Escape to the Desert 04

Owner Chamyra

Status Offline

Location Erlangen
Country Germany

Order Sequentially
Time 08m 15s
Total distance 0.35 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 311.9 m

Hacks 6


Carl Haag was an English painter born in Erlangen in 1820. He travelled a lot and is well known for his elaborated paintings of Eastern subjects. This mission will gift you with one of his paintings.

# Name Action
1 CVJM Erlangen Hack this portal
2 Sculpture of Crafts Hack this portal
3 Kitzmann Brauerei Hack this portal
4 ER - This is Me Hack this portal
5 Frankenhof Bad Fronteingang Hack this portal
6 Hands Up! Hack this portal