Orbis Ludens Landsberg C6

Status Online

Country Germany

Order Sequentially
Time 06m 05s
Total distance 0.26 km

Portals 7
Unique portals 7
Distance start / end portal: 97.2 m

Hacks 6
Passphrases 1


Earth, the final frontier, these are the voyages of Team "Orbis Ludens", it´s continuous mission, to explore stange new banners and events, to seek out new regions.

# Name Action
1 Skulptur Stadtbücherei Enter the passphrase
2 Silver Double Tower Hack this portal
3 Alte Mühle Hack this portal
4 Hexenturm Hack this portal
5 Turm Hack this portal
6 Landsberg am Lech, Bayern, Deu Hack this portal
7 Bäckertor Hack this portal