack this portal
3 Zakochane Dziki Hack this portal
4 WPKiW - Mikołaj Kopernik Hack this portal
5 Planetarium Śląskie Hack this portal
6 Planetarium Chorzów, Zegar Sloneczny Hack this portal