Jedi Kitten vs Sith Kitten 10/18

Owner MyosinII

Status Online

Location London
Country United Kingdom

Order Sequentially
Time 08m 34s
Total distance 0.34 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 4
Distance start / end portal: 240.4 m

Hacks 1
Capture 3
Waypoint 2


Part 10 of the South Kensington Kitten banner, starting at South Kensington station

# Name Action
1 Gloucester Arcade Clock Capture or Upgrade Portal
2 Darwin Centre phase II Wiew waypoint
3 Gloucester Road tube station Wiew waypoint
4 Gloucester Road Tube Station Capture or Upgrade Portal
5 Piccadilly line station building Hack this portal
6 Clareville Street Mural Capture or Upgrade Portal