Shinigami XXVII

Owner Bodydrag

Status Offline

Location Düsseldorf
Country Germany

Order Sequentially
Time 05m 09s
Total distance 0.22 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 24.3 m

Hacks 6


The God of Death (jap. Shinigami) invites you to the realm of the spirits. Complete this series of 36 missions to get access to a unique picture. Including a guided tour around the cemetery in Heerdt.

# Name Action
1 Jesus & his Crew Hack this portal
2 Pützer Hack this portal
3 Wooden Cross Hack this portal
4 Heiliger Michael Hack this portal
5 Alpha Omega Cross Hack this portal
6 Junge Mit Taube Hack this portal