13MAGNUS Reawakens Memory PJ [1/6]

Owner Lacera

Status Online

Location Petaling Jaya
Country Malaysia

Order Sequentially
Time 04m 10s
Total distance 0.17 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 96.2 m

Hacks 6


In remembrance for the battle of 13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 26th August, 2017.

# Name Action
1 Red Spec Runner Wall Painting Hack this portal
2 El Spoon De Gianto Hack this portal
3 Tabung Haji Fountain Hack this portal
4 The Master Key Hack this portal
5 The Red Grand Entrance Hack this portal
6 Japanese Mural Wall Hack this portal