#18 st. oda vibe


Status Online

Location Venray
Country The Netherlands

Order Sequentially
Time 09m 46s
Total distance 0.41 km

Portals 7
Unique portals 7
Distance start / end portal: 49.7 m

Hacks 7


This mission leads through Odapark. A public accessible place with statues and art all over the parc with a horror vibe. This banner mission contributes and reflects the vibe of Odapark.

# Name Action
1 Pole Hack this portal
2 Waterpomp Oda Park Hack this portal
3 Onderzeeër Open Vlakte St Oda Bos Hack this portal
4 Tilia Cordata Hack this portal
5 Wooden Couch Hack this portal
6 Wereldboom Hack this portal
7 Gespleten Mens Hack this portal