University Hospital Aachen

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Location Aachen
Country Germany

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Time 15m 37s
Total distance 0.66 km

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Distance start / end portal: 213.9 m

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The hospital is part of the RWTH and is the largest single-building hospital in Europe. A notable sight is also the futuristic landing platform for rescue helicopters.

# Name Action
1 Die "Rettende Hand" Hack this portal
2 Klinikum Aachen Wiew waypoint
3 Brunnen mit Erpel Hack this portal
4 Universitätsklinikum Aachen Hack this portal
5 Fontaine hinter dem Klinikum Hack this portal
6 Lüftungshäuschen Hack this portal
7 Glastürme hinterm Klinikum Hack this portal