Districts of Munich 10/24 - Sendling

Status Online

Location Munich
Country Germany

Order Sequentially
Time 10m 24s
Total distance 0.44 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 266.1 m

Hacks 6


Part10/24 of a mission-sequence through Munich's districts. Each missions is around an S/U-Station. Missions should be done in sequence (1-24). Part01 start @Marienplatz. DayTicket (Inneraum) helps ;)

# Name Action
1 Bogenschützin auf der Jagd Hack this portal
2 Horses Hack this portal
3 Fruchthof - Großmarkthalle Hack this portal
4 Städtische Maria-Probst Realschule Hack this portal
5 Kirche St. Korbinian und Türme Hack this portal
6 Bär überm Eingang Hack this portal