03 Happy New Year 2018 in Herzogenaurach

Owner Chamyra

Status Offline

Country Germany

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Time 03m 19s
Total distance 0.14 km

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Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 101.3 m

Hacks 5
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Enjoy a walk "between the years" through Herzogenaurach starting and ending near the parking lot "An der Schütt". Happy new year!

# Name Action
1 Marienkapelle Enter the passphrase
2 HZA - Ehemalige Mädchenschule Hack this portal
3 Jesus Christ Statue Hack this portal
4 Katholische Kirche St. Magdalena Hack this portal
5 HZA - Mann An Der Wand Hack this portal
6 St. Magdalena, Kilian Fountain Hack this portal