Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse, Nürnberg

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Location Nuremberg
Country Germany

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Time 09m 25s
Total distance 0.4 km

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Distance start / end portal: 272.2 m

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In the Nuremberg Palace of Justice world history was written: In Nov 1945 21 leading representatives of the National Socialist regime were made to answer for their crime against peace and humanity.

# Name Action
1 Schwurgerichtsaal 600 Hack this portal
2 Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse Hack this portal
3 Nürnberger Prozesse Enter the passphrase
4 Justizpalast I Hack this portal
5 Amtsgericht Nürnberg Hack this portal
6 Staatsanwaltschaft Nuernberg Hack this portal
7 Tor Mit Statue Hack this portal